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That was a sigh of relief. I am relieved. I am beyond relieved. I have been in the process of moving my blog since October of this year. Well, I decided in October that I would move it (to WordPress and to a new server). From that time till now, I have been trying to figure out how to do what, and when to do it. I did not even know how to start.

Finally, I talked to my friend. I don’t know if he wants his name mentioned, and I forgot to ask him, so let’s call him Powered-By-Google (inside joke). When I mentioned it to him, I was merely telling him as gist, but he offered his services (and yes, I have his contact, if you need him). Say what?!

He told me what to do first: pick a theme. That, in itself, was work. Prior to that, Aribaba had asked me if I had picked a theme, and I answered casually, “Oh, no. I’ll do that later.” I was thinking, theme? Psht, please! I’ll pick one in a minute with both eyes closed. Yea … not! So many options. So many ways to spend my money. So many ways to screw up.  Each one I found had an issue. Finally, I came across this one, and I immediately knew it was the one.

It didn’t look exactly this way —no, not at all. But I told Powered-By-Google everything he had to add and take out. Sometimes, I was on the phone with him for several hours, adding and subtracting, changing and updating, and then changing some more. I cannot tell you how many times I changed my mind. Thank God we had a test blog. And he never complained.

Finally, I went to his house on Friday, stole him from his family – without first seeking their permission – ate his food, drank his ice tea, ate his daughter’s yogurt, and slept in his house. No, he does not offer these services (of food and shelter to all his clients!). I robbed him of his weekend. He was so passionate about what he was doing. I, on the other hand, was dazed. He kept referring to plug-ins and web pages as guys. So he’d say something like, “I don’t know why this guy is not doing what I want him to do…” or “Look at what this guy caused…” And I’d always respond with something like, “This guy sef!”

Long and short of the story, my blog has moved. To God be the glory. I’m really so grateful to God for a perfect move. You may notice that certain tabs above like Lyrics & Vera, Spotlight, and VP [Verastic Person] don’t have anything underneath them. Fear not. They’re coming soon to a Verastically Livin’ blog near you. I hope you’ll enjoy this blog as much as I am.

Thank you for your support. Now, let the blogging fever begin (way to take the pressure off myself)

P.S. If you come across any dead/non active links (or any other issues with the formatting), let me know, please.

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  1. Tutu says

    this is awesome…I ve been a regular reader of ur blog but I ve neva commented…I was so curious since friday to know what the new verastic blog page would be like…the first thing i did this morning was just to check on verastic…..kudos to Powered in by google…he did a great job and you as well….wish u all the best in the new year Vera

    • says

      Thanks a lot, Tutu!! If this new blog was good enough to bring you out of your shadow, then I guess I have something good going here. Thank you, love! And yes, kudos to Powered-By-Google. Hope to see your comments more often :-)

  2. says

    Welcome to WP! I like the whole layout and general theme but I really hate reading white against black background…anyway sha…that’s just me.

    I do love love love the idea of a rotating slide! I suggest using the slide to advertise your radio shows rather than old posts…we call this “centerpiecing” … sorry …lol….you can tell I am bringing my work to your blog…

    • says

      Babe, you know what? I didn’t actually think of that (advertising the radio shows) on the slideshows. Great idea! Thanks. I’ll definitely do that (and the old posts, too). There are certain posts that I need highlighted. Two of the three out there are just place holders for now. Per the black background, I understand. I thought about that, but this theme was the only one that did it for me.

  3. says

    So I like this place so much that my eyes have turned green.. It has o..
    I told you I would let you know when I get here.. I have and I love it completely.. Remember me on twitter? (@blaze4me)
    Let the blogging fever truly begin!

  4. Quaggar says

    Verastic nwanne m, with a blog this fine and classy, you had better be putting up a post every other day o! Or else..

    • says

      Ah, now that you have said it, I would be crazy to not do as you have said. Honestly, updating [very] frequently is definitely the in-thing. No options. Thanks for your support, Quaggar!

  5. says

    Me likey the new Verastic! Great job!
    One of the posts in that your rotating head come fall my hand. mind yourself o. Stop distracting us with bling bling.

  6. says

    wow! this is really cool :)
    Haven’t been here since the holidays.
    I’ve followed your blog & never really commented but just have to say, love the way you’ve spiced it up.
    Happy New Year.

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