Let Me Tell You About My Neighbor Tatiana

Igwe and I moved into our apartment in January of last year. Remember the post about our move?  It’s been a year and half and I still don’t know the name of any of my neighbors. I know the couple that lives under us, and I know they have a little kid – about 3 or 4 years old. I don’t know who lives on top of us, but he or she does not sleep. I hear him/her walking around all the time, and the floors creek, so … yeah.

Anyway, there’s a Black couple we always see outside. I’d place the woman to be in her late 40s and her boyfriend/fiance/husband to be in his middle 50s. We often say hello when we see each other outside, but that’s about it. Two weekends ago, however, I was standing outside with my friend, Ibukun, when she came outside. She asked me which unit I live in and how long we’ve been living here, and if I know any hair braider. She told me her name, which I don’t remember now but it started with a T, and it was not a common name, so I’ll just call her Tatiana.

Tatiana Files

Tatiana recently bought a new car: a black Toyota Camry. Probably 2009 to 2012. After Tatiana and I exchanged pleasantries that day – our first time ever – she asked if I could do her a favor. I thought she’d ask me for some sugar or something. No, Tatiana wanted me to drop her at work. Say what???

“I’ll give you money for gas,” she added. To which I asked, “You want me to take you in my car?” (cause I thought she wanted me to drive her in her own car). And she said, “Yes, cause I’m just afraid of driving mine.” I understand being afraid of driving a new car, but I don’t understand asking this favor from a neighbor you don’t know. Tatiana works at a hospital which is about 3 minutes drive from my house, but it was 7:00 AM, I hadn’t slept a wink, there was nothing wrong with her car (or her man’s car which was also in the parking lot), and I did not know Tatiana from Eve, so no, I was not about to take her anywhere. Luckily for her, Ibukun offered to take her.

From the little bit that I know about Tatiana, I already see that she’s going to give me stories to come and share here, so why not? Content is king. In other news, Tatiana and her husband do not seem to know how to work the remote of their car because they keep setting the alarm off, which is flipping annoying because it’s parked by my window! More on Tatiana later.

P.S Would you have driven Tatiana to her?

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  1. says

    I dont think she was afraid to drive her car, she was probably still high from alchohol or drugs she took the night before and was smart enough not to drive. or the car was bad or she hadnt insured it yet. or she just wanted to get to know you more ( in a weird way I might admit). she offered to pay for gas so I think you should have taken her if you could. interacting with our neighbours is the only way we get to know them.

    • says

      Loool. Kiky, you got it all figured it out, huh? Girl, I am not the type to interact with my neighbors past saying hello. Plus, I really had not slept all night. Ibukun was in my house and we were up till 7:00 AM just talking, so I was not going to drive anywhere.

  2. says

    Wait, you werent going out o…..she just happened to see you outside and asked for the favour? If you didnt happen to be outside nko?! I’m a little bit for interaction with neighbours but that, in my opinion was way too forward…before one will goan end up in an episode of Investigation Discovery. Nwanem, biko, times are hard!

    • says

      HoneyDame, I agree. I don’t think Tatiana is a killer or has it in her to do so. She seems more like a dramatic person than anything else, but still, I don’t want any part of that either.

  3. Ola says

    Fear catch me oh. For someone you jist met for the first time to make that kind of request, something isn’t right.

  4. Ibukun says

    Lol….Vera, she apparently is a new driver. Girl she was just telling me stories that I didnt feel like hearing on the way to hospital which is 5mins from your house by the way.

    • says

      Ibukun, she’s a new driver? Lool. That woman is cray-cray. She’s always standing by my window and talking all kinds of stuff. Always waking me up from sleep. Why didn’t she call her man to take her to work? *hiss*

      • nigerianwordsmith says

        Long time Miss Veee! I have a neighbour like thattt… stands by my window asking me all kinds of questions and telling me all kinds of stories. But this is in Nigeria where people make nosiness an art.

        • says

          NigerianWordSmith, looonnnng time! How body now? Girl, Tatiana doesn’t tell me anything via my window but she might as well tell me something because she stands by my window and shouts on her phone.

    • says

      Oria, see me see motorcycle oh! I was wondering the same thing, too. I guess her man was sleeping but Vera didn’t need any sleep since she was already outside.


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