If I Could Go Back In Time…

I would. If I could go back in time and undo so many stupid things I did, I would. If I could go back in time, back to when I was innocent and clueless about the sins and wickedness of the world, I would. If I could go back time and take a different path, get to know God sooner, be a lot wiser, I would. But I can’t.

So I cannot help but wonder, what would have happened if Eve had not fallen for the devil’s antics? What would have happened if the devil never succeeded in fooling Eve? What would have happened if the devil did not succeed in fooling Eve or anyone else? Where would we be today? Would we still be parading the naked in the garden of Eden? Would we still not know the difference between good and bad?
If Eve had not fallen, would the punishment for men and women be non-existent? If Eve had not fallen, men would not have to toil for the upkeep of themselves and their family. Women would not suffer the pain of childbirth. But I also wonder, would there be menstrual cycles, or is that just as a result of Eve’s sins? Would there be sex, or is that part of knowing the difference between good and evil. If there is no sex, how would we have children? Oh, yeah… just like the Virgin Mary did. If there is no child birth, how would we give birth? Are we gonna wake up one morning and discover we are now parents?
Without Eve’s sin, does that mean there would be no money? After all, [the love of] money is the root of all evil. Without Eve’s sin, does that mean there would be no such thing as having a career et al? Why have a career since there is no such thing as money? After all, money is what compels us to have careers. Without the sin of our first parents, there would be no cancer, no HIV, no heart disease, no diabetes, no headaches. Nothing. We’ll be perfect. No birth deformities. No broken bones. No unusual genes causing unusual illnesses like down syndrome. No sickle cell anemia.
How would we get married? Would we still court/date? Would there be any such thing as kissing? Would oral sex exist? Fingering? Anal sex? Fetishes? If the sins of our first parents were non-existent, there will be no betrayal. No cheating. No hate. No insecurities. No infidelities. No barreness. No troubles. No enemies. No prejudice.
No hurricanes. No fires. No air crashes. Would we even have air planes? No mudslides. No tsunamis. No hails. No erosions. No volcanos. No tornados. No mistakes. Will we have doctors? If we did, they would never, ever make mistakes. Everyone will be perfect. Everyone will be happy. Perfect. Happy. Perfect. Happy. Perfect. Happy and perfect. We’ll spend our days praising God. Singing of His goodness and awesomeness. Adoring Him. Magnifying Him.
Ah, Adam and Eve, una fall my hand oooo! See the kin life I for dey live. I woulda been rolling deep, living the good life, life on the fast lane (with God, of course). Chei. Now, I’m stuck with tryna fight the damn devil everyday. Now I’m stuck with binding and casting, rejecting and refuting, praying and hoping, believing and trusting.
God dey sha…..!!!
Disclaimer: Dear God, this is not an indication that I am craving Heaven right now – at least not the Heaven that is in Heaven. If there is a way for me to experience Heaven while still on earth, then please, Father, bring it on! Yes, yes, I will meet You some day, but not anytime soon. When I’m 114, I’ll come meet You. That’s what we agreed on, remember?
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  1. Omo Oba says

    lol@ binding and casting, and not the heaven that is in heaven. Y do we talk about Eve's sins alone? ADAM also is to blame o, he wanted the apple, he just didnt have the guts to pluck it. If both of them did not sin, I would tell you what — I would not be ridden with so much pain from cramps to keep me from sleeping the night. I never thot about sex tho, there'd be no sex? In as much as I am waiting, ah, Baba God, this is one reason I shall thank God for Adam and Eve.

  2. ochuko says

    Well, just keep living life. Life's good(?)… and I can see you don't want to leave it!!
    Disclaimer: You can('t) eat your cake and have it back!! ..lol

  3. akaBaGucci says

    Funny, I discussed the self same Adam and Eve issue on Facebook with a couple of guys for the weekend – the verdict was that as long as Eve collected the apple from the serpent, Adam would have eaten it… considering the influence women have over us men – inspite of our pretensions of pragmatism!

    Craving heaven, mehn not me at the moment — sadly, but there are tons of things I still need to do and get done to me this side of heaven!

