In Preparation For Marriage [3]

When I did my first post on the preparation for marriage, I did not intend to follow it up with two more posts, neither did I literally mean that I was preparing for marriage. It was my mother’s sentiments toward my inability to cook bitter leaf soup that inspired the name of the post. Since then, I figured, why stop now?

I’m not the biggest cook. I can’t cook all the foods I’ve ever eaten, but the things I can cook, I cook them so flippin’ well — if I do say so myself. Anyone who disagrees is hereby banned from eating my food. Take note before you leave a comment. So I was on my way home on Thursday when a sudden desire to eat fajitas hit my taste buds. That’s the way I remember the story. Prior to this desire, the only times I’ve eaten fajitas were when I was at Chili’s restaurant. So, on Thursday, I decided to boycott Chili’s and try the darn thing myself.

Off I went to the grocery store  – after googling the recipe. In my mind now, I’m a cook.  Tortilla wraps. Salsa. Chili powder. Lime juice. Steak.  Red bell peppers and more. I got them all. I whipped out my brand new measuring cups, the ones I bought about a year ago. They’re so pretty! I measured everything according to the recipe. I even wore my apron!

He wanted to know what I was cooking, but I refused to tell. The cheese threw him off. He did not know what I was cooking, but he was pretty sure it was not egusi soup. When I was done cooking, I subjected him to a taste-and-love session – a session of tasting and loving my experimental food. And he loved it! He licked his fingers and went for a second round (which is not part of the taste-and-love must-obey law), so I take it he really loved it. Shoot, I loved it, too.


The raw meat and veggies … before they got fried in the non-stick skillet.

The four-type Mexican cheese. I’m too tired to give you the details on the cheese.

Salsa: onions, red bell peppers, etc.

Red bell peppers

The steak, after it got fried

The fajita before it got wrapped

The fajita emerges. Yummy!

You don’t have to admit it, but I am positive that my husband is one heck of a lucky man.

My ability to make fajitas while taking pictures of it … and while mentally preparing this post … I mean, what else could he possibly want? What else could a man possibly want? Don’t answer that.  If you know who he is, please tell him that I said he is truly blessed and highly favored. And no, I do not need his opinion on the issue – unless it echoes my thoughts.

P.S. My DSL-R camera has gone to DSL-R heaven, so manage these pictures … straight from my Crackberry. I’m gonna post about that later by the way – I mean the Crackberry.

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  1. D1HeMarried says

    I am an experimental cook. Really, I get tired of cooking naija food. So I try knew recipes a lot. So, Vera I will be making some fajitas in the nearest future.

    • says

      Yayyyy! I’m glad I “inspired” you. The powers that be of the fajita world better reward me. Looking forward to experimenting something else soon. I’ll be sure to blog about it.

    • says

      Yayyyy! I’m glad I “inspired” you. The powers that be of the fajita world better reward me. Looking forward to experimenting something else soon. I’ll be sure to blog about it.

  2. says

    D1HeMarried, I am soooooo with you on being tired of Nigerian food! These days, stir fries, sweet potatoes, and the oven are my friends…..#I kent be bothered#
    Those look good but my tatste buds are not that receptive towards Spanish-type dishes…

    Verastic woman, me I feel as though I know (or have an idea) what else he will enjoy o….:D

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