Goodbye 2013 … Hello 2014!

If I start this post by saying that 2013 has zoomed by so quickly, it would sound like a cliché because everyone else is probably saying the same thing (and everyone says the same thing every year), but it’s the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s 2014 today, and in 13 days (January 14th), I will be one year older. Wow. Of course, I had to plugin my birthday in this post. Why shall I shy?

Happy New Year 2014

I am so, so grateful for this year. I started doing something that has been working for me since I started it. It was inspired by Redeemed Christian Church of God. When I started attending House of Praise, Baltimore (I no longer attend House of Praise, Baltimore), I learned that Pastor Adeboye declares something for the year. For example, the year I started going – I think 2009 – was declared the year of Joy Unspeakable.

For me, however, it was not a year of Joy Unspeakable. It was a year of drought. Mom lost her job, we moved in temporarily with my aunt, the company I was working for went out of business and took my job along with it. My very, very little-paying job. I was almost in a hopeless place.

Since then, I have ignored whatever Pastor Adeboye says, and I have looked within myself and listened to what I have believed to be the voice of God, and I have used that to declare my year. So for 2013, I declared it my year of favor and breakthrough. It did not seem like it at first, but the last 6 months have been A M A Z I N G. Sometimes, I get down on my knees and bow my head to the floor to tell Him thank You. I am so grateful.

Don’t get me wrong, this year has brought on a lot of financial challenges, but more than that, we have managed to comfortably keep our heads above water, and till this day, we don’t even know how we did it. Verastic, a blog that never really brought in money started showing off just a bit of its earning potential from June, and it has steadily gotten better,  sometimes even surpassing my 9 to 5 job. Simply amazing! And I thank you for that. It’s because you read this blog (although you should work on leaving more comments, so I can sleep better at night) that this is happening. Thank you.

For the past 2 years, for New Year’s Eve, Igwe and I have gone Downtown Baltimore, stared at the beautiful American people, drunk wine and cocktails, watched the fireworks, prayed under the sky at midnight, and then, gone home. But not this year. Today, we are staying home to reflect on 2013, talk to our God, and sip on some Moscato.

Happy New Year, may the Lord meet you at your needs, even the ones you don’t know you have, and may He tarry, so that at the end of 2014, we may all make plans to a New Year again. Cheers to a record-breaking, eye-popping, news-making, never-before-experienced, amazing, unusually successful, abundant, one-to-beat year of 2014!

*E-Hugs  & Kisses*

P.S. At the end of 2014, I will tell you what I have declared for 2014 (which I figured out at my office on December 26th 2013).

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    We really have much to be thankful for. Wishing you and yours a very happy and prosperous new year, may 2014 be the best for you (in all ramifications)..

  2. says

    Frankly, I really really love thw way you write. You are a breath of fresh air. May God order your steps and grant you fulfilment in all your endeavours.
    Happy new year…:*

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