It’s Vera vs Gustav

Ever since I started writing publicly about seven years ago, I have gotten used to – and sometimes, even welcomed – negative comments. Some of them are there to tell me they do not agree with what I’m saying. Some of them say I do not make much sense, if any. Some say I don’t know how to write; and some say that I am just plain stupid.  Okay, then.

So about two weeks ago, I wrote about the Gojo Handsfree device and how I found it to be absolutely ridiculous. And I only said this because, well, it is indeed an absolutely ridiculous-looking device when you use it. Apparently, Gustav did not agree with me, and he was not afraid to comment it — several times.

The famous GoJo device

… And this is what I likened it to.

The issue here is that I have reserved my right to find this equipment ridiculous. And Gustav, he has also reserved his right to tell me why I’m wrong and not a real journalist. Let’s ignore the fact that I have never described myself as a journalist. Below are a few of his points. The words in italics and parenthesis are my responses to him.

1.  “Americans only care how something looks. Tthey don’t care how well something works…” (Soooooo … you’re saying we should buy in spite of how ridiculous we’ll look with it … and in spite of the wire, easy-to-conceal bluetooth earpieces we have all over … and also in spite of the lack of safety in having a phone next to your face like that?  Damn Americans.”)

2.  “Vera you are obviously not very intelligent and not real journalist…” (You’re almost right. I’m not a journalist at all.)

3.  “Bluetooth earpeices do NOT work. Unreliable, complicated, programing and bad sound. People cannot hear you on a bluetooth, they need to constantly be charged…” (Mine has been working since July 2010 with great sound. And what complicated programming? Now, guess who’s not intelligent?)

4.  “You have more chance crashing your car while fumbling with a blue tooth as much as being on your phone….” (True. Much better to use both hands and fumble with a GoJo than use one hand to fumble with a bluetooth.)

5.  “And what lack of safety having phone next to face? If you referring to “radiation” lol that is a myth. And you HOLD your phone next to your face anyways? And bluetooth has MORE radiation than your phone…” (How can a bluetooth have more radiation that the phone when the radiation is a “myth” anyway? And no, I do not hold the phone to my face. I have a bluetooth, remember?)

6.  “Perhaps you would be one of the same people who thought seatbelts were ridiculous in the early 70′s? Many people (like you) did not understand seatbelts and thought they “looked” silly lol.” (Would this be a good time to tell you that I wasn’t around in the 70s?)

7.  “This is a convenient device that you could easily wear in the privacy of your home so you could talk on the phone while doing laundry, changing infant, doing dishes…” (But the guy in the picture above – and the video – is not in the privacy of his home — unless he drives in it).

8.  ” You use “wire” and bluetooth they are not hands free….” (A bluetooth in not handsfree??? *insert very, very confused face*)

Of course, I know I did not have to respond to Gustav or dedicate a whole post to him, but it would be totally unfair to keep all this fun away from you. Read the original post and comments HERE.

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  1. GustavTT says

    1. “Looks” : How is a bluetooth easy to conceal when they SCREAM douche bag! ??? Typical woman things everything revolves around them. To “hide” bluetooth you need hair. 50% of humans are NOT female with long hair.

    2. You continue to show you are a moron.

    3. Your bluetooth might “sound” ok as how you hear your caller, but THEY CAN’T HEAR YOU. There is ALWAYS a loss of sound when you send it through airwaves to a third teathered device. DUH.

    4. Did you even WATCH the video you are criticizing??? The Gojo goes on in ONE SECOND with ONE HAND and KEEP EYES ON THE ROAD, the moment you receive a call.
    Your sucky bluetooth means you have to charge it for 4 hrs the night before, put it in your ear before you drive, and leave it in n WAIT for a call that may never come!!!???? hahah very convenient.

    5. Retard! the “myth” is that the radiation causes cancer!! Who do you think started that myth? BLUETOOTH. But newest studies show that the Bluetooth has MORE radiation. It’s concentrated electronic core is stronger. Also because you keep it in your ear longer (waiting for a call) you have longer exposure. And because your skull protects your brain from your phones radiation.. but a bluetooth is stuck in your ear, so it sends the radiation directly down your ear canal inside your head.
    Vera, WHO ever taught you that it is OK to stick things in your ear?
    That’s bad parenting.

  2. GustavTT says

    6. The seatbelt comparison is what we call a metaphor. It was not suggesting that you “were around” in the 70’s retard. It’s an example that many NEW things can seem strange. The first time a human being put on a pair of pants, it looked like a monkey wearing pants. Funny. Because it was NEW. Were you around the first time someone put on pants? That’s not the point.

    7. Ok try to follow this Vera…

    a HANDS FREE DEVICE for a phone is created to keep your hands free OF the phone!!!!

    A bluetooth is not hands free because you don’t have to hold the bluetooth!!!! HAHAHAHA

    A bluetooth and Earbuds still require that you HOLD YOUR PHONE IN YOUR HAND. ….. duh!!!
    NO, you can’t put the phone in your pocket to make a bluetooth hands free! As a WOMAN you know that often you do not have pockets, and when you do they are usually very small. And if you did put the phone in your pocket , that would make the POCKET the “hands free device” NOT the bluetooth.

    NO, when you are sitting at a desk or in your car using a bluetooth your hands are free… this is a MOBILE phone.. therefore the “hands free” must be MOBILE and work ON THE MOVE!!!
    Using a bluetooth or earbuds: when you stop the car and walk out into the world you have to pick up your phone IN YOUR HAND and carry it =

    STILL HAVE A CONFUSED FACE??? I’m sure you are used to that.

    The Gojo HOLDS your phone. Not held by a pocket, not your lap, NOT YOUR HAND.


    HERE’S A RADICAL IDEA…. before you review/discuss/criticize a product… UM,

    HOW BOUT YOU TRY IT FIRST????????????????????????????????????

    How do you review a product without ever using it?? (confused face)

  3. GustavTT says



    Typical of your lack of research or intelligence… FYI

    Your pic of the African gentleman wearing the rubber band is a RACIAL SLUR???

    That racist photo is insultingly labeled the “Black Tooth” as an insult to black america.

    Are you not an African American woman??? Clearly you don’t even do THAT well.

    GET …. A …. CLUE ….. VERA…….. PLEASE.

  4. says

    LMFAO @ Gustav. I REALLY hope, for the sake of Gojo Handsfree, that “Gustav” does not work for them. This is a terrible way to promote something, by going around the internet blasting people who think the idea is silly.

    Just wow. I just hate random e-thugs. Just wow.

  5. Manny says

    Na wa o .. e be like say Gustav don vex for you o Vera. E be like say the bobo don come vex for the world included sef.
    Gustav, I bet you are sitting by the computer continually pressing F5, abeg biko ndo pele, no vex o. Go use your medicine.

    • says

      I think so too! He seriously has to be refreshing this page over and over. To think, he came and commented on this post again — several times. Well, I’m honored to have such an effect on him. E no easy at all.

  6. says

    LMAOO……Really Gustav, Really?! Didnt your parents teach you not to stick things up your behind?! Loosen up dammit!!!!
    I cant believe how many comments he came to leave here!
    Perhaps he invented GoJo and hence feels the need to defend it soo much.

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