There Are At Least 8 Types Of Vaginas. Which One Is Yours?

I have male friends. And when a girl has male friends, a girl tends to hear a lot about girls – from the guys’ perspective.  One of the things I have recently learned is that there are types of vaginas, that men name these vaginas, and that men also have preferences.


There are many lists out there with types of vaginas. Some of them include pictures. The list I was originally going to blog about has 30 types of vagina in it – with pictures – but it seems a little too vulgar for this blog. It uses the p-word instead of vagina, and so, in order to blog about it, I would have to replace all the Ps in there. Meanwhile, here’s another list with 8 types of vaginas. And it includes men’s perspectives.

1. The Bone Head V

What Is It?: Chances are if you’re on the petite or skinny end of the spectrum, you may have one of these. The Bone Head is more narrow and bonier than most vaginas. The exciting part about it is that it allows for a tighter fit that ensures a sensational sexual experience.

Male Review: The snug fit makes for great sex and stimulation. Although the Bone Head often times leads to great sex, it can be a little uncomfortable when a sensitive body apart is conjoined with a boney one.

2. The Fatty Lip V

What Is It?: Simply put, you’ve got plumper lips than the rest. They are so pert that they practically scream for attention. And, they’re just so darn kissable.

Male Review: Luckily, guys agree. Fat lips are a crowd pleaser amongst the male population. Sources tell us that they are the softest of the bunch, very inviting and easier to find for penetration. Not to mention, it makes the men excited for some lip on lip action if you know what I mean.

3. The (Razor) Bump V

What Is it?: You are so into making sure everything is clean shaven, prim and proper, and the sexiest of the pack, but sometimes you run into a few mishaps.

Male Review: Guys definitely notice when a woman puts a great deal of work into keeping her vagina perfectly tamed. Ingrown hairs are not uncommon but fortunately, there are ways to avoid them. Getting onto a consistent waxing or shaving regimen can help, and an alcohol based toner like these Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads can help reduce shaving boo-boos.

4. The Expert V 

What Is It?: You’re experienced and the vagina isn’t shy about it. You’ve got those wide alleys for easy parking. At least that’s what some men think. The truth is, the vagina expands as we get aroused.

Male Review: Guys like to pretend to like the easy entry, but in reality they are worried that their equipment isn’t big enough to please you. This may lead to major bruised egos. Letting them know how great they are can do wonders so don’t be afraid to stroke that ego a bit.

5. The Accessory V

What Is It?: Your vagina loves to accessorize with lots of extra loose and flabby skin in the surrounding area.

Male Review: The common misconception is that this type of vagina seems like its old, run down, tired or just got off a major diet. Fortunately, men really don’t mind the extra skin so don’t be afraid to embrace it.

6. The Jungle Fever V

What Is It?:  You’ve got a thing for comfort and relaxation and your vagina shows it. Shaving down there really isn’t a priority to you.

Male Review: For the most part, guys don’t normally have an issue with an unshaven vagina so don’t feel obligated to start a new shaving regimen. Just keep in mind that finding pleasure island can get difficult while hiking through the jungle.

7. The Tight Wad aka Virginal V

What Is It?: Your body is as tight as it gets from those slender arms to that tight vagina. In fact, the walls may actually be closing in.

Male Review: If you own one of these, you’re in luck because guys give this one two thumbs up. The snug fit allows for heightened sensations and a major confidence boost. Guys never have to worry about whether or not they are big enough and the close fit definitely makes them think your vagina was made specifically for them.

8. The Peek-a-Boo V

What Is It?: You definitely know how to work the room, but you’re not exactly the life of the party. You’ve got that clitoris that is out just enough to give the perfect tease.

Male Review: A perky clit makes for the perfect plaything for the male species. Plus, they love the bigger orgasms girls seem to get with these. It makes them feel like they did their job just right.

So why am I talking about this now? Because come Saturday, October 13th 2012, I will be talking about this on The Verastic Show with my co-host, Toju. We will go beyond the woman’s vagina and also include the man’s penis. In case you’re wondering, the topic is: Does Size Really Matter? Aptly named, no?

If you can, you should tune in and call in too. The show will go live at 12pm Eastern Time (5pm Nigerian Time / GMT Time). You may listen live at or download their free mobile apps for your Blackberry, Android, and Apple devices. Download HERE.

That said, what kind of vagina do you have?

P.S. Number 7 is my favorite.


Credits: Your Tango


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  1. says

    Wow. So sexual explicit. Iwo Omo Vera yi sha. Why would you have my head thinking about all sort of V this morning. Hian. So I take it you are V #7… Hehe

  2. Ohmtee says

    Vera nwanne, noticed the PS however, as usual- you deferred from hinting which number YOU belong to…catchya on air saturday.

