Most Popular Post On Verastic? It’s The Vagina One

Figures, huh?

A girl puts up one post — one single post — about the types of vagina (and this was because of The Verastic Show), and all of a sudden, the post becomes world-famous. Well, to be completely honest, I have put up more than one vagina-related post, and I don’t know if it’s “world-famous,” but a girl can always, always dream.

Feature Types-Of-Vagina

The other day, I was playing around with my WordPress widgets and I decided to activate the ‘Popular Posts’ widget, and what post showed up at the top? The vagina one! Followed by another vagina one. I don’t know what to think or feel at this time. I’m asking myself lots of questions:

1.  What is the obsession with vaginas?

2.  I have written so many brilliant posts – if I do say so myself – so why must the vagina one be the most popular one?

3.  What will potential advertisers/clients/readers think of me when they visit my blog and find that the vagina post is the most popular one?

4.  Why are people still leaving comments on this post?

5.  Why does it even matter what kind of vagina you have?

6.  What kind of heathens are visiting Verastic, and how can I lead them to Christ?

7.  What does it say about me when my most popular post is about the 8 different types of vagina?

And the thing is, it’s not like the views are even close to the next one. I’m too ashamed to give you a number, but it’s in six figures – something I’d rather prefer to be my salary *sigh*

You probably want to read the post. Well, go right ahead. It doesn’t get worse at this point. I hope.

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  1. says

    Well, You wanna know what the obsession is over? Like really? Let me tell you the trend I am seeing in Entertainment Blogging. They are doing more of sexually-related stuff.

    Well, dear Vera, what do you want your blog to be known for?

          • says

            Lol! I cannot really see what the obsession should be all over. I personally believe it all stems from the culture put in place by men who are not really men.

            What the men are enjoying, the ladies are too. If the V feels good, then good for the duo (Hopefully a duo, and not trio or more, even though…). If the ‘wrap’ is good, both would be able to enjoy sausages stuck in honey. The feel is better especially is the sausage is …

            To the kids reading Verastic, What we are discussing here is just a recipe we are working upon for the local restaurant.

  2. gabe says

    What do u think men think about ALL day? U’ ll think getting married solves the problem. Just give a married man an extremely lovely secretary with an inviting smile. For those who’s job description is to pretend not to think about it eg priests, they train for like 10 years or so…with mixed results! We guys are all about the pussy. ALL day, EVERY day.

  3. Edu says

    Those areas in there are very very sensitive to pain, probably guys can capitalise on that to deal with any seemingly funny woman.

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