VIDEO: How New York Shamed The Minister of Foreign Affairs

If you have not read about DMV’s meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Viola Onwuliri, then you should. Then, when you’re done, you should watch the video of New York’s town hall meeting with her. Spot the difference.



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  1. Deola says

    Disrespect of the highest order! So they r too big to stand while d national anthem is on?
    However, I feel d crowd should have allowed the team deliver their ‘speech’ and then counter their speech with valid and intelligent point…

    • says

      Exactly what i thought. I also wonder if the meeting was really shut down or did the politicians continue their chop i chop after NYPD walked our guys off.

      On the other hand, maybe Sowore was incoherent with rage..rightfully so. The smug look on those faces wouldnt inspire civility in me.

  2. Ay says

    We are grateful for civil rights in this country. Just imagine this – scratch that, this cant happen in Nigeria. You shut down an event when the mobile police and/or army is outside…

  3. Jide Osun says

    This video by saharareporters has been widely discredited as doctored. Help your cause be credible. The full video shows the minister and her team stood for the anthem. Furthermore, trying to discourage the government engaging the Diasporans makes absolutely no sense. When you are ignored you complan. Sometimes I think you guys are useless.

  4. jeyoo says

    what! is a pity how come they have to mock her,but dose it mean that we don’t have learned people in nigeria if may as?

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