Hol’ Up! Ice Prince Dumped Yvonne For Yvonne?

Ice Prince & Yvonne Nelson

Ice Prince & Yvonne Nelson


Ice Prince & Yvonne Nwosu

Ice Prince & Yvonne Nwosu








Well, that ain’t right! News filtering through the world wide web is that Ice Prince used to date Yvonne [Nelson] until she left him to date Iyanya … until Iyanya left her to date Tonto Dike … until Iyanya said he’s actually not dating Tonto Dike … and then Ice Prince went to Yvonne [Nwosu] … until Yvonne [Nelson] became single again and wanted back what she did not want before … and errr, so now, Ice Prince left Yvonne [Nwosu] to be with Yvonne [Nelson]. The summary as summarized by Vera.

This reminds me of when Uche Jumbo was dating the guy that started dating the girl that used to be married to the guy who is now married to Ini Edo. Don’t try to understand it. But if you really want to, you can read it here.

I remember how I learned somewhere that when you sleep with a person, you sleep with everyone that he/she has slept with, and everyone that they have also slept with, and it keeps going. Example, if you sleep John who has slept with Mary, Jane, and Sally, it means you are also sleeping with Mary, Jane, and Sally — and the people they slept with: Mike, Reuben, and Peter (and whoever they slept with, too). It gets more complicated.

Two things we can take away from this Ice Prince and Yvonne situation are:

1.  Ice Prince loves girls called Yvonne

2.  Yvonne Nelson likes Nigerian men

Bonus fact we can take away: No Yvonne can accuse him of calling her by the wrong Yvonne. How do we know who Ice Prince is really calling when he says, “Yvonne?”

And the moral of this story: When in love [and famous], shut your mouth up. I know that when you are in love, you just want to stand on a roof and scream it from the bottom of your lungs, but err, the thing is that when you do that, you have more people than you know listening. The same way they will say, “Aww, you two look so cute together,” when you announce your love is the same way they will say, “See? I knew it wouldn’t work. Didn’t I say it?”

Unfortunately, women suffer the brunt of this. Everyone is telling Ice Prince to “carry go!” because he’s a very sharp guy for catching two babes, both called Yvonne, and in the same breath, they are wondering what is wrong with Yvonne. Jury is still out on which Yvonne they are talking about.

If you have no other reason to keep it hush, think about the ammunition you will be giving to those crazy bloggers, people that sit on their couch and decide to tell satirical stories about your life. Na wa for them. But God bless those bloggers all the same 😀

P.S. I like the way celebs post pictures when they are all in love, and then when they break up, they go on Twitter and declare being single and happy. And to add icing on the cake, they even deny ever, ever, ever dating that person. Of course, we the watchers are supposed to hit DELETE on that memory and pretend that no such relationship happened. Sure.

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  1. says

    ermmmm Vera lol..dis is omoshallie from FB rem me??lolzz anywayz sha if ur name is Yvonne u mite just be next in line be prepared..When that Yvonne..ohhhh i mean Yvonne Nwosu i needed to clarify too many Yvonne’s flying around ehen hen jare..Yvonne Nwosu was taking pictures of them in bed and saying “Nobody’s biz” ehen hen..so now its “Single and loving it “and waiting for ken to take her as she is barbie abi wetin she talk sef..
    I think ICE has denied it on twitter sha..but all the same..we are watching.. And to Linda that broke news hmmmmm ~Lips sealed~ but if u want me to talk ask me..

    • says

      Shallie, of course I remember you! LOL. You accused me of not responding to your laughter. Loool. My dear, my name is not Yvonne oh, so I guess nothing, nothing for me. I like Ice Prince as a person sha; I met him last year at a concert. And because he’s a Jos boy, he has a special place in my err .. heart?

      Yeah, don’t mind Yvonne Nwosu. She’s just funny. She’ll be fine jare, she and everyone else. I guess we need to watch out for who Iyanya will start dating next, lol.

      Ehen, and what is this about talking? Please don’t seal your lips here oh. Speak out, for Vera is listening! 😀

  2. Pendo says

    *changes name to Yvonne* What???? *side eyes all those raised eyebrows* They seem to be getting all the guys I want in too! LOL It just hit me that apart from announcing breakups and hookups the best part about social media is that all those celeb babies currently being born will not be able to have “football age” and real age in the future we all know when they were born:)

    • says

      Pendo, my dear, it is not easy at all oh! Social Media is wreaking some serious damage. We may not know fully know the extent of this damage until later, later. And lol at them taking the men you want. Well, you should have changed your name to Yvonne. Why didn’t you? Oya, who else do you like? Let’s start early to figure out his kind of woman.

  3. says

    Tehehehehe. Joke for ages.
    When these celebs start learning to shut up about their love life and affairs and what-nots, then maybe the first two paragraphs of your post will stop confusing me. I don’t blame them sha, it’s instagram’s fault that everybody wants to share pictures of their ‘love’. *Joke*

    • says

      Instagram is something else, mehhhnnnn! You may not want to put a picture up oh, but everyone keeps putting pictures up and you keep reading all the AWW comments, so I guess before you know it, you’ll just have to add yours, too, lol.

      Oh, well.

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