This Quest To End My Anonymity

When I decided to stop being anonymous, I did not think it will be this difficult. The closer I come to the day, the more nervous I become. No kidding. I have been anonymous for so long that I cannot even comprehend not being anonymous. As in, I might run into my online friends? Cheeeeiiiii! God ohhhh, make this pass me by.

I don’t know why the thought of people knowing what I look like is suddenly daunting. Before I started blogging, I was quite visible online. But I’ll talk about that when I show myself. I don’t want to give you any unnecessary ideas.  Last time I gave an idea of a wedding I attended, what I wore to the wedding, and the role I played in it, someone ended up finding me. I have  10 more days to be anonymous, and I intend to milk it. You’re welcome.

My biggest challenges now are what to wear and what on earth to do to my hair. On Monday, I decided to tackle the hair thing. I went to a beauty store with the intention of buying something I love, but not particularly knowing what exactly it would be. In all my life, I have used a weave-on about five times, not more than seven, so imagine how lost I was in the store. I needed a mental GPS to guide me.

I was going to just put up a picture that I’ve taken before, but he and Funmie said no. So, now, I’m going to take a couple of shots on Saturday morning by my favorite photographer, PaOsin. As of right now, I have not done my hair, and I still don’t have anything to wear. Well, I have clothes in my closet, but you know how it is. I want something new. I’ve been to two different malls and emerged with nothing. I’m trying so hard to be normal, and I don’t even know what my head is interpreting as normal right now.  I know that I don’t want an outfit that is too casual, too professional, too part-ish, church-ish, or too playful. So yeah, everything I have seen has fallen into one of those categories. I have seen many things that I like and want, just not anything that I want for Saturday.

While looking for hair on Monday, Funmie and I stopped at a beauty store where we left more confused than we were when we came in. Two of the girls (ladies?) that worked there had weaves on their head. One had 26 inches of hair which she got for $1,500 (N225,000), and the other one had 48 inches of hair which she got for $4,500 (N675,000). Apparently, it’s some type of virgin human hair. I don’t even know what that means. Did I mention that they work in the beauty store? They do not own the beauty store. Enough said.

Come Saturday, I will be standing in front of PaOsin, ready to take pictures – with or without clothes on and with or without my hair done. I’m pretty sure I’ll have earrings though, so that should do. Wish my luck.

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  1. says

    So if you are not used to weave, leave it before you give yourself a headache. What do you normally have done to your hair? PS If you tied wrapper this wouldn’t be a problem 😀

    • says

      You’re still talking about this your wrapper nonsense abi? LOL. Sebi I said I’ll do that one another day. Don’t worry, sweerat. For my hair, I switch between mostly braids and my hair. Then every now and then, weave-on.

  2. pamilerin4me says

    noooooo…i posted first now!!!!!!!!!! well ..i noticed two things ‘he’….and the taking pictures ‘with or without clothes’

    • says

      Some of them look really, really nice. Depending on the length, style, and quality, it can look real. The last one I did was only 10 inches, and people could not believe it wasn’t my hair. I don’t usually like long hair, but I’m starting now to experiment with it, just to be different. But I don’t know about that crazy price. That’s insane!

  3. tiwa says

    I love my Nigerian girls. But I love me some naija girl with very low natural hair more. The baby cut on a naija girl does it for me all day. So Very, pls go natural hair.

    • says

      You like low, natural hair, really?? I don’t mind the natural hair at all, but definitely not the low hair. You will not catch me in a low cut hair oh. Nope! LOL. But I’m “trying” to go natural. Keyword is “trying”

    • says

      My dear, it’s not as if I’m tryna prove anything per se. It’s just that I’ve worked so hard at not having a physical image that now, I don’t know what I’m supposed to look like. LOL. Oh, well.

    • says

      I noticed that it does that a lot. I have no idea what the heck is wrong with the time system, and that’s why I’m reluctant to schedule posts. I don’t think it’s on the right time. Well, clearly, it isn’t.

  4. Manny says

    that’s a lot of money for hair. and I would like to know what makes it virgin. maybe they steep it in extra virgin oil for weeks?
    On the other hand, this your picture is no big deal nau. Just present yourself as you are!

    • says

      My picture is never a big deal for people who always see it. But for people who have never seen it, and for people who I’ve consciously hidden it from, I’m lost. Don’t know what to do. Not to worry, I’ll have a picture by the 1st of next month.

  5. says

    Does the peeshure have to be full length? Just your face will do na. A beg don’t stress yourself joo, just be you (with full virgin Remy Brazilian hair in place).

    • says

      Hahaha. I can do the face picture. But the one you will not see is the full virgin hair. That will be the day —- unless you want to sponsor it oh! Ehen, that one will be fine. But if it’s for me, Vera Ezimora, to buy it, it cannot happen – even if I can afford it.

  6. says

    $4500 for HAIR seems obscene to me, especially if you’re not on a Beyonce type of salary. That’s more than half a million naira!?!?!

    All this stress sha. If anything, I’m sure the photoshoot was (will be?) fun.

    Merry Christmas!

  7. says

    All the best as you settle on an outfit and hairstyle, Verastic! I guess I could brag about already having seen pics of you but well, that would be tasteless wouldn’t it?

    I’m glad you were convinced to do a photo shoot because I always imagined your revelation of your face on your blog would be through professional pictures!

    • says

      Nope. Wouldn’t be tasteless at all … at least not to me. You’ve always thought I’d do professional pictures, really? Wow. I was really gonna do regular pictures. Interesting. But thanks though!

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