One Of The Conjoined Twins Is Engaged … And I Know You’re Thinking What I’m Thinking

Long title, I know.

Today’s news is coming to you a year late. Although the [report of] this engagement happened in March of last year – I believe – I only just read about it, and my mom always says that whenever you wake up, that’s your morning. So, this, right here, is news to me.

Brittany and Abby Hansel, born March 7th 1990 are conjoined twins. They have separate lungs, spine, heart, and stomach, and each of them have one hand and one leg, but they are joined at the pelvis.

Brittany and Abby Hansel

The thing is, Brittany is engaged.

I found a structural picture of their body; it helps to understand what their insides look like, and why I’m having all these questions in my head – not that either of them owe me an answer.


In other words, they have one vagina. So here are the thoughts (questions) running through my mind:

1.  What will Abby be doing while Brittany is having sex with their vagina?

2.  Is Abby allowed to moan too?

3.  Will/can Abby date after Brittany gets married?

4.  What happens when Abby gets engaged or married? Whose house will they sleep in?

5.  Who gets pregnant?

6.  Who has the baby?

7.  What happens if Brittany wants to have sex and Abby doesn’t want to?

8.  Women can decide – if they want to – not to get wet. What happens if Abby decides not to get wet and Brittany wants it otherwise.  In other words, who controls the honey pot?

9.  I know this is crazy, but what if Brittany is cheating on her husband and her husband walks in on the act, how does he know who is really sleeping with that other dude?

10.  Sex aside, who is the guy really engaged to? Brittany? Or both of them?

I know these are funny scenarios, but I am half-serious. I don’t even know what being half-serious means, but I know I am it right now.  On that note, I watched a video of the girls when they were 16, and it was just phenomenal watching the way they interact and work together. These girls seem to get along more than we (non conjoined people) can get along with our own selves.  And I love the way they’re holding hands in the video.

Check out the video, and when you’re done watching it, feel free to answer my questions.

So what do you think?

[Source] [Picture 1 Source] [Picture 2 Source]

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  1. Funsho says

    Damn, and we share the same birthday..7/3..

    I think the guy knows he is engaged to both ladies, they might claim to be individuals but not possible in this case..

    The structure above is all well and good, that can be seen, what happens to their emotions which can’t be seen…???

    I say the guy is consciously aware of his role to both ladies……abi..

    • says

      Funsho, very valid question. Well, as long as the man knows that he’s engaged to both ladies (and both ladies know that they are engaged to him), then I guess it won’t be too bad after all. I hope.

      • Funsho says

        Hope you are well Vera…

        I thought you responded to this last year, or could it be my system has gone bonkers..

        No probs..

        Hope Igwe is pressing all the right notes, make sure he knows you have big brothers all over the planet, and we have high expectations..

    • not telling says

      you know its not really any of our business you people should be talking about what their sex life should/could be like. Just leave them alone and stop talking about things they probably haven’t even decided yet. If this was your situation would you want people talking about you vigina? Would you want people asking who is engaged to who? LEAVE THEM ALONE!!! Its not your place to ask this stuff let them handle it. I’m sure if they wanted your opion they would call you… oh no they wouldn’t cause they probably would want an asshole like yours opinion.

    • says

      Probably not. I’m assuming the argument would be that it is a birth defect that has put them in this position, not that the man actually wants to be married to two women, especially sisters.

  2. John says

    This is really weird. The guy to whom Brittany is engaged must really be a good guy and love hers her dearly to insert himself into this complexity. Talk about the ever present sister-in-law.

    • says

      Have no idea. Thinking about it now, what if the husband has sex with his wife with the intention of getting her pregnant and the other sister gets pregnant instead? Then whose baby is it really?

      • Pika says

        That cant happen as they have one set of reproductive organs. If the husband is trying to get his wife pregnant than it will be her baby. Now if there’s two men, each girl gets married, I suppose they would have to do a DNA test and determine who’s baby it is, by who the father is.

        • says

          Ooooh. That does make a lot of sense. But it will really suck if the husband is trying to get his wife pregnant and gets the other one pregnant. I’m getting light-headed thinking about this.

          • simple minded says

            Only the father would have to be determined if there was more than one male present because twins (by nature) have the same DNA so theoritcally speaking even if they were seperated you could extract an egg encoded by each female exactly the same way and if the male gives the same sperm DNA encoding to each female there would literally be clones. Since the DNA is the same and they only have one reproductive system, my vote would be: Both.

