So Princess Mercy Johnson Haf Marry

Last weekend on Verastically Speakin,’ we had a random show. For those that are unfamiliar with the show and/or its Randomisity series, the random show is basically true to its name. We dedicate two hours to talking about anything and everything. It can be something that I think of, something that my co-host thinks of, something that the callers think of, or something that people on the social networks suggest (chat room, Twitter, Facebook, etc). On that note, Mercy Johnson’s impending wedding took about thirty minutes of our time. Keep reading.

To my non-Nigerian readers, Mercy Johnson may be a nobody to you, but if you care to know, she is a famous actress in Nigeria – one of the most popular ones – who is loved and hated by many for so many reasons. Men love her breasts. Women hate her breasts. Sometimes, I think I want her breasts. There are other factors, of course, like her acting. Somehow, the breasts manage to precede that. Consider her the — oh, never mind. I cannot think of what American actress to compare her to. Find her on YouTube and make your own conclusions. Anyway …

The reason why Princess Mercy Johnson took up so much of our time is because as of Saturday last week, she was still engaged to be married to Prince Odi. The big deal? Well, Prince Odi is allegedly married to Lovely Okojie.  Lovely says they are married. Prince Odi says they are divorced. Two different people. Two very different stories. Clearly, one of them is lying. But which one? Only Lovely and Prince Odi know the real story behind their marriage and divorce. But as it turned out, the society of Nigerian women – whoever the hell they are – were threatening to demonstrate if Mercy went ahead with the wedding this weekend.

Well, as you can see from the pictures above, Mercy haf marry. And I heard nothing of a demonstration. Correct me, if I am wrong, please. During the show on Saturday 9August 20th), I argued in favor of Merch – kind of. No, I am in no way supporting her or anyone else marrying a married man – if indeed Prince Odi is married. What I am against is the society of Nigerian women butting into her wedding. Their reason for the threatened demonstration, they said, is because Prince Odi is married, and no woman should be marrying him IN CHURCH until he is divorced. I have a few problems with their stance.

1. What does church mean? The building? The Pastor? Or the religion? Would they have felt better if she was scheduled to be married on the beach by the same Pastor? Of if she was scheduled to be married in court? And why did they not complain about the traditional wedding? A wedding is still a wedding, no?

2. There are many men who are married to more than one wife. Why did the society of Nigerian women not demonstrate against those marriages?

3. Although I do not know this for a fact, I am willing to bet all of the money in my wallet [currently one dollar] that most of these society women have cheating husbands. Why aren’t they demonstrating at home?

4. If Mercy Johnson is indeed a certified second wife, why is she the first person that these women are going after? I bet some of them are second wives, too.

My point is, I personally believe that this alleged attack on Mercy Johnson’s marriage/wedding is actually an attack on Mercy Johnson. Only the women know why they’re doing it. Maybe it’s because some of their husbands lust after Mercy Johnson. Maybe it’s because she has something they want (beauty, fame, money …. uhm, Prince Odi???). Heck. Maybe they just want her breasts.

Whatever the case might be, I smell a rat from everyone involved: from Mercy Johnson, from Prince Odi, from the society of Nigerian women, and from one Miss Vera Ezimora. Seriously, what is Vera’s own in this wedding sef? Common picture of cake sef, they did not send to me.

That said, you may listen to the random show I had on Saturday HERE.

P.S. Funmie completely disagreed with me on the Society of Nigerian Women thing. She said they’re right for threatening to demonstrate against a church wedding. I said Funmie is just playing religion. You decide.

P.P.S. Anyone else notice that Prince Odi colored his nose to match Mercy Johnson’s face in the traditional wedding picture? I’m just saying. 😐

Picture source: Twitter (where else, right?)

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  1. says

    Vera, your posts always make me laugh.
    I agree though, why protest about a wedding that has nothing to do with you? I even asked if Lovely (the first wife) is a member of the said society or maybe she has a friend that’s like part of the crew there and the lady decided to take it upon herself to bring women in the society to protest. who knows? people just like taking panadol for other people’s headache.