  3. Mr Who says

    I can’t come and go and come and kill myself with imaginations so Vera I’m warning you,you better add some pictures now before I start looking around myself,and you know when a guy does that on his own…hmmm wahala dey come o.Biko oya do quick,fine girl vera.If you do me well,I get a song for you and you go like am no worry :) make i bribe u small hmm

    • says

      Mr. Who, I don’t have pictures for you oh. Lol. In fact, I support you looking around. If possible sef, you can start asking women to show you what they are working with. That way, you can know for sure. How you take see am?

        • says

          “We” didn’t go over it oh. You’re the only one who did. Lol. I’m gonna go listen to the song. It is likely I haven’t heard the song. I am not current on songs at all! I’ll let you know what I think when I listen to it. Dalu!

          • Mr Who says

            Don’t worry you won’t get in trouble with Igwe over the “we went over it” thing.LOL.We indeed went over it a while back;on here I meant but not in person or anything,i guess you forgot.Anyways D’black is a Ghanaian artiste and I thought the song was good.

  4. says

    This post is one for the records but you left out the most complained about V which is the wide and tractionless V, absolutely no grip and feels like scuba diving in the Tasmanian Sea.( LOL) Just my thots…

    • says

      Omg! That is horrible! Lol. Well, first of all, I did not compile the list. I got it off a website, and I cited my source at the bottom. That said, I wouldn’t know anything about the kinds and feelings of vaginad, as I have never been into one myself. Lol.

  5. lol says

    Do you know that some guys can actually tell the kinda vagina a lady is walking with just by looking at her? Yea…sounds weird but any real G will understand 😀

    • Nice says

      Lies, lies and more lies!
      They can only speculate.
      Guys imagine women with big lips have big labias,
      wrong everytime

    • says

      Nah. I don’t believe that to be true or possible at all. It’s just like the way women think they can tell the size of a man’s penis just by looking at him (or by analyzing his feet, shoe size, height, etc).

  6. Andre J says

    Vera, if I am to go around for pictures, then I think I would start by asking you to spread for me to see what u have between your legs, lol!!!

  7. sayantani sen says

    I can not understand what kind of v I have, because anybody can not justify her quality by its own. But thank you for serving variety information in this writing and I have gotten too much knowledge.

  8. Ryan says

    I love all v’s they are all beautiful in their own ways! I can’t say that I have experienced all of the different kinds but I will say that one of the best times of my life happened with a #1 and a #7 at the same time. How could it get any better? I do believe there is some truth with the shoe size of a man, size 13 baby!

  9. Deejay says

    Jeez Vera, get the name of the thing right, it’s a vulva, VULVA, you can’t see your vagina hon, it’s inside you; it’s your fuck tunnel, becomes your birth canal later on. OK? you got that? VULVA.

  10. timothy says

    l think l have tasted all the type and l can gives you every details you need. in nutshell, no 8 & 3 are the best but vera which one are you carrying?

  11. Calipso says

    Hmmm, V, V, V, all the way. Well Vera, as 4 me, I don’t bloody care about the kinda V it is. Instead I care ab’t a virgin V.

  12. op says

    i u showed me photos of womens pussys i can tell which race they r most of the time, for example orientall women have smaller ones with little lip showing, japs look like they have no lips just vulva, till u take a closer look … yum

  13. Mia says

    I’m a #2 and a #7. Wow I guess I am pretty naive and didn’t realize how much guys secretly talk about vaginas! All I can say is that my husband won’t be trading me in any time soon.

  14. jim says

    This is a ridiculous article as it has no visuals compared to the many other articles on the subject that do. Extremely pedestrian and uninformed writting without visuals. Useless, really.

  15. Jeka says

    No matter the shape or appearence a vagina is mysteriously sweet, powerful and attractive.Each vagina presents a unique tournament, a solid individual identity and experience and is always of its own footprint upon the male specie.No two vaginas are ever the same and each is sweet provided you give yourself the opportunity to work out how to ride it.Some want cowboys, some want geeky penetration, some want a bit of morals and decency.The art is to learn to blast what is before you and get her to look for you call after call.

  16. Xolani Quenton Nibe says

    If you are 19 years and you are single…mhm…i can imagine that…because i’m 17 years and i trully know that to be single it is just a boring thing, not nothing but a boring thing…

  17. Derek O'Brien says

    Stupid, dumb bitch, the “V” thing is as VULVA.

    Yeah, trust you yanks to fuck-up the name of your visible girlie bit.

  18. Darlington says

    Hey gal interesting to learn abt v’s.I wanna try one of these v’s,which one do u think can do for a man who takes 45 minutes or an hour to release in the first round?

  19. Jim says

    vera! I read your blog and it’s quite good. The best thing is the comments you received. It does kick know knowledge.

  20. Jim says

    vera! I read your blog and it’s quite good. The best thing is the comments you received. It does kick knowledge.


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