Silicon Doesn’t Have The Same Effect On Penises As It Does On Breasts. Did You Know?


For years now, women have been injecting their breasts to make them bigger. Whether or not men like the feeling of these breasts remains a mystery. But as you know, almost every man wants – or will not mind – a bigger penis. But not every man would go past praying about it to make it bigger. Like Street, a 22-year old New Jersey father of two who went to Rivera – pictured above –  to enlarge his penis.

Rivera advertised her services in  flyers that were posted around local businesses, and she performed the procedure in her apartment – with no medical training or licensing whatsoever. She injected his penis with silicone. What could possibly go wrong?

He died the next day. That’s what could – and did – go wrong. His death has been ruled a homicide. Rivera is pleading not guilty. Of course.

P.S. Thanks to Bankole for sending me this story.

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  1. Ayodeji Baptiste says

    Silicone? He cant have been that daft?!!!!!! Well apparently he was and paid for his with his life… tsk, tsk, tsk. damn shame,

    • says

      He was desperate – unfortunately. But even at that, why go do such a proceedure (on such a sensitive part of his body) with a woman who does it from home? That had to have come with a bright neon light saying STOP. May his souk rest in peace.

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