When Nna Married Adanna … [Pictures Included]

I was there … live and direct! And I was even seated on the third row of the right side of the church. It was on Saturday, May 14th 2011 in the very cold and very windy city of Chicago, and I was there to see it all happen. Wait. Let me rewind. When Mr. Shoes introduced me to Nna in 2009, he told me that Nna gave the best hugs, and then, he urged me to go ahead and get a hug. No, no, Mr. Shoes had not personally experienced Nna’s warm bear hug, but apparently, he (Nna) was popular with the ladies for giving the world’s best hugs. I was very tempted to reach in and latch unto Nna, but I thought that perhaps, that may not be very ladylike. Or normal. Or sane. So I controlled myself.

Fast forward to 2011 when I heard of Nna’s wedding. Oh, yeah, I had to go. I had to go get my hug. So off I went to O’Hare International Airport. I will spare you the details of my flight being delayed both ways, and by the way, that whole patting down thing is so not as exciting as I thought. For one thing, a woman patted me down. What’s the fun in that? I wanted to be groped and fondled by a big, strong man. But I digress. Yeah, so Nna’s wedding …

I don’t know if it is a custom with the people of Chicago, or whether Nna and Adanna gave us all something to eat, drink, and sniff before the wedding day, but somehow, the wedding started on time. And when I say “on time,” I mean on time. The wedding was set to begin at 4:30pm, and by 4:15, the dashing groom walked in … and guests were already seated! What?!?!?! This does not happen in Maryland. In Maryland, we start the event three to four hours after we say we will start the event. And then, during the reception, the late-coming guests carry your food into their cars in trays, leaving you, the celebrants with nothing. Take-away toh bad!

I was so impressed with everything about this wedding: the timeliness, the decor, the fashion, the music, the food, the people, the ambience, and of course, the bride and groom. Before the wedding, we (I, Mr. Shoes, Older Brother Shoes, Wife of Older Brother Shoes, Brother to Wife of Older Brother Shoes, and another couple and their forever-smiling baby) had brunch at an Indian restaurant. This was my first and only time eating Indian food. Before we went, I was worried about three things: (1) Will this food cause me to have diarrhea? (2) Will this food cause me to be bloated? [My dress was fitted], and (3) Will I be back in time to do all my “nlecha” (shower, make-up, hair etc).

To God be the glory, there was no bloating or diarrhea, and the food was okay, although I don’t remember the name of anything I ate, except the mango ice cream. However, I barely had enough time for my nlecha. I didn’t even get to curl my hair, and I could not walk fast as I stepped into my five-one-quarter inch heels. They were so comfortable — until I stepped on Chi’s toes. Ouch.

That was when he saw her walking in. See how he’s looking at her with corner, corner eyes of love.


Walking in with her older brother

Who released the laughing gas?

Let me see your face, baby


You may kiss your bride

Dance, dance, dance!!!

You may not have noticed this, but Adanna is a laugher. The girl was laughing and laughing. But at least, she had a reason to laugh: it was her wedding. What was my excuse? Each time she flashed her teeth, I flashed mine, too, and I don’t even know what compelled me to laugh. She just has the kind of spirit and laughter that causes you to laugh right along with her. There are men in love, and there are MEN IN LOVE – the latter being the ferocious love :mrgreen: Nna was [still is] a MAN IN LOVE. It was in the way he looked at her, the way he touched her, the way he held her. It may all sound like cliché, but ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I am here to convince you that it isn’t! Leave your opinion at the door and take mine. It is settled.

Oh, how could I forget? Nna’s father gave a memorable and laugh-out-loud funny speech. Don’t judge me for the part of the speech I do remember: when a husband and a wife are mad at each other, they should both go to their bedroom to iron issues out, and each person should stand on their side of the bed — naked! If for nothing else, I will get married for this. That said, I cannot confirm or deny that I was picturing Nna and Adanna doing this. Do not judge me. Let he (or she) who is without sin cast the first stone.

… And of course, I got my hug — on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  The girls are right. He does give great hugs.

To Nna and Adanna, I now consume the contents of a Fruit Punch-flavored CapriSun pouch in honor of you and your union. May the good Lord keep you happy, healthy, fulfilled, and crazy in love. Amen.  😉

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    • says

      Tee, I tried my darndest to look great. You know these days, you can just meet your future husband at a wedding. I was trying to make sure that I was prepared — in case of incassities. LOL.

  1. AnonymousGA says

    Such a handsome couple. The bride looked so good and her smile/laughter is infectious. I was smiling as I read the post. It also had something to do with the mention of you and Mr. Shoes attending the wedding together with some members of the Shoes family *cough*. (Na yi mafarki, Mr. Takalma and Vera ta aure!! a cikin Yesu suna…Ami!!!).

    • says

      Joxy, you see? Why am I not surprised? Of course, you’ll come here and second AnonGA. LOL. Anywayyyyyyyyy *doing the talk-to-the-hand move* I say a big Amen to that prayer. Amin ni oruko Jesu!

