My Fashion Disaster

Ladies and gentlemen of Verastic, we have a problem. It appears that I don’t like my clothes anymore. Well, I like some of them, but most of them, I’m just not in love with. My favorite clothes are my skirts, and I almost have no problem with them. I love wearing skirts. If I could, I’d wear a skirt everyday. Only a skirt. But that’s just how I feel today. Knowing me, I might change my mind tomorrow. After all, it wasn’t too long ago that I only loved pants. How the tides have changed.

Part of the not-so-mighty Verastic closet

Part of the not-so-mighty Verastic closet

This is a picture of my closet as it is right this moment. Not all my clothes are in here, and not all the ones in here are visible. From this picture, you can see my pants by the left, skirts in the middle, and blouses by the right. The dresses come after the blouses, but you can’t see them. I’ll explain why later. First, let’s deal with the problem.

I don’t like my clothes. I have a closet full of clothes that I don’t want to wear. But that’s only the first part of the problem. The other part – in fact, the bigger part – is that I don’t know what I want to wear. I find myself  struggling with my style, and I feel like I’m too old to be struggling with my style. Don’t girls figure this thing out at 16 – 21 at most? Well, I’m 21 and half and still struggling  :-|

It’s not about fashion for me. I don’t really care much what’s fashionable because it might not be fashionable to me, and I don’t care if everyone and their mama is wearing it. I am more about style. Personal style. And therein lies the problem: I am struggling with my style. It’s not that I hate all my clothes, but it’s just that I really, really love the skirts, and I don’t have equal love for everything else. The dresses and pants are okay, but my blouses are my biggest struggle. They’re not what I want, but I don’t know what I want.

For Vera so loved her skirts that Igwe banned her from buying more skirts.  He banned me because he wanted me to concentrate on other areas of clothing, instead of just the skirts. Still, he’s funny. He actually thinks that he can stop a woman from buying clothes? Where and when has that ever happened? I just say yes, of course. And then, I sneak it into the house when he’s not there. But since Igwe is reading this post, I have to say that sneaking the skirts in is only hypothetical, not actual.

The other problem that I said I would address is the functionality – or lack of – of my closet. When we moved into our apartment, we did not realize how dysfunctional our closets were. We were happy with the size – width wise – but it didn’t occur to us how incredibly stupid its architecture was. Let me show you.

My Closet

The closet door on the right ends right after that black t-shirt, but the closet – and my clothes – continue way down. So when I need to get something past the door, it’s a disaster. I usually have to pull all the clothes in front out, then enter the closet and pull those other clothes forward. Either that or I stand by where my t-shirt is and stretch my hand as far back as it can get, and hopefully reach whatever item of clothing I am trying to get. Usually, I’ll end up mistakenly pulling a bunch of other clothes off their hangers and then having to hang them back up (by pulling the clothes in the front out and entering the closet.). It’s a wicked cycle.

So we look forward to fixing this closet palaver; I will show you pictures when we are done. It’s annoying, but it’s not a deal breaker – for now. Had I known this closet was problematic before we moved in, we would have still taken the place because we loved the rest of it, and how much time do I spend in the closet anyway? Most times, I’m in a t-shirt and underwear. No bra.

I think I have an idea of how to get inspired with my style. I’ll just highlight what I like in a person’s style. I already do that subconsciously, but now, I’ll pay more attention to it. And I will document it. Of course. Maybe that will help. When I start, you’ll be first to know.

Meanwhile, any words of advice for me?

P.S. Unfortunately, going nude isn’t socially acceptable, so don’t suggest that.

P.P.S. Although this is more a style disaster than it is a fashion disaster, I used fashion in the name to have a more broader appeal.


    • says

      Nah, men. I wish that was the problem. I’m looking forward to getting to a point where I feel like I have too many clothes. I don’t know if the day will ever come. Lol. Is there even such a thing?

  1. Enitan says

    I am the same way. However, I really don’t think I have style so I look at people’s styles on entertainment websites, blogs and instagram and basically copy it. I also go on polyvore and search for an item I may have in my closet already like a blue peplum skirt and then see what sets people come up with on there. I can’t stand it when people like my sister can just put clothes together and look great lol!! I struggle a lot with this. I also went online to find out what style of clothing fits my body type, like a turtle neck wouldn’t look good on me cause I am not part of the itty bitty club ha! Hope some of this helps. By the way, does anybody else experience the phenomenon of looking good in front of the mirror but looking a hot mess in the picture taken of them at the event?? Chai, God help me!!

    • says

      Haha. Enitan, I can feel your frustration. For me, I can style the outfits in my head. The problem is that they are not in my closet! Sometimes I am really amazed at what I come I come up with in my head.

      Per the picture problem, I have a solution, and that’s what I do, too. When you are done dressing up, take a picture of yourself with your phone. Then you’ll see things you wanna fix. Maybe you need to tug and pull something, or lift the skirt a little higher (or pull it lower). I do the same thing for makeup. Sometimes it looks good in front of the mirror, then when you take a picture, you see that you look like Ayamatanga. Lol. Oh, and same thing for styling my hair! So girl, start doing that. It’ll save you a ton of horrid pictures.

      Who told you that you can’t wear a turtle neck??? Don’t let these fashion rules dictate for you. They’ll run you mad. I don’t listen to any of it. None. I wear what I want, whether it’s from this season or from ten seasons ago, and whether the rules say I should or should not wear it. I don’t know what size you are, but if you are but you could check out some plus size bloggers. I read all kinds of blogs. I don’t think that fashion/style has a size at all. It’s all relative and subjective.

      Long comment. Sorry!

      • Enitan says

        Buahaha at Ayamatanga!! As far as the turtle neck, I think I may be too self conscious because I have a small bottom half and big top half. So when I wear turtle necks, it over emphasizes the ladies. Anyway, yeah I wear whatever I want too no matter the season but I’m still trying to find my groove ha!! That taking pictures of yourself before you leave sounds like a great idea. I will try it out. Thanks!!

  2. Funmie says

    this has got to be every girls palava.

    i am NOT much of a fashionista…. but i’ve got a decent amount of clothes.

    STILL, i find nothing to wear


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