The Igbo Man and The Hairy-Chested Woman

A while ago, I blogged about women and their need to shave their legs. I was saying this based on what fellow men had told me. They told me to tell women to shave their legs, and that was what I did via my blog. However, in one of the comments, I was alerted to the fact that Igbo men love hairy-chested women. Where are my Igbo men? Please defend yourselves.


The reason why this is even of quite an interest to me is that I know one woman – I won’t mention her tribe. Her chest is visibly hairy. Albeit, not half as hairy as the one in this picture, but I remember that on several occasions, I have heard her say that men love hairy-chested women. She did not specify that it is Igbo men who love this caliber of women, but I am now beginning to wonder how true it is that Igbo men – or men in general – love women with hairy chests?

If indeed men do love hairy-chested women, then I wonder what they do with the hair. Do they rub it? Do they pull it? Do they stroke it? Do they abandon the breasts and go instead for the hair? Do they pour melted cheese on it and lick it off?  Or do these strands of hair just work as another turn on for the men?

I like my man to have some hair on his chest, just a little. I don’t want him to be as bare as I am. I want him to have some kind of facial hair, preferably a goatee. Igwe has the cutest little goatee. He won’t appreciate me calling it cute and/or little.  The way he plays with it when he’s in deep thought it laughable. You’d think there was a lot of hair there.  But alas, you can count them. There are seven and half to be exact.

But I digress.  I’d like to hear from the men. I want to know if you men love women with hairy chests. And if you do, I’d like to know why. What do you do with the hairs? How do they make you feel?

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  1. says

    Testosterone is one of the factors that make men hairy, belligerent, forceful and have a high sexual drive. I guess it follows that women with hair have a bit more testosterone that usual making them ‘wild’ in bed. So putting two and two together, it might not be the hair per se, but the sexual character of the owner of the hair.

    • says

      Oh, wow! I never, ever thought about that. I’ve always known that women with more testosterone will make a woman have more hair and a deeper voice, but I never thought about the sex drive. Hmmmmm. This makes me wanna blog again! 😀

    • says

      Since I was a young man, I have been attracted to hirsute women. I have found that women with enormous amounts of body hair have always been veritable animals in bed with almost insatiable sexual appetites. Having been diagnosed with uncommonly high testosterone levels myself, and possessing a stronger than average sex drive, I’ve concluded that extremely hairy women are the perfect sex partners for me.

        • says

          I guess you’re right. However, “getting what I need” can at times be extremely difficult. The problem is that “my kinda woman” usually belongs to someone else and isn’t in it for the long haul. Still though, creating “moments” that’ll last me a lifetime is something that I can hold onto (even if I can’t hold on to her).

  2. David says

    Jisoxx!!! I hope that pic above has been photoshopped!

    Licking melted cheese off that has got to be the disgusting thought for today!

    • says

      Hahahaha. I was thinking the same thing too when I saw that picture: hope it’s photoshopped. I guess we’ll never know. LOL @ the licking melted cheese bit. I just showed the picture to a guy friend of mine. I think it made him shiver — and not in a good way. LOL.

  3. says

    Melted cheese on that? You’d be waxing her chest in the name of foreplay. And not many men like hair in their food – above or below.

  4. says

    i’m an igbo by tribe but mixed wit another tribe..that doesn’t make me any less an igbo man though..anyway that already said… I dont fit d ‘igbo man’ stereotype
    personally i abhor hairs on female chest. I’ve come 2 notice that girls that possess hair in that part of d body just happen 2 fall among the ones that show cleavage? Why oh why??
    By d way.. As 4 d particular pic shown above.. I’ll pass, those are indeed very sumptuous & supple boobs regardless of d hairs (mind over matter) & those hairs are so soft & curly just ow i like em. I just hope d nipples aren’t hairy though cos that’ll just ruin d whole thing.

    • says

      Hahahahahahahahahaha. The hairs are soft and curly just how you love them? LOL!!! You won’t kill me with laughter here oh! So you’ll take these boobs as long as the nipples aren’t hairy too? And now that you mentioned it, I guess you’re somewhat right about hairy-chested women being the ones that show cleavage. Interesting.

  5. Patrick says

    I’m Igbo. That out of the way… I like a woman to look, smell and feel like a woman. Any hint of masculinity (hair, voice, muscles, attitude) throws my interest out of the window, never to be found again!

  6. says

    i little hair, i can stand that…. but when its competing with my own chest hair, okk then thats way off the Deep End of Sexy, it just becomes a bit Gross and Nasty. But im just one man, as they say, different strokes for different folks.

  7. Cashius says

    Its true that many Igbo men have curious tastes in women though I doubt that a hairy chest is a very popular preference. I have heard compliments about sideburns, hairy legs, bow legs, and hard butts. The only explanation is an inherent homosexual streak amongst these aficionados.

