Update: Beyonce ISN’T The Most Beautiful Woman, Say Scientists.

The internet was abuzz yesterday with the news of People Magazine’s list of the 100 most beautiful women in the world, and Beyonce was on top of that list. Well, they released the top 10. The full list won’t be out till Friday, April 27th. Second in command – read, second most beautiful – was Sophia Vergara. Third was Charlize Theron.  Of course, there are 97 more, but they don’t matter too much right now as even Beyonce’s beautifulness is under scrutiny.



It turns out that Beyonce may not be the most beautiful woman after all. Scientists – something that the people at People Magazine are not – have discovered the actual most beautiful woman in the world. Oh, yes. She is British 18-year old, Florence Colgate. Continue to see her picture.


According to scientists, “The ratio of the distance between her ears to the distance between her pupils is nearly 2:1 — the scientific ideal. Furthermore, the distance between her eyes to her mouth is just under a third of the distance from her hairline to her chin — another measure of perfect pulchritude.

“The Deal, Kent native and her nearly symmetrical mug were recently named winners of “Lorraine: Naked” — a “natural beauty” contest organized by ITV’s lifestyle program Lorraine. To win, some 8,000 entrants had to rely on their God-given good looks: No make-up or cosmic enhancements of any kind were allowed.

“”Florence has all the classic signs of beauty,” said Carmen Lefèvre of the Perception Lab at the University of St Andrews’ School of Psychology. “She has large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a fair complexion. Symmetry appears to be a very important cue to attractiveness.

Am I the only one who is wondering who measured this girl and why was I not measured, too? If the people at People Magazine say that Beyonce is the most beautiful woman, they need to provide a scientific proof like the people of Florence did. On that note, I’m going through the things that make Florence beautiful, and I’m looking at my facial features and thinking thoughts …

Big eyes …. check

High cheek bonescheck

Full lipscheck

Wait a minute! I seriously demand to be measured!!! I object to this Florence and Beyonce beautiful thing. And to take it further, I have uploaded pictures of myself showing my big eyes, high cheek bones, and full lips – all without any make-up. Fine, I confess. I have Vaseline on my lips.

Oh, wait. My head is cocked in this one. I have to do a straight picture. 


Okay. Now my head is straight like Florence’s own. Oh, wait. I’m smiling too much. Florence isn’t smiling too much.


Now this is the look I was going for. My head is not cocked. And I’m not smiling either. More like Florence.


So maybe I expanded  my eyes a little too much, but hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Are they big enough? Cheek bones high enough? I actually tried to take a picture of only my cheek bones, but that didn’t work out too well. You couldn’t tell it was a cheek bone; could have been a part of my butt cheek for all you know.


And what about my lips? Are they full enough?

All these pictures are so close, you can literally count my pores and hairs. And yes, of course, I do realize that as a woman, I could go into what it means to have a list of most beautiful women and how it kills the self esteem of young women everywhere, but that’s why we have Oprah and Dr. Phil. Right now, I just want to declare myself the most beautiful woman of 2012 – with or without the measurement!

P.S. Okay, so maybe the scientists didn’t exactly say that Beyonce isn’t the most beautiful. But their actions spoke louder, darn it.



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  1. says

    Hahahahhahahahaha!!!! This is why I am your fan, Vera! You have the guts to show us your pores. Ha!!! Nice skin, btw. What’s your skincare line? 😉

    So after years of anonymity, you blast us with these pics? Haha!!!!!!


    • says

      Jabez, I know! I was thinking the same thing too. After years of anonymity, I assault you guys with these pictures – pores and all. Lol. Thanks for the compliment! Skin care line … err … I’m kind of ll over the place. I use Olay wipes to wash my face. That’s really about it. I use foundation once in a while (only when I’m going out. Lol).

    • says

      Hahahahahaha. How on earth did you even zoom in that much to see what you now think is a naked man? And no, it isn’t. Lol. I took the pictures myself. Dirty mind!

  2. Ayomikun says

    lolz…crazy gal! U got me here…nice one.
    U r beautiful, u’ ve got lovely skin. Please share the secret a beg my skin needs a miracle. :) thanks

  3. Ifeanyi Aneke says

    This is one of the reasons why I love Verastic. Real and down to earth. Still surprised that this genius ain’t eating Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija’s dinner.

  4. Mena Sing says

    Huge, you forgot what put the brit over the top, BLOND HAIR BLUE EYES, it’s something you Beyonce, and so many of us [WOMEN] lack, shame, but we shall never be “beautifulest”, me thinks me smells a publicity stunt, because the chick is pretty, but great beauty she aint!

    • says


      Honestly I couldn’t care less about the color of her hair and eyes. I am BEAUTIFUL. And no one can tell me anything else. I didn’t even think of it in terms of race. I just thought, here’s another way to make women feel bad about themselves. Oh, well.

  5. says

    LMAO!!!! Oh VEra o!!!! U crack me up in a good way. Lemme tell you why you are ineligible. (Cant believe nobody caught it yet) Oga Professor said these are the ideals “”She has large eyes, high cheekbones, full lips and a fair complexion.”……biko kwa, u get fair complexion?
    Ok…bleach first and then we can write a petition, demanding that you are measured. 😀

    • says

      Hahaha. Well, it depends on whose eyes you’re looking at it from. As a Black woman, when now, this counts as fair. Compared to a White woman, well, that one get as e be. Meanwhile, I am eligible jare! Who no know go know now

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