Guess Who Was At The White House??? Meeeee!!!

My White House Badge

My White House Badge

And no, my people, I was not there as a tourist. I was there as Press. The Human and Health Services Department held an event at the White House yesterday to discuss the Affordable Care Act and how it impacts minorities. I collaborated with the Cameroon American Council, but it was my merit that got me there: Verastic.

When the e-mail got back to me and asked for my details (full name, date of birth, social security number, etc), I sent it in, but I did not really expect it to go through. I mean, we are talking about the White House; I’m sure that there are members of the Press with more credibility who are not given a pass.  And me, I’m just the girl from Verastic. So when I got it, I couldn’t even dance. I just stared blankly and thought, “Now what?”

We were to arrive at 8:30 AM at the West Wing of the White House, a place I have heard of only on television. I have been calling myself a West Winger since I got the arrival instructions. And when Igwe talks small nonsense, I’m sure to remind him, “Do you know who you’re talking to? A West Winger. Don’t make me call my colleagues at the White House.” I was advised to take the Marc train into Washington D.C. because of traffic and parking, but I have never been on the Marc train, and I did not think that I should be practicing that on the day I have to be at the White House at 8:30 AM. Plus, it’d mean that I have to leave the house at like 5 AM AND I’d have to take like three trains or something like that. No, thanks.

I decided to call my friend, Kay instead who works in D.C. He said I could park in his job’s parking garage which is close to the White House, and I can walk to the White House in about fifteen minutes. Just fifteen? Easy! Driving was easy. Parking was easy (although communicating with a parking attendant who barely speaks a word of English when you’re in a hurry can be a little more than frustrating). Walking to the White House was anything but easy. First of all, it was not fifteen minutes; it was more like 30, and I was walking FAST. I thank God that I had the sense to wear flats and carry my heels in my bag. Or else, I would have quit my White House journey and told Jesus to take the wheel.

Although I could see the White House from where I was, I couldn’t access it directly. I had to keep asking for directions. Go left, go right, go front, go back. And finally, I got to the West Wing gate, which was heavily guarded. First I had to stand outside while someone asked me, “How may I help you?” I told him what I was there for, and he asked for my last name and checked his list. Then the gate opened and I stepped to the window. I can only imagine the kinds of things that that window can withstand: vampires, werewolves, demons, witches and wizards. Oh, and maybe bullets, too.

At the glass, they took my ID and did some stuff to it. Then I was let through a door that looked even stronger than the window sef. I put my bag and camera bag through the scanner, and then I, too, went through the scanner. But that wasn’t the end. They did so much more, and I am even too tired to tell you everything. I was handed a pink badge, which made me happy. President Obama must have gotten my memo: please make my badge pink to match the theme of my blog. Even after all the security, I had to get an escort to take me to the press room where I waited to be taken to the actual event.

At the press room, I immediately ran to the bathroom to freshen up. I changed my shoes, retucked my blouse into my ankle pants, pee’d, and applied my lipstick. These things did not necessarily occur in this order. I met and networked with fellow bloggers and members of the White House – if that’s what they are called.

No, I did not meet Obama. I didn’t think I would anyway. If he had come in there, I might have passed out and started speaking in tongues. I didn’t meet Bo Obama, the First Dog either. But I did tell the people to extend my greetings to him and tell him to send me a bark when he can. On my way back to the parking garage, I took the opposite turn before I decided to ask for directions. I tell you, my ability to get lost is remarkable. Driving home, I was hungry, sleepy, and tired.

Earlier this year, I mentioned in my 2013 plans that I would like to meet and work with/for Barack Obama. Today did not count as either of them, but I know that I did crack that door open a little bit. Pray for me. The dreams I have are too big to mention publicly, but as they happen, you know you’ll be the first to know. Some day, I’ll tell you my entire story. But for now, I just have to state that sitting in that White House today was surreal.

