It’s Almost My Birthday And I Have A Wish List!

My birthday is almost here …. Alleluia!! I always have a birthday wish list every year, and 2014 will not be different. Oh, my birthday is on January 14th … cause I know you must be wondering. Apart from working on making January 14th a global holiday – of course! – I’m also working on acquiring the following items. I usually have things that I don’t even know if I will be able to get, like a Range Rover or a house in Lekki (even though I’ve never been to Lekki). This time, I’m putting things that I actually want and intend to own – one way or another.

My list is in no particular order:

1.  Romance by Ralph Lauren ($95 from Macy’s)

Romance by Ralph Lauren

I’ve wanted this perfume for sooo long, and every time I go to buy a perfume, I get something else. Well, not anymore! I’m definitely getting it in 2014.

2.  Sony VAIO ($1,1499.99 from Best Buy)


Image source: Best Buy

I am currently on my second Sony VAIO laptop, and we work so well together. A laptop is a blogger’s best friend. How else wil I do my work? So I’m ready for a new Sony VAIO computer, and this is the one I love. This is love. Pure love.

3.  Samsung Galaxy S 4 (not yet out)

Image source:

Image source: VR-ZONE

I have no idea when the Samsung Galaxy S 5 phone will come out or what it will look like when it does come out, but I love it already, and I definitely want it already. Could this be love? I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S 3, so you know it’s definitely time to upgrade. I searched the internet, and this picture is what the Samsung Galaxy S 5 is rumored to look like. Doesn’t matter to me. I loved it before I saw a rumored picture.

4.  Burberry watch ($1,395 from Macy’s)

Image source: Macy's

Image source: Macy’s

It’s my first Burberry watch, and I want it. Do I need to explain more? And yes, it’s men’s watch. I have a thing for men’s watches. Women’s watches are so ugh.

5.  Citizen watch ($337.50 from Macy’s)

Image source: Macy's

Image source: Macy’s

And this Citizen watch got my attention at first view, so that can only mean one thing: it belongs to me. I’m working towards it!

6.  A wardrobe makeover: Remember I told you about my fashion disaster? Well, what I need is to buy new clothes and shoes and get rid of some that I already have.

My wish list for this year’s birthday only had 5 items on it: A Dodge Charger, a Nikon D3200, a bottle of Ange ou Démon perfume, a set of makeup brushes from Lancomé, an iPod Touch, and a Blackberry. Out of these 5 items, I got 3 — technically. When I had the chance to pick a new car, I went with a 2014 Kia Forte, instead of the Dodge Charger. I got the exact camera on my list in January, right before I went to the White House. When I went to get the perfume, I changed my mind and got a different perfume from Lancome (don’t remember the name now, and I don’t feel like looking). I didn’t get the Lancome brushes because they never went on sale, and I refused to pay $60 for makeup brushes. As for the iPod and the Blackberry, I changed my mind.

Happy birthday to me! Wooot wooooooooooooooot!!!

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