I Wonder Why She Collapsed?

Ever heard of The Heart Attack Grill? Well, it’s the heaven of unhealthy food. The 7-year old restaurant has things on their menu called, Quadruple Bypass Burger (weighs two whole pounds. Do you know what two pounds means to a burger? That’s like a five year old that weighs a 100 pounds) and Butterfat Shake. I’m about to have a heart attack just thinking of it..

The famous Quadruple Bypass Burger


This restaurant just won the Guiness  World Record of Highest Calorie Burger for their Quadruple Bypass Burger (pictured above) which has almost 10,000 calories in it.  And if you’re over 350 pounds (160 kilograms), you get to eat for free. Woo, hoo!

Anyway, the 40-year old Las Vegas woman was found unconscious in the restaurant. She was eating a double bypass burger — while smoking cigarettes — and drinking margarita.

Weird that she passed out, huh?

Somehow – and I just can’t connect these two incidents together – the spokesman of The Heart Attack Grill also died last year. He weighed 575 pounds. He was 29 years old.

So, so strange. I don’t know what could possibly have been the cause.  I’m gonna need a minute to figure this one out. Hmm.



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