One of the many pictures I took of the White House

One of the many pictures I took of the White House

The post you have just read is the  unofficial report of my White House visitation; the official one is still being worked on. Thanks, everyone!! And don’t forget about my class this Saturday. Four more days!! Click to find out more.

P.S. I was mortified by the way that they had me park in some weird parking garage. I kept wondering, why can’t they let me just drive into the White House through the gates? Does Obama know they’re making me park somewhere else? Where is the valet attendant of this White House? In fact, put Obama on the phone! Imma need to have a talk with him.

UPDATE: Read my official report here

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    • says

      lmho….true talk ooo..Hope you saved the smell? The dress you wore should be archived for show casing in the future tagged ‘The dress I wore the first time I walked into the white house’…Things of legends ooooo..

      God is opening your doors ooo, just keep walking through…. (get that like (and unlike) button already..sheesh)

      • says

        Looooool. Izzie, you’re something else! Hahahahahaha. Save my dress for entering White House, ehn? Hahaha. Ngwa nu, I did not think of it before, but now that you have said it, you’re right. In short, down to my underwear, I will save everything. Thank you, darling. I pray the doors keep opening.

        The Like button, this isn’t the regular Facebook Like button? Okay, lemme go research. I think Blogger has something like that, but I don’t know if there is a WordPress plug-in for that. Make I go check.

        • says

          This woman you have to start thinking like ‘Us’ legends ooo..You dont know they’d be auctioning that dress, pant and bra in the future???…aaaah…start thinking legendry thought oooo..Thats my next prayer point for you.. :)

          Yes o, like and unlike button as is in facebook. We need one for this your blog bikooo..research and set-up fast.

          • says

            Izzie, don’t blame me nah. This is my first legendary moment. And I regret that I already washed the underwear I wore to the White House. I would have liked to save it as is. I promise to do better next time. LOL.

            I’m still working on the Like button. I’ve researched it. So far, I haven’t found it (the plug in), but there is hope. I’ll keep looking.

    • says

      Uzo, how can you talk like this? Of course now, I saved the smell! In fact, as I type this, I have a new fragrance in production. It’s called West Winger. LOL.

      Dalu nne *hugs*

  1. says

    Congratulations, Vera! What an opportunity–I know you were able to get your points across in an articulate way that made those who identify as a member of the minority proud.

    Wishing you all the best as you work to accomplish your goals for this year. I know Saturday’s event will be a success too–cheers!

    • says

      GNG, thank you!!!!!!!!! It’s a miracle that I participated in that event. I was so dazed by just being there. LOL. I might have had a strange smile on my face the entire time. Who knows?

    • says

      Nooooooooooo!!!! Not a bot, please. I hate bots!!! Pray, do tell, how do I undo this? Should I go back and tell them to do everything they did to me again so that they cancel out the previous one they did?

  2. says

    This is fantastic, Vera. I was really excited as I read this. You should have demanded to see Bo the presidential dog though. I mean, come on, he’s just a dog…they should have let you see him. :)

    • says

      Jennifer, you know, you’re right. If I wasn’t so tired, I would have soooo demanded to see him. I mean, someone should have told him that I was around anyway. Know what I mean? And thank you so much.

  3. says

    Congrats. Greater things ahead. Remember that time I told you to help me tell the Flotus I would like to be her personal assistant? Did you remember to deliver my message? Please tell me you didn’t forget. Lol.

    All the best at your event :)

  4. Abi says

    You could have sent me a telegram now! I could have been your official photog of the day “I’m with her, she is the West-winger, I’m just her photog”

  5. says

    As you go places and move higher abeg, lemme start writing my application letter for the job of follow-follow in your ministry. Yes oh, on a parasitic level. :)

    Congrats dear, this will definitely the “smallest announcement” you will make this year.

    • says

      Sykik, Hahahahahaha. Believe me, once I officially establish my ministry of follow-follow, you will be the first to know. Meanwhile, thank you sooooo much for your well wishes 😀

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