  4. Kemberly says

    You know what Vera, I find myself asking these questions too sometimes and I've come to the conclusion that it was all designed by God. Because look at it this way, if God didn't design it or want it to happen, it never will never happen. He's the author and finisher of our faith. I think God allowed these things to happen so we can see the difference between right and make the choices ourselves to do right…or wrong. God didn't want to create puppets. He created us in his image and likeness and had enough love and respect for us to let us make our own decisions, no matter how crazy they may be. And when we do wrong, he's always there to take us back, that just goes to show just how much a father's love for his child is.

  5. chayoma says

    Vera, u've got me thinking and rolling in laughter at the same time(if that is even possible)…
    Eve's falling opened our eyes to the good and bad of this world.
    the choice is our hands now!

    loved the disclaimer. God and i need to talk too….

  6. Funms-the rebirth says

    i guess we will never know….. hmmm thought provoking…. btw did u go walking????????????????

  7. BBB says

    eve really did not try..
    i just thot of it now and she fucked up real bad…
    and all cos of 100naira apple imagine!!!

  8. yinkuslolo says

    wow, BBB! u dont alk am finish. i am ready too give them a million apples to revert things back to normal.

  9. temmy tayo says

    Talking about it now Vera, I am seriously beefing Adam and Eve for what they caused oh. Imagine a sin free world. But that would mean, we would all be living in our countries now cos no airplane go dey to carry us.

    That means men can't break innocent hearts, no pains. Chei, God knows best sha.

    Daddy please don't take Vera and I yet oh. We are still spreeading the word for the next 70 years. Deal abi? Thats why we both love you.

  10. Nefertiti says

    I cannot begin to imagine what life would be like but then again it sounds like perfection. I wouldn't mind running around a beautiful garden with lots of perfect bodies to stare at. There'd be no winter. Perpetual spring- Perfection!

  11. Nice Anon says

    But all these corner corner na wetin dey prepare us for heaven abi? I am glad Eve eat that apple otherwise I don't think I will be here on earth but then again I for dey heaven sincee enjoying and not having to give my life to Christ and going through life's trials and tribulations. Chei! The devil is a deceiver inula. People like Jeffery Dahmer, Hitler, Otokoto etc no for exist abi? Food for thought.

  12. ibiluv says

    yeye….. so you never ready to go yonder?????

    lol at 114-i'm with you babes-my grreat great grandma did 120-i wanna be like her………

  13. Tigeress says

    ah-ha where did this Ochuko person come from? lol!

    Vera, i no get answer for dese ur questions jare. But how u dey?

  14. Vera Ezimora says

    Omo Oba: Yes, indeed. Adam definitely wanted the apple, but seeing as Eve was the first one to taste it, I guess we'll forever be held accountable. LOL @ looking forward to sex.

    Ochuko: But I no dey chop any cake right now na. LOL. Life is good oh, but it could be better. I want it to be better. I need it to be better.

    Sugabelly: Yeah, exactly. We wouldn't even know what it means to be bored, or what it means for life to be boring. Interesting.

    Blogoratti: True that. And I solemnly believe that if Adam and Eve had not eaten the apple, someone else would have – like Cain.
    Bagucci: Hehehehe. You and your friends are both silly. So it was the power of Eve that caused it ehn? Adam, na mumu him be? Hehe. My dear, I'm not craving the Heaven that is in Heaven right now. I just wanna be happy and satisfied. And trouble-free. And happy. And satisfied. And trouble-free. You get the point. :-)

    Kemberly: I agree with you. After much thought and deliberation, I decided that God obviously approved of this to happen. He also knew that Adam would betray Him. After all, He is God, so he knows everything.

    Pink Satin: How I for take do am now? I had to. Had no choice.

    Chayoma: LOL. That's kinda like how I felt when I was writing it. I laughed and felt sad @ the same time. But ultimately, God knows all.

    Funms: No, we'll never know. Yes, love I did go walking. Not yesterday (cos I was busy), but today. I'll blog about it.