    • says

      Mikki, you are such a Copy cat! You just had to copy me with that orange juice. Oh, wait. I was drinking CapriSun fruit punch. Yeah, whatever. Same thing. :-)

  2. Chi's toes says

    My toes are still hurting lol! I have to find a replacement hugger! but they make such a great couple, hugs and laughter how can you go wrong with that :)

    • says

      Chi’s toes just had to comment too, ehn? LOL. Biko gbaghalu’m! It wasn’t me. It was the shoes. lol. Biko, when you find a replacement hugger, let me know. I have to be a part of the movement. I don’t wanna be the last to know again oh. Ehen! You’re so right about the hugs and laughter. Perfect combination.

  3. says

    Awwww…Adanna’s lips and teeth were meant for smiles and laughter! pretty. I pray their marriage will always cause them similar joy in each other.

    Now let me go and book and appointment with my dentist (since na teeth dem dey use catch them now)…

    • says

      Hahahahahahaha @ booking appointment with your dentist. You know I never even thought about that. But now that you have mentioned it, e be like say, me sef, I go photocopy that ya move. But don’t just do your teeth and not use them oh. You have to make sure that every chance you get, you flash all your 32. Ighotago? Ehen! Operation Shine-Your-Teeth-To-Catch-A-Husband has now officially commenced!

  4. adabeke says

    Awwwwww, you all are just too sweet. Making me *sniff,* *sniff.* Thanks so much you all for such wonderful sweetheart. Vera you are toooooooooo hilarious. Mehn, I didn’t know you had a sense of humor. LMAO about “on time” “food in trays,” my smile, etc…too hilarious. I asked Nna why he didn’t tell me about his famous hug….lmao. Thanks so much Vera for sharing our special day with us. We were very honored to have you, Mr. Shoes, Mr. Shoe’s brother, and Mr. Shoes sister-in-law there. Furthermore, thanks so much for making us a semi celebrity.

    Even though Nna says he likes my smile the most, deep down inside I think he likes my legs better :-)

    • says

      Nne, when you come to Maryland, you will see what my eyes always see here. When you have a parry, you dare not bring out all the food oh! You have to hide some inside the oven. If not, even you the celebrant will not get to eat any of the food. And yes, that your laugh/smile, the thing di kwa risky. It can just confuse someone and make the person forget what they came to say. That’s not a bad thing, of course.

      Glad I came to the wedding. As you know already, I had fun! LOL @ Nna liking your legs better. Tehehe. Well, one can’t blame him. If the legs had teeth, they would be laughing and smiling too.

  5. says

    Vera, Vera, VERA, how many times did I call you? Already holidaying and attending Weddings with Mr Shoes and the shoe’s family, where have I been? I really need to be a bit more current on what is happening on Verastic, I have to admit I have missed your dosage of laughter. How have you been mi dear? Any new updates? I have good news for you :)!
    Such a lovely couple Vera. “Ha mara nma too much :*”

    • says

      Nne chelu kwa. You have good news for me? And you’re saying it nwayo nwayo like this? Mbanu! That is not how to do it. Biko, what is this good news that you have? I cannot wait to hear it.

      Per that your comment about holidaying and attending weddings with Mr. Shoes and family, it’s not what it looks like oh. Bia, you people should stop this. In fact, I think I know what to do sef.

      Just as you’ve missed my dosage of laughter, I have also missed your dosage of laughing comments. LOL.

      Ehen, I’m waiting for this good news oh!

  6. Adabeke says

    Yes ooh Vera. I have heard about Maryland…lol. Will definately keep it in mind if I ever have a party there. They do it in Illinois too but not as bad.

    • says

      Lucky you. Whenever you do come to Maryland for a party, just go with your own foil tray or Tupperware. That way, you pack all the food you want in your own private container and lock it inside your boot. LOL.

  7. RJ says

    I can attest to that Maryland time. I was just in Maryland for my friends wedding about 3weeks ago and talk about African timing. The trad was suppose to start at 5, I missed my flight so I had to take a latter flight into BMI and didn’t arrive till 8ish. So I thot I was ridiculously late getting to the venue at 10.30, for wia? I heard the thing didn’t start till maybe 8 and they didn’t get fed till an hour before I got there *_*. Do not get me started on the church wedding lol.

    The couple look cute. And I totally agree with the fathers advise lol

    P.s. I like reading your blog, I happened to see a link of it on twitter not too long ago. Its been cracking me up since then :)

    • says

      Hey RJ,

      Eiya. Ndo. You got to experience first hand what Maryland weddings/events look like. LOL. I don’t know why it happens, but yeah, we have no respect for time whatsoever. So you can imagine my shock and glee when the Chicago wedding started on time. I was like, What!!! Of course, you will agree with the father’s advise *rolling eyes* LOL. Carry go jare. Norrin do you. I totally agree too! In fact, I might get into an argument with my husband, just so that we can follow Nna’s dad’s advise.

      Per reading my blog, yay!!!! So I guess those Twitter links do work. I shall continue putting them up. LOL. Thanks a lot for reading, RJ, and I thank God I’ve been able to crack you up. My work is done then. Hope you keep reading :-)

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