GoJo Handsfree … Am I The Only One Who Finds This Ridiculous?

Everyday there are new inventions. Some are great. Some leave you wondering … why??? Like this GoJo handsfree thing. I saw the commercial a couple of weeks ago, and I was stunned! I think I had my mouth open the entire time. If you think the picture looks ridiculous, wait till you see the video ad.


I won’t bother giving you a transcript of the ad. You can watch it and see for yourself. Maybe I just don’t have an appreciation for the finer things in life. But after watching the video, the only think I could think of was, why the heck would I want to go out looking like that?!


But it also brought something to mind: the ancestor of the Gojo Handsfree. So I went scowling through the internet. It was not easy, but I was determined, so I eventually found it. Behold, the forefather of the Gojo Handsfree!

Order your GoJo Handsfree here.

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    • says

      Soooooo … you’re saying we should buy in spite of how ridiculous we’ll look with it … and in spite of the wire, easy-to-conceal bluetooth earpieces we have all over … and also in spite of the lack of safety in having a phone next to your face like that?

      Damn Americans.

      • GustavTT says

        Vera you are obviously not very intelligent and not real journalist. Bluetooth earpeices do NOT work. Unreliable, complicated, programing and bad sound. People cannot hear you on a bluetooth, they need to constantly be charged and can forver to get into your ear.
        You have more chance crashing your car while fumbling with a blue tooth as much as being on your phone.
        And what lack of safety having phone next to face?
        If you referring to “radiation” lol that is a myth. And you HOLD your phone next to your face anyways? And bluetooth has MORE radiation than your phone.
        And a Go Jo is safer also because the phone is not in your hands so you can not be distracted to LOOK at it. With bluetooth or earbuds you can be on phone and still text and look at phone so DOUBLE the distraction.
        Perhaps you would be one of the same people who thought seatbelts were ridiculous in the early 70’s? Many people (like you) did not understand seatbelts and thought they “looked” silly lol. Just like you.
        and Just like you they were wrong.
        You can keep watching Keeping up with Kardashians and living your life as a fashion state. But if you were considering function and logic the Go Jo is far superior.

        You just don’t realize because you are brainwashed american. Very sad.

  1. GustavTT says

    Also no on is forcing you to wear this product to the night club. Do secretarys and operators wear their headsets in public. This is a convenient device that you could easily wear in the privacy of your home so you could talk on the phone while doing laundry, changing infant, doing dishes.
    Try to think outside the box. Or maybe try the product before you make short sighted judgements.

  2. GustavTT says

    and PS. if you would wear a bluetooth in your ear that is dangerous to eardrum damage and unsanitary and unclean. You think a Go Jo is ridiculous? News flash for you Vera:

    If you are wearing a bluetooth YOU LOOK LIKE A DOUCHE BAG.
    that is a FACT.

  3. GustavTT says

    You also miss the entire point of commercial. You use “wire” and bluetooth they are not hands free. The piont is to be hands free and if you still have to hold the phone you are not handsfree. The Go Jo holds the phone so IT IS hands free lol Very unintelligent Vera. lol

  4. Elean J says

    see me see Gustav.

    Dem pay you to fight for them? Can’t we no longer express our opinion of a product?
    Na waaaah oo!

  5. Bingz says

    @Gustav hey dude, its more healthier and safer to wear a Bluetooth hands free… cause the phone itself uses electromagnetic rays.. u don’t want x men to come to life now do we?

    And yeah…. you’re buying some cheap headsets…

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