Men In Love


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So I watched the “highly anticipated” Nollywood flick, Men In Love. As you know, all Nollywood movies are highly anticipated. By who? They alone know, but that is by the way.

Having seen the preview before watching the movie, I already knew that at some point, John Dumelo and Muna Obiekwe would be caught doing the nasty. What I did not know was how they would get to that point, and so, I set off to watch this movie, clearly curious.

Plot: Whitney (Tonto Dikeh) is married to Charles (John Dumelo), a rich business man who has a problem with slipping into women other than his wife. After Whitney walks in on him and yet another mistress, she beats the crap out of her and breaks a bottle on her head. Repentant,  Charles vows to be changed man. One day, he bumps into his old friend from college, Alex (Muna Obiekwe). They hang out and reconnect. Alex tells Charles that he’s gay. Charles is shocked, but not shocked enough to stay away after Alex starts coming on to him. Charles swears he’s a straight man – of course – who has never been and will never be gay – of course.

Alex plays the if-we-can’t-be-lovers-let’s-be-friends card and invites Charles to his house for a party. Charles honors his invitation (without his wife) – smart move. Alex drugs Charles’ drink, and after Charles falls asleep, Alex has his way with him. Some of you may know this as rape. In this case, I’d prefer to call it anal rape.

Charles wakes up in the morning, angry, punches Alex in the face and walks away… only to come back a couple of days later saying he wants Alex as his lover. Fast-forward to Charles and Alex being full blown lovers. Secret lovers, of course. Whitney has no clue. Alex moves into Charles house because his house is under some alleged construction. Charles begins to ignore Whitney. Fast-forward again to Whitney walking into Charles’ office and finding her husband getting it from the back … from another man.

Heartbroken, Whitney moves out of the house. But one day, she spots Charles and Alex at the store and she realizes that her husband is not happy. The Pastor confirms her fears. 

What fears, you ask? Oh, well, apparently, Alex had used juju to to make Charles gay. I mean, what other explaination could there possibly be? Men do not just sleep with other men! The Pastor comes to the house and prays. There is a power point sound effect, and va-va-voom, Charles is miraculously cured of his gayism. [Somebody, shout a thunderous Alleluia!] And they lived happily ever after. Oh, and Alex is sent to jail. The movie made it a point to let all you watchers – especially the secretly gay ones – that being caught in a homosexual act in Nigeria is a crime. I like it when they reiterate the Nigerian law in their movies … like when they make statements like, “419 is a crime and the EFCC will not stand for it!” or “no one is above the law.”  Psshhht, please! As if! 

I don’t know about you, but I was utterly, completely, absolutely disappointed in this movie. It was actually a good script — until that last part. It may be 2010, but we have not moved past blaming juju for everything that does not add up in our lives.  Why couldn’t Charles just be a man who was doing it on the down low? Men like him exist everywhere — including Nigeria where acts of homosexuality are apparently criminal. If you’re going to make a movie about anything – homosexuality included – do it well.

The movie was written by Chisom Juliet Okereke, and let me tell you, sister, that’s some jacked up mess you did at the end of the movie! I demand a refund of my time.

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  1. Somebody says

    Sounds like a twisted form of Brokeback mountain. Of course the juju makes it a distinctly Nigerian original.

    To God be the Glory.

  2. says

    Nigerin movies are really getting annoying. yesterday i tried to watch nollywood hustlers. was so disappointed

  3. LusciousRon says

    LMAO! Of course only juju would make a so-called straight man gay! Silly movie, would rather not watch thanks for the heads up. 😀

  4. 2cute4u says

    Hmmm, What we suffer is it small?!
    This one even had little bit of storyline and made a lil bit interesting by good actors and actresses, what about the ones acted by boring and annoying people who say they can act.?
    God abeg o!

  5. Ms.O says

    LOL. Correction, you cannot spoil a Nollywood movie…The poster, plus the song, and the trailer…tells the entire story…

  6. LucidLilith says

    This is why I only watch epic Nigerian movies with traditionalist storylines. Shio. i cant even believe the plotline…

  7. Azazel says

    This is just why I can't move back to Nigeria..
    People are just to backward, so a person cannot be gay now without Juju being responsible for it.

  8. Adiya says

    hahahaha! ROTFL!! LMAO!!! Geez! And you wrote the post so well! I'm still howling with laughter! I can't believe that (1) a gay movie was produced and (2) juju made him gay and (3) gay people are being arrested along with murderers!

    This is why i don't like most Nigerian movies- it's not about not being patriotic, it's that they're just darn STUPID!!!!! Everything can be blamed on juju! SMH!

    Great post! You can check up on me if you like:

  9. Azuka says

    God, I'm still laughing.

    I'm wondering if there wasn't any juju involved in the wife's breaking a bottle on another person's head.

  10. Myne Whitman says

    Maybe the Censors Board had a hand in the ending to make it acceptable to those millions of conservative Nigerians.

  11. CaramelD says

    LOL @Ms O! You are so right!

    As for the juju copout, if she didn't put it there they might have petrol bombed her house. Since she has broken the ice, maybe a realistic director will make a better movie out of the same premise.

  12. Lara says

    The script writer might have written a good story but the marketer or producer might have told her to change the story…homosexuals are not condoned in Niaja and I wonder the day they would stop blaming juju for their actions in Nigeria

  13. Vera Ezimora says

    Somebody: Seriously oh! To God be the glory indeed. LOL.

    Naija Shawty: No, sweetie, not online. I watched it on DVD which I bought. I don't know about its availability online. I don't like watching movies on my computer.

    JobsForNigeria: Really? Awww. Uche Jombo's movie. I was actually looking forward to seeing it. I'll still watch it. I like Uche.

    Luscious Ron: Abi oh! Juju is clearly the only thing that can be responsible for a straight man deciding to get it through his anus. It has nothing to do with what he actually wants/likes.

    No Limit: Yeah, some are good. Most are crap. Sometimes, they get it good … until the last part, that's when they pull the plug.

    2Cute4U: Oh, many times have I suffered like that! LOL. But I no longer have the patience to do so. Once I sense bs, I'm done.

    Lexistrix: I didn't watch it online. I have the actual DVD. I bought it from the African store.

    Ms. O: LOL! You've got a point there. Watching the preview below, you can tell already what happens. LOL.

    Lucid: Honestly, considering that down low homosexuality does exist everywhere, I thought it was a good script … until that part. Of course, there were some hitches in between, but nothing as bad as that mess up.

    Temmy Tayo: LOL. Aww, you think they all suck, really? I don't think their acting sucks sha, but this scrips na real wa.

    Azazel: LOL. Ah, yes oh, apparently. If you're gay and in Nigeria, it must be the handiwork of juju.

    Adiya: Yes, oh! Juju made him gay … and made him fall in love with the guy, too. Yeah, whatever.

    Azuka: LOL. Well, that one comes with the territory (of being Nigerian), I guess. LOL. That's what we like to do anyway. Tehehe.

    Myne: You say "conservative" Nigerians, I say "dumb." Yeah, I said it.

    Caramel: In other words, we're going to continue watching the same movie over and over with little tweaks (cause you know that's what Nollywood does anyway)? lol

    Lara: Well, since there's [currently] no way for me to know whose idea it was for this script to end this way, I have no choice but to blame the writer.

  14. Ginger says

    What a stupid movie. I don't even want to go into the 'date rape' being made to look 'romantic'? does the screen writer have an email? hisssssssssss

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