  8. Bingz says

    OK! Speaking for Igbo men, no we do not like hairy chested ladies. It is disgusting! But, if the Testosterone thingy is true…… then we would have to do some shaving before we dig in…

  9. chima says

    The igbo man story wit the hairy-chested woman is a falasy!igbo men has nofin to do wit dat story,we like our women as hawt and shaved as ever.nobody likes to suck on hairs now!!!haba,may be abokis fit like am.

  10. David says

    I am a VERY hairy front and back, I would love to see this person in full frontal view (could be clothed), and I think it would be a sexy encounter :) wish I could meet her.

    • says

      Now we’re talking! Thanks Thatch for putting it out there and “keeping it real.” While digging on a woman with a hairy chest is a turn-on, the true treat is getting with a woman with hair ‘everywhere!’ Imagine licking the complete distance of a treasure trial that begins with soft curly hair between her thighs, turns into a virtual forest at and around her vagina, then continues upward to her stomach, and thins out between her breasts. Now, if you can, imagine the sheer joy you’d experience once you raised her hands above her head and learned she had thick patches of hair under her arms We won’t even elaborate on the long, fine strands of hair growing around her nipples. Yesssireee!!! A ‘totally’ hairy woman is the sexiest creation on the planet!!

  11. Johnathan says

    I personally have always wanted to try being with a hairy lady (or any lady). Anytime I see hair on a lady’s body I think it looks gorgeous. I’m not sure if I’d like as much hair on the chest as in that pic, though. Everywhere else is fine. Especially down there… I think. It really just depends on the person whether or not they like it, right?

    • says

      Oh, wow. Honestly the replies to this post have really, really surprised me. I expected all the men to scream and shout and say never to a hairy lady, but apparently, I was wrong. And yeah, it definitely depends on the person. Goodluck! 😀

      • Johnathan says

        hah. Actually, as far as luck goes, I don’t have much. I think I need help on getting nice ladies (not desperate ones) to like me. I just don’t know how to bring dating up in conversation. Besides that, it almost seems that natural, unshaven ladies are almost nonexistent where I am, which is Ohio. Although, it doesn’t seem any more likely that I’ll see any anywhere else in the US. So if anyone on here either is a hairy lady, or knows one, or knows how I can meet one, pleeeaase tell me. By the way, I’m not an Igbo man, I’m not sure what that is, anyway.

        • says

          Haha. Jonathan, my friend, Funmie is a hairy lady. Lol. Maybe you should e-mail her –

          As for women liking you, maybe you’re not obvious enough. Maybe you put yourself in the Friend Zone a lot, which makes women look at you as just that: a friend. So if you want more, I suggest you learn how to become flirtatious, even if just a bit. It’ll make talking to women [about relationships] a lot easier.

          • Johnathan says

            Well, thanks. About the friend zone thing, it annoys me a lot. I think that I end up there for the same reason that desperate ladies like me, it’s because I’m too nice. Those that are desperate read to much into it and those that aren’t don’t read enough into it. Ah, well, hopefully I’ll figure it out. Thanks.

            • says

              Lol. You make a good point about desperation and being too nice. Never thought about that. I guess the plan is to not be as nice and to meet women who curious and interested, but not desperate.

          • Johnathan says

            Actually, do you think you could tell me about how I can go about emailing your friend? Please? I mean, I’m not sure what to say…

  12. says

    A hairy woman is a turn On for most men, the more hair on her body the better is like viagra. I think i speak for all my buddies.

    • says

      Levi, you certainly speak for me! I truly hairy woman is like a dose of Viagra.. You have to be careful though, because sometimes you can be so turned on from a really hairy girl until as soon as her hair grazes your body, you can shoot your load. I solved that problem by masturbating prior to the actual encounter. That way, we can both enjoy each other much longer. If you’ve had this problem with hairy girls, try my solution; it works. Do that, or just take some Viagra.

  13. A.J. says

    I sure do miss the “70 & “80s, Why and when this fad for weman to shave or cut short their down stairs started, I have no idea? But I do miss those gloriousdays of the beaver!

    • says

      Blame the “shaving fad” on the power of advertising. Mr. Remington, Mr. Gillette, Mr. Schick, and the other bastards who produce razors, depilatories, and other hair-removal devices, managed to convince women (and a lot of ‘insecure’ men) that body hair on a female was nasty and not attractive. Companies spent millions waging the hair-removal campaign and now rake in billions peddling their product. I thank God for those hairy girls who didn’t believe the hype and continue to ‘strut their stuff.” I love it.

  14. says

    Hahahaha. Philip, sorry for the late reply, but you just got me rolling with that last sentence in your comment” I thank God for those hairy girls who didn’t believe the hype and continue to ‘strut their stuff.” I love it.”

    Too funny

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