My Birthday In Pictures – 2014

As you know, I ended up not having a birthday party as I was originally planning to do. For the actual birthday, I didn’t want to do much of anything. I told Igwe that we should just go to The Cheesecake Factory and call it a night. We both love The Cheesecake Factory, and we go there so much that we don’t even look at the menu before ordering.

Before dinner, I first stopped at Toby’s house. Toby is my little cousin and we share the same birthday. He was supposed to be born in April, but he came 3 months early on my birthday. He’s 12 now, and I still can’t understand why he came 3 months early … and on my birthday. Anyway, I went over to the house to give him a cake and he decided he’d like to follow us to dinner.

I sincerely regret not taking my “real” camera. I thought it’d just be me and Igwe and maneuvering the camera to take pictures of both of us would have been a hassle. So I took these pictures with my phone. I promise to do better next time. On the plus side, it was really nice hanging out with him. We don’t get to hang out enough at all.

Thanks for reading. One of the things I hope to do this year is show you more pictures. Walahi, being anonymous for so long has made me so used to not posting pictures (or taking pictures). I always remember after the fact. I envy people that have so many pictures of themselves on their blogs. I will do better.

Birthday 2014

Me & Toby. In the first picture, he was observing my bracelet

Birthday 2014

Me & Igwe

Our Birthday 2014

In the middle picture, I was trying to do what the cool kids do

Oh, how could I forget to mention that Funmie came to my job to surprise me with cake. Does your friend do that for you? I didn’t think so. Well, my Funmie does. Thank you, Funmie!

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  1. Pendo says

    I remember you took Toby and his little friends bowling last year. Happy birthday again Vera!

    PS: What hair is that you used for your braids? Very nice!

    • says

      Pendo, that was actually two years ago, but damn girl, you’ve got a freaking good memory! The hair, I’ll check the name and come back to tell you. I never remember the name. I always enter the store with the unused hair in the trunk of my car. It’s 11:50pm right now and I don’t feel like going outside in this chill. Thanks, babe!

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