Usain Bolt To Earn £10,000 Per Second?

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt

Per second??? Per second????????? Per SECOND????? Are these people mad??? Usain Bolt will earn £10,000 per second when he runs the 200m at the Paris Diamond League meeting in the summer. He will also earn £2o0,000 as he “warms up” for the World Championships in August. Let me put it in perspective for you: £10,000 is about $15,000 which is about N2,250,000.  And for the £200,000, it’s about $300,000 and about N45,000,000 (forty-five million naira)

Passing Out Gif

That’s me right now

Help me, Lord, I’m getting light-headed.

Now, permit me to lament Naija style: What was I doing with my life when Usain Bolt was becoming a runner? Why didn’t my parents make me run? Why am I not running now? Oh, God, why is my own always different? When my mates are making £10,000 per second, I’m here writing about them. Why me? The people that made me not to be a runner, it will never, ever be good for them. The God that I serve, the God that answereth by fire, He will rise and fight for me. He will defend me. He will open running doors for me. He will destroy my enemies. Those who point at me and mock me and say, “Look, she cannot run,” they will hear of my victory! They will see my gold medals, but they will not be able to touch them.

Ehen. Back to the matter at hand. Usain Bolt’s best time for 200m – according to what I read – is 19.19 seconds. So, let’s say 20 seconds, and let’s say he achieves this time again at this race; that means, he will earn 20 (seconds) times (X) 10,000 (£). And that makes it £200,000. That’s – in case you have forgotten – $300,000 — which is N45,000,000. In twenty seconds. TWENTY. SECONDS. Not a year. Not a few months. Not a month. Not a week. Not a day. Not even a minute. TWENTY. SECONDS.

Drops mic. Walks away.

Drops Mic & Walks Away Gif

And I’m walking away


Source: Daily Mail

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  1. says

    I feel very sorry for my future children. By the age of 5 they must all become professional runners, dancers, singers, football players, tennis players etc if it makes money you must become it. Mschewww lol

    • says

      Nolly, tell me about it it. The rate at which people are making money doing things they love, it makes me feel some kind of uncomfortable. But not to worry, I, like you, too, will train my children to become everything. They will be singers, dancer, actors, athletes, inventors, scientists, and much more. All at the same time. Who no know go know.

    • says

      Izzie, looool!!! I laugh every time someone says it is well even in the well cause I keep wondering who even came up with this line?? My dear, this Usain Bolt thing is just not a small marra at all. How we go take fix am nah? Or more like, how we go take replicate am?

      • says

        AAah, since e be like say I missed my calling, just like you and nolly have agreed, nah our shidren go make our dreams come true…I wont even wait for them to be born ooo…na inside womb we go discover their talent..shuuoooooo…no dulling ooo

          • says

            Nwannem, dis kain thing you gats think and plan am weh weh oooo…If possible kwa, before conception sef, I haf decided my daughter shall be first lady of amrika…so I have to start now to plan on how to position her to get to that position. My Son will take over as Coach of Manchester United, after he has earned $1 trillion pounds per game during his time as player for the team.

            The Lord that answereth by fire is my God o….

    • says

      Lue, it’d be crazy to not feel light-headed. How can one person make this amount of money in twenty seconds? And that’s just me assuming it will be twenty seconds. What if it’s 30? *faints again*

  2. says

    Your sence of humor kills me. I just die of laughter. Its a shocking reality of how some people have achieved so much in a little space of time n when u look at urself!!!!! Heish!

    • says

      Erene, thank you sooo much! It makes me happy that you find me funny, trust me. Lol. The amount of money that some people make in such a short time is downright depressing. Lol.

  3. says

    Kai..see life….life aint fair oh…I haff die…how can he earn someone’s per annum in a second. *mfm prayer in progress* Oh God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob….every enemy that is surpressing my talent let them die by fire…

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