    BBB: It's even only now that apples have a monetary value. Back then it was free. Imagine the anger! Ah, Eve is just lucky that I am not thee to lay my hands on her. I for show her craze this night.

    Yinkuslolo: LOL. Unfortunately we'll never be able to do that.

    Temmy Tayo: Wa, wa, wa…. stop that rough play ooo. You and who dey spread word for next 70 years? I said I'll be 114. That means I need more than 70 years. LOL. Oh, heaven. I wish to dream of it tonight, even if for a second. Just wanna glimpse what it looks like.

    Neffie: I know, right? There'd be nothing – absolutely nothing – to worry about. We'll be perfect. We'll probably never even die sef. We'll be ageless. *gasps*

    Nice Anon: Yeap. They no for exist oo! LOL @ Otokoto. Thought I'm the only one who remembers crap like that. Otokoto Six. Sebi that was their name?

    Sweet Nothing: Ehm.. just heaven on earth, for now. That's where I'm willing to go. LOL. By the way, wouldn't it be nice if we could vacation in Heaven?

    Ibiluv: You're kidding! 120??? Wow. And there I am asking for 114. Why am I even being lenient? After all, Methuselah lived past 900. Why can't I? LOL

    Caramel D: LOL. Stop imagining walking around without clothes. I'm pretty sure we won't be jumping each other – unless of course, jumping each other is not a sin. Hmmm. The disclaimer was nece & compu.

    Tigeress: Don't mind Ochuko. She's being silly. I'm good anyway. You? How body na?

    BSNC: Yes oh, my dear. God just has to dey. He has to!

    Brokeass: Make una dey laugh oo! Me, I no dey laugh. lol

  15. LusciousRon says

    If only indeed. Nothing can change the course already taken, so we might as well just get on with what we are left with. This your thinking na wah sha!

  16. j.ifeme says

    Thanks for not bringing Adam into this. I have always believed we were innocent from the start, and we still are.EVE… see the kind worl wey you come put us all. Thanks Vera for the vindication. By the way,there is no rushing to heaven, we don't even know where it is yet.

  17. 1 + The One says

    LMAO to your disclaimer!
    .. Yes oo, we want to live on the fast lane with God, but erhmm not yet, thank you Jesus! :-)

  18. CultureCynic says

    i see another angle..I suppose if Eve didn't pluck and eat from the fruit of 'knowledge' human beings would have been dumber than usual and perharps Cain and Abel wouldn't have happened seeing as the pair of them(adam and eve) pre apple gnashing wouldn't have known what to do with their 'equipements'….how the pair of them is EVEN responsible for the enire human race is another story…..

  19. Big heart says

    lol @ binding n castin. but i guess u speak the truth. everyday i do sth wrong, sth tiny oh, its not even weighable if we weigh it but it's sin. i always wish dey wld consider pple like us b4 eve brought dat apple, maybe dats why i dont like apples, but in all thins thank God for God and his biggest heart of compassion and forgiveness. esp in nigeria where our sin ehn is more dan uncountable but He still shields us over hurricanes, earthquakes n d rest of 'em. how is prep for d radio show goin? May God keep u d host for dat day n long after for many more great works He has blessed u wit.

  20. Vera Ezimora says

    Luscious Ron: Babe, I couldn't help but think about this. Abi you sef you never think am? Anyway, since the course taken cannot be changed, I must proceed.

    Uzo: Well, Methuselah lived for more than 900 years, so I'm not asking for a lot. LOL

    J. Ifeme: This no be vindication ooo! We don't know if Adam would have eventually taken the first bite or not. That being said, no one can be left out. Hehehe. That is why God has punished us all.

    1 + The One: LOL @ not yet, thank you Jesus. See you. You be chicken oo. God na bad boy ooo! Imagine us just rolling through the neighborhood, being baaaad. Hehehe. Talk about ridin' dirty.

    Culture Cynic: Well, maybe if they had not eaten apple, there would be no such thing as premarital sex. Sex would be godly. Well, it's godly right now as long as it's done before marriage. We won't be able to call Cain & Abel dumb because no1 would know what dumb means. There'd be no such thing either.

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