My Weekend Recount: Solachi’s 30th Birthday

It’s been a while since I did a weekend recount, I know. That’s because nothing has really been happening. Either that or I don’t take pictures at the event. Well, this weekend was a little better.

Friday: I attended an engagement ceremony. Yorubas call this an Engagement. As an Igbo girl, it’s more like a traditional wedding. But every time I call it a wedding, people ask me, ‘what wedding?’ So okay, I’m sticking to engagement then. I didn’t take pictures at this wedding engagement, but I did meet several Verastic readers, and it was AWESOME! It was nice meeting you, ladies!! Keep reading, and thank you so much for the support :D

Saturday: My friend, Busola, turned 30. I’ve known her for over a decade. In high school, I used to call her Sola (Busola, without the Bu). But now, I call her Solachi. The chi is there to make her name Igbo. The alternative is Solachukwu, but I like Solachi better. When I first met Solachi, she was a teenager, and now, she’s 30, married, and a mommy of two. When I think of the fact that I have friends who are 30 and above, it’s freaky. Although I am not 30 yet, I can see 30 from a distance. And walahi, I still think I’m 21. I’m gonna ask my mom, just to make sure she didn’t mistakenly dash me some years. These things happen, no?


L to R: Funmie, Seun [Funmie's sister], Solachi, Me, and Aunt Oma

L to R: Funmie, Seun [Funmie's sister], Solachi, Me, and Aunt Oma

We were all looking at another camera, hence the looking-away post. And ehm, Funmie, do we need to talk about this pose?


The Channel Cake (Thanks, Solachi!)

The Channel cake that I did not taste


Solachi and me

Solachi and me (and Deola lurking in the background)


Uju and Me

Me and Uju (our doctor), and no, we did not plan to wear glasses


Me and Lauren

Me and Lauren. The party ain’t done until you pose with someone’s baby. This is Solachi’s gorgeous daughter, Lauren


Me, Lauren, and Aunt-Oma

Me, Aunt Oma, and Lauren (who was preoccupied with eating my glasses)

So that was how my weekend went. It was really, really nice being with everyone. We’re all so busy with life, so having the opportunity to hang out again, especially to celebrate, is always a blessing.

Solachi, happy birthday. I wish you long life, health, prosperity, and all the happiness in the world. I am so happy for you. You deserve all the joy in the world and much more.

So how was your weekend?

P.S. Solachi’s baby, Lauren, is the one who was in the tummy when we celebrated Solachi’s baby shower last year. I blogged about it HERE.


  1. says

    You sure had a happy weekend; would have loved to see pictures from the wedding (err…engagement)
    Happy birthday to Solachi (kinna prefer Solachukwu though)…Long life & God’s blessings.
    Lauren looks like a troublesome princess. Lol.
    Your glasses tho…#nocomment.

    • says

      Thanks, babe! Yeah, it was a nice weekend. I will put up pictures whenever I get them. Lauren is something else. She even throws tantrums, and she’s only 9 months. Every time I took those glasses from her, she threw her head back and started crying.

      And leave my glasses alone. I love them. I have them in two colors sef. The other one is green and something else. Red, I think.

  2. BB says

    Yoruba people call engagement traditional wedding too. So, you were right. Some only observe that and forsake the western or Arabic one. Religious people, on the other hand, tend not to recognise anything but the western or Arabic wedding as a wedding.

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