I Don’t Feel Like It

There are so many things I could be blogging about right now. I could do the underwear post.  I’ve been meaning to put that one up – more like type it up in the first place.  I could do my first fortune cookie fortune post. You know those little fortunes you get inside the fortune cookies? Well, I love them. They’re the reason I insist on getting my fortune cookie whenever I order Chinese food. The lady knows me for that. I could do another Lyrics & Vera post.  I could do a write-up of some sort. I haven’t done one since — well, never mind.  I still haven’t started my VP posts. Neither have I started my Spotlight posts.  I could should even do the review for Ekene Onu’s new book, Can I Be Real?

But today, I don’t feel like blogging about anything. Nothing at all. Today, I just feel like sitting in bed (which I am currently doing, by the way) and looking at my computer. I don’t feel like typing on it. Of course, I’ll feel like typing when you leave a comment 😀

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  1. taynement says

    I don’t feel like commenting on your post. I just feel like laying on my bed and reading your post, which I already did.

  2. Pelli says

    Hmmmm, so U r sitting and looking, biko do the underwear thingie.
    My mind (not me o) is wondering what could possibly come up on d underwear post.
    There are definitely days like dis……by the way, I’m sure the doctor (pops) has something prescribed for this day…….and Mr Shoes should do something quick. Also, where is Funmi to get U on Ur feet when U need her?

    • says

      Pelli …. hahaha. I’m glad you were nice enough to clarify that it’s your mind (not you) that is wondering all manner of things. For your sake, I will do the underwear post. Not today, of course. But I shall oblige you. You know I have no problem doing so 😉

      Per dad, Funmie, and Mr. Shoes …. well … they’re seriously slacking! *INSERT ANGRY IGBO FACE*

  3. says

    Gi bu nwa. I na acho attenshon o kwa ya? ok o. Verastic Anyi ahula gi ooo. Anyi anu la gi. ngwa dee maka dross (like my grandma calls undies).
    I’m in the mood for your X rated nonsense.

    • says

      Ginger, how dare you call my omalicha posts nonsense and X-Rated? You will wound oh! You know I know people that can do bad things to people like you. Kpacha lu anya gi o!

  4. says

    Comment here: I vote for a literary write-up (yeah, it’s “sweeting” me to say that).

    PS: Reading gets your creative juices flowing. Have you done your blog rounds today?

    • says

      You’re totally right! Blog rounds / reading are rather helpful, and when I put up that post, I had not done my blog rounds. I don’t even have a blog roll anymore, and that has really disorganized me. Have to keep typing links to visit blogs. Ugh!

      Thanks for the vote. Will work on the literary write-up. How you dey, gorgeous?

  5. says

    What makes you think it is about what you feel like? A beg write something jare. You hear me? And I second Jaycee. Do your blog rounds!!!

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