VIDEO: So Diddy Now Owns A Network???

It’s called REVOLT. And “the revolution will be televised.” ┬áRiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Continue to what Diddy had to say about his new network TV.

I’m assuming you watched the video, so I won’t have to reiterate everything he said. I’m not exactly sure what kind of network this is supposed to be. I know it’s a music channel, but I don’t get why it’s a revolution. It’s not an all-Black network, and even if it were, there’s already BET. If it’s just a regular good ol’ music network, then there’s MTV, Cool TV, and many more. Anyway, he says it’s a revolution. Did I say that already?

Judging from the comments on the video, folks are not smiling. They’re not taking him seriously. And neither am I. Of course, I respect his business sense, and of course, I respect his experience in the game of music. That aside, this announcement – despite its seriousness – still sounds like a lot of rambling.

On that note, for the anti-Diddy people who buy his CDs and then run over them with their cars to make a point – that they don’t like him – I really want to know the reasoning behind that. You do know that Diddy still gets paid for every CD you crush with your cars, right? ­čśÇ

What do you think of the video and announcement of the REVOLT network? Excited? Disappointed? Confused? Apathetic??? ┬áSomeone said it’s REVOLTing. Me, I couldn’t care less. If he were advertising on Verastic, then my story will change.

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