            The child would have two mothers. The only other way to determine it is if the uterus is both and each lymphatic system is in controll of only one ovary. You would have to determine which ovary the egg came from.

  3. Phummee says

    Oh wow! this more serious than “half serious”. There can only be one guy, which makes me wonder if they have the same taste in guys…

  4. B says

    You all should feel ashamed!! There are so many more challanges for these girls than their sex life! Would you want your sex life discussed all over the internet?!? Good for them to be better than all of you!

    • Pika says

      Look people are curious.. They’re valid questions.. Nobody is insulting the girls, well, ladies now.. They aren’t being cruel or nasty about this- people are just natually curious about how it’s all going to work.
      Perhaps the ladies have this all worked out between the two of them- they seem very close aside form the obvious reasons..

      You can’t attack people for being curious and pondering the difficult questions.. The ladies put their lives on tv, they opened them up to the public, the public is going to be curious. That’s normal.

      • says

        Pika, thank you very much. That’s what I think, too. I’m not trying to make fun of them at all. But it’s only natural for us to have these questions. Thanks a lot for understanding anyway.

      • gavin says

        i wonder what will happen when one of them dies first??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  5. Messi says

    No i am not the real soccer player messi but he is my favorite soccer player in the world and I am Marc.Actully I am a girl but I just put fake names to not get important identity given out!well they must really love each other to not have complained to get separated from each other

    • says

      I think I read somewhere that it was too dangerous to separate because of the nature of their “togetherness,” so they chose to stay together and alive. I pray God sees them through.

  6. Daniel Brutus says

    If one twin is on here honeymoon, does the other feel orgasm too. Or is orgasm really a mental thing. Either way each sister will know who faked it.

    • simple minded says

      It would take a lot of training in the mind to not pay attention but anything that is connected to the other’s nervous system SHOULD be felt (that doesn’t mean that it does, should assuming that everything else is in proper order). One of the girls brains may not even be “hooked up” to the uterus, which means that she may feel pressure but not sensation, being physically unable to feel without her sisters blood (and by way of blood her endorphins and other such things).

      Just something to think about…

  7. Phil says

    Basically, he is in a relationship with both of them and they are both in a relationship with him, and ‘the other’ will have to learn to love him too..

  8. jazen valencia says

    1. she will be having sex!
    2. If he’s a big guy she won’t have a choice!
    3. yes legally but damn I wouldn’t want to be the husband.
    4. They obviously have to sleep in the same house no matter where.
    5 The both do.
    6. They both do.
    7. They won’t they respect each other and I think it’s technically rape.
    8. That’s a fight that’ll take place in their heads.
    9. They both are because they both had to consent.
    10. Just Brittany legally.

  9. medi says

    I have also seen a thread where they were discussing weather if Abby will be okay letting Brittany’s husband take their virginity, and my thought to that question is pretty much the same for your post. I think that to someone who can “handle” this situation(as in accept it all), none of what we worry about is a real concern. It will be impossible to separate them as they only have one of the intestines and liver which are vital organs you could not live without. I guess if there was a passage formed one could receive liver from the other but intestines and bladder wouldn’t work like that. It’s understandable that we get curious, it’s a genuine interest which still won’t mean it’s not uncomfortable for the girls but I suppose we are all here because we wonder about their situation? It’s so brave and wonderful of the girls and her parents/family to allow all the media attention, but for sure their existence have helped many in similar situation all over the world not get aborted.

    • says


      You and I are on the same page. I’m glad we’re thinking alike. It’s definitely a genuine concern and curiosity about how exactly this is going to work out. But whether they have one husband or two, I’m grateful to God for giving them life, love, and companionship. I hope their story inspires many in their position.

  10. Brian says

    Yeah this is old but I just had to say you are completely wrong on #8 and I have no idea where you got that from. Bad experience with a woman?

    That’s like saying a man can prevent an erection if he chooses.

    • says

      Brian, I’m a woman who happens to own a vagina, so I know a little bit about it. I don’t know how men control their hardness, as I have never had a penis. Per having a bad experience with a woman, not possible. I’m not about that life.

  11. says

    1. how do they take test without cheating
    2. does one of them controll the arms and legs
    3. how did they choose a college major
    4. which one will give birth
    5. if one dies they both die?!?!!!!
    6. if they get assigned group partners do they just stay together all the time?
    7. if they have 2 mouths for eating 2 stomachs and one but how much do they poop

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