Woman Beats Boyfriend Up Because Of Bad Oral Sex

Jennie Scott, victim denied of oral sex (and orgasm)

Jennie Scott, a 50 year old Floridian woman has assaulted her 32 year old boyfriend, Jilberto Deleon for an oral sex gone wrong. You see, they were pleasuring each other when Jilberto orgasm’d before Jennie AND then proceeded to stop pleasuring her. That was when all hell broke lose. I know what you must be thinking at this time: didn’t Vera blog this story already???

Well, yes and no. Just last month, I blogged about Racquel Gonzalez, a 24 year lady from Florida who also assaulted her boyfriend because he dared to come before her. Notice that both cases happened in Florida? I told y’ll that there’s something going on with Florida. There’s something in the air. Or in the water.

You see, my people, when it comes to the case of oral sex — AKA licky licky AKA nyama — AKA ooh la la! — there is only one destination when it begins, and that is orgasm. Whether you get to the destination via the original ooh la la or whether you want to move it to the other kind of ooh la la (intercourse), orgasm is still the last place.

So for Jennie Scott, her anger, I’m sure, wasn’t just that he had an orgasm before her, but that he dared to stop giving her what she needed to get her own happy ending. And so, just like Racquel, Jennie did the only thing she could think of doing: she beat the crap out of him.

Let this serve as a lesson to men all over the world. The next time you consider not giving a woman her orgasm, please consider your health and safety. These days, there is no telling what a woman would do in retaliation for not getting hers. Think of it.

Source: Huffington Post

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  1. Nice says

    Poor thing,

    She should next time demand to
    be pleasured first.

    Thats what OUGHT to be done.
    Men who KNOW agree with me

    Abeg go on!!

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