    Now that Mercy Johnson is married though, I wish her well. I love her dress, it looks beautiful.
    LOL at Odi keeping up with Mercy’s makeup

    • says

      I have no idea if Lovely is part of the women’s group. Even if she is, it doesn’t excuse their behavior, of course. LOL @ the make-up bit. It’s true now! If you look at the picture very well, you’ll see that his nose is almost the color of her face. They planned their color — down to their complexion. 😀

  2. says

    The stance of the Nigerian women was just ridiculous, how many of the were/are first wives. Our society is a polygamous one so I do not see the big deal here. we have seen normal girls get married to men with 3 to 4wives for reasons best known to them.

    I believe for the church and Mercy to have gone ahead with the wedding, then the guy must be truly divorced and the lovely was just craving attention.

    Why do out Nigerian actress always go for the unavailable men, first it was Ini Edo, now Mercy, all the best to her.

    • says

      ‘Lara, my point exactly! So many of these women are probably not even first wives, and even if they are, their husbands probably have babes outside the home. Why are they not protesting that first? It doesn’t make it right, but it’s the case of removing the log in your eye before removing the speck in someone else’s eye … abi no be so dem dey talk am?

      LOL @ the Ini Edo bit. No comments.

  3. MissMe says

    They are obviously tripping because its Mercy. Whatever the reason she is marrying the man is left to her but they should be quiet abeg. Why the ex wife is making noise about a man that doesn’t want here is beyond me.

    ‎”Prince Odianosen Okojie has recently secured divorce from his estranged wife, Lovelyn Adaze Aletor Okojie (divorce suit No:- IACC/14/2011). Okojie filed for divorce on 12 July, but it was only finalized and secured on Tuesday, 23 August, 2011, (72hours before his wedding to Mercy) at the Igueben Area Customary Court, in Benin, Edo State, and Okojie is said to have refunded the N100 bride price.”

    • says

      MissMe, well, I don’t know for a fact, but I’m guessing that it can’t ever be easy to let go of your husband – even if he says he doesn’t want you. I don’t know if Lovely wants her husband back or if she just wants to be properly divorced. From what I read on various sites, it appears she wants to be properly divorced and she denies this divorce. Oh, well. Three of them will sort themselves out.

  4. says

    Let me go and listen to the show. I hear one woman did her own demonstration, seriouslydoughnuts has some pictures. But men I tire for some women, they have too much time. Instead of facing their husbands and families, they want to humiliate another woman. SMH…

    • says

      Nne, I don’t know oh. Wait, only ONE woman demonstrated??? That’s even crazier than the rest of them demonstrating. They’ll be fine. Ngwa nu, what has her demonstration changed?

  5. Busola says

    Lol at th makeup joke. Too funny. Don’t mind funmie and the naija women Jo. Like I said that day they r only doing it cos it’s Mercy.

  6. says

    I cant get over her is a wedding epidemic that needs to revived only to die horribly again… ugh…lace front is the new wedding veil *Chai*

    • says

      Mikki, hahahaha. Her hair really paining you oh. Haaaa! I was surprised when I saw the lace front sha. Considering her fame (and money), I thought she would do something different.

  7. Adabeke says

    Rotflmao. Vera Vera, you are one kind funny girl ooh. I do agree with you, sometimes I wish I had her breast. Well as a certified first wife, I must say its naija so him saying they are divorce is good enough. Afterall, anyone in naija can just create a divorce decree…lmao. Mercy is a great actress but really…in what storage did they pull this dress from? As beautiful as she is, she could have done better with her look….and her hubby too. But anyhow, the dress is probably worth 10 times my mortgage payment being that she is a celebrity and could probably afford it.

    Nne great write up as always.

    • says

      Adabeke, I’m with you. It is Nigeria, so ANYTHING is really possible. I’m not saying he’s lying, but the possibility of him securing a fake divorce paper is extremely high unfortunately. Per her look and her husband’s look, well, I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. *Kanye shrug*

      I don’t blame you for sometimes wishing you had her breasts. *smh* And the babe sef, she knows it, so she keeps flaunting it! Mm mm mm. lol

  8. says

    Although I do not know this for a fact, I am willing to bet all of the money in my wallet [currently one dollar] that most of these society women have cheating husbands. Why aren’t they demonstrating at home?

    This was the best part of the article to me…keep all that weeping and gnashing of teeth for your own situation. Sweep around your own front door…

    • says

      Gbam!! Morayo, I’m glad you agree with me. I don’t know why they were putting so much effort into stopping someone else’s wedding when their marriage is probably crumbling at best.

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