iSpeak Igbo

I was jejely minding my business when Sugabelly said I should take part in what I thought was a strictly Igbo Challenge. I now see that it is in fact a Language Challenge. Anyway, Sugabelly said I should make a video of myself speaking Igbo. Video? Me? For the internet? Speaking Igbo in it sef? Sugabelly, please! But alas, there was a way out. Continue Reading

Are You Looking For A Husband?

Are You Looking For A Husband?

If you are not married, then the answer is yes. Don't even think about it. The only circumstance under which your answer may be no is if you don't want to be married or if you are into women. But even then, if you are into women and you plan on calling your future partner your husband, then I guess you will also say yes to this question. I don't know if husband is what a woman would call her female partner. I'm just grasping at straws here. Don't quote me. Naturally, I have also digressed. The Continue Reading

Spotlight: Umu Igbo Kwenu!

Umu Igbo Unite

A lot of people don't know I'm Igbo. They think I'm either Yoruba or Middle-Belt Nigerian, and I can't say I blame them much. Ezimora isn't the most Igbo name. It's not like Okoroafor or Nnamdi. And those that don't know my last name assume that I'm Yoruba because of my association: Funmie, Busola, Ajoke --- and the likes. I can't blame them either. If I wasn't so sure, I would think I'm a Yoruba girl, too.  Whenever I meet an Igbo person, it's like a treat to me, but this isn't about me. This Continue Reading

The Burden Of Proof

Casey Anthony

For the past few weeks - six weeks to be precise, Casey Anthony has been on trial for the murder of her two year old toddler, Caylee Anthony. The evidence against her, in my opinion, was daunting. First, her daughter was missing for 31 days before she contacted the police. Secondly, there was a strong smell of death in the trunk of her car (where her daughter, Caylee, was believed to have decomposed). Thirdly, there were several searches on her home computer for "chloroform" Continue Reading

The Little Nigerian That Didn’t

Nigerian Stowaway

If Nigeria gets in the news and they are not talking about something bad that one of us have done, then that means the news is not hundred percent. And today was no different. News of the Nigerian Stowaway filled the airwaves. A Nigerian boarded a flight from New York to Los Angeles without a boarding pass. Well, he had a boarding pass, but it was expired, and it wasn't his. And to add insult to injury, he had ten other boarding passes in his bag - none of which had his name on it. Continue Reading