It’s Only By His Grace

At the stroke of midnight, I did not get kissed [insert long sigh]. I was hoping that a miracle would happen, that a knight in shining armor would appear, scoop me up from the red cushion church seat I was on, and rescue my lips – which, by the way, I had glossed very well about two minutes before midnight – with his lips. But instead, at midnight, I was making sure that my text messages were being sent out to my friends – virtual and physical. I was saying thank God it’s New Year. I was saying Happy New Year to Funmie by my right and a gentleman by my left. That was how I ushered the New Year in.

I got back home from church at about 2:30AM or so. I woke up at about 12:30PM. I prayed, did some light heavy housekeeping, watched television, and worked on Verastic.  But watching the news later in the day, I thought about just how blessed I have been. A church was bombed somewhere – Egypt, I believe.  People’s homes were flooded in Florida. A plane crashed in Russia. Countless vehicular accidents occurred on the roads in different parts of the world. I, on the other hand, I drove to church at 10PM, worshipped God without being bombed, drove back at 2:00AM without suffering any injuries, and then, woke up feeling great.

Last night in church, some people prayed till sweat beads poured down their heads. I didn’t say that kind of prayer. I just prayed peacefully, calmly. I thanked God for what He had done, thanked Him for what He was/is doing and what He would do, and I asked for forgiveness for my iniquities – most of which I did intentionally. I did not make Him any promises to be good because all my prior attempts have failed. I did not bargain with Him because there’s nothing I can give Him or do for Him that he cannot give to or do for Himself. I only asked for His grace to be the best that I can be, His grace to be wise, His grace to not make the same mistake over and over and over, and His grace to be humble and remember whose daughter I am, especially in this New Year — because this New Year will be great.

I met a man a while ago. He lost the left side of his brain because he was shot in the head while being robbed for twenty dollars. Twenty dollars. And I know of a young, bubbling man who suddenly had a stroke. He’s currently lying in the hospital, and his arm is about to be cut off from lack of blood circulation.

It is only by His grace that I am here today. There is nothing I have done – or not done – to make me deserve what I have today. I am not a prayer warrior. I am not a saint. I have only read the bible up to the First book of Samuel Chapter 3.  Most days, I tell one little lie or another, but there’s no such thing as a little lie. So I’m thankful. I’m not sick. I’m not mourning. I’m not homeless. I’m not broke (this one is relative, of course :-)). I’m alive.

Happy New Year.

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    We are most times in a better place than someone. We really have no reason to complain.

    and oh… I understand about not being kissed on new year’s! hehe! *hugs*

    • says

      Thanks for the hug, love. All these other people have been laughing at my expense. Sooo not funny! And yes, indeed, we are always in a better place than someone. Thank God for that.

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