Verastic 2.0

Very, very soon,

I mean, really soon,

The verastic dot com that you see today, you will see it no more. It’ll be gone forever, and be replaced with a brand new Verastic dot com 2.0. I’m moving to WordPress. It’s hard to admit, but I have outgrown Blogger. So on WordPress, I’ll blog more often, reveal myself more often, get to know you better, and hopefully … well, I won’t tell you about my plans to extort a 2012 Range Rover Sport from each of you.

But before I move, keep these dates in mind, please:

January 14th: This is the most important {Repeat: MOST IMPORTANT} date in the Verastic history. Thia was the day – 21 years ago – when yours truly was born. [Insert: Pinocchio nose]. It’s coming up — again. And in my usual kind spirit, I’m letting myself receive gifts from you generous folks. You may visit my wish list for ideas. And no, I do not wish to discuss the fact that I have turned 21 more than once.

January 26th: Verastically Livin’ Blog will be five years old.  Five! Of course, we won’t be celebrating it by just saying “Yay, happy birthday.” This year, I did a giveaway. It was a book – Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s book, “The Thing Around Your Neck.” Next year, however, well … stay tuned for the giveaway. But know this, it’ll be bigger and better, and you don’t want to miss it.

February 14th: Don’t panic. I’m not requiring that you go to Jared and buy a pair of diamond studs – although, that would be nice. A girl never tires of receiving these things. Oh, wait. I’ve never received a pair of diamond studs. Well, a girl never tires of wanting to receive one.  But most importantly, Show Me Your Love will be right on! And this time, it will be even better! Where are my hot, sexy couples? I need those pictures. More details coming up soon.

P.S. The new verastic {AKA Verastic 2.0} will have more features. Prepare to be prepared  to be prepared to be dazzled.

P.P.S. In case you have not noticed, today is the 14th of December …. exactly one month to my birthday. Woot, woot!!! Where’s the surprise party??

P.P.P.S. I need to contact my church. They still haven’t put my birthday under the website’s “Upcoming Events” column. My birthday is an event, darn it!

P.P.P.P.S Don’t even get me started on the US Government, their refusal to make January 14th a national public holiday. I mean, come on!

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  1. bArOquE says

    na until this ur bday comes&we dont see cake…that our pending marriage is still up for consideration oh

    PS:nice wish list…your eye dey up

    …missed you too

  2. Vera Ezimora says

    Baroque: You've missed me? I've missed you more! My eye dey up ehn? I learned from the best: you :-) Per the marriage, stop this your shakara before someone else comes to marry me oh.

    Rethots: Lol @ "Baroque Hmmm" And thanks for the warm welcome.

    Remi: I bet you can't wait to see me, huh? Bet you can't wait for us to share the same ehm … Well, whatever. Lol.

  3. T.Notes says

    And you expect us to be happy about this kain news?!!!!What does wordpress have that blogger doesn't?!!!!I'm entirely against this move and might kick off a campaign soon to that efect!

    As per birthday,see ya eyes!!!lol!

  4. 2cute4u says

    Would be joining you soon at wordpress!
    Your birthday?
    E never reach naaaa..
    That said,
    I still love you and this is putting myself in the line for the gift in celebration of Verastically livin Baby!
    My twitter bribe nko? Tabi you don forget?

  5. Prism of an immigrant says

    Govt should make your birthday a public holiday, that would be fun. They should just make sure they do not discriminate when my birthday comes up in June, and my friends birthday comes in May, and my dads birthday in March, and my……
    Everyday will be public holiday…lol.

    I will be looking out for the 2.0

  6. LusciousRon says

    Vera you and this wish list! Shouldn't I as your able Attorney at Law review it carefully before it is published again?

  7. afrosays says

    She comes to WordPress… The Holy Spirit still talks to people after all!
    Please after your salvation, evangelize and bring more lost souls to the kingdom,

    Can I get an amen?
    Bless you sister!

  8. Omotee! says

    your eye dey up true true, i go check ur list. me i wan give u the most important gift of all, that cannot be reduced to ordinary shoes and bags….. my love for u!
    lol, i can almost hear u swear for me sef!

    ur birthday public holiday?! what will u not come up with?

  9. Pearl Ezeokeke says

    Oh Vera, you are so incorrigible! I wish I could get you something worthy for your birthday though. And take it easy, we still have to cross over into the new year first, lol. Verastic Vera…

  10. NBB says

    Im thinking of WordPress too.

    and for the bday gift, my bday is in January too if I get a Range I'll gladly give it to you. 😛

  11. Good Naija Girl says

    I'm excited about Verastic 2.0 because I know it will be so amazing! Keep up the inspiring work, Vera…your consistency really impresses me!

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