Finally, A Perk!

I have been menstruating for the past decade (Hey! Don’t try to calculate my age. I was a late bloomer!), and just when I thought I would never be rewarded for the gallons of blood I have lost and the combined hours of menstrual cramps I have endured, Always came in and changed my story.

So, there I was, shopping for my favorite brand of pads – really, Always is the best! – when I spotted this on the box.

This is the pad I always get – the overnight ultra thin – and I use it whether it’s day or night.

No matter how bold the word ‘FREE’ was written on the box, I refused to get excited. This, after all, is America, and nothing, as I have come to learn, is free. That said, I still bought this gifted box of Always pad. 

I took it home, opened the box, and pulled out the slip with a 14-character alpha-numeric code.  I was instructed to go online (with the code) and redeem my free movie ticket. Still, I refused to get excited. They’ll probably tax me or demand my credit card information, I concluded.

I printed my e-ticket online and took it to my favorite movie theater where I presented it and asked for a ticket to see Killers (Watch the trailer here). It worked! Yes, I actually got a FREE ticket. No hanky panky — for now anyway. I did not want to blog about this before seeing the movie for fear that the Always people would revoke my ticket. But now that I have seen the movie, my new fear is that they’ll send me a bill.

Having received the opportunity to watch a free movie, I am sincerely grateful to Always (No, I was not paid to blog about this!), and I wonder what’s next. Are they going to send me to a free dinner at Chilis Restarant (I love that place!)?  Are they going to send me a Macy’s gift card? I could always use that.  Hopefully, I wouldn’t have to wait for a decade before receiving this reward from Always.  

P.S. All of a sudden, I feel like menstruating!
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  1. Fabulo-la says


    Infact *runs to grocery to grab a packet.*


    *make that several packets*


  2. Jabez says

    hahaha!!!! i dont comment here very often but VERA, you never fail to make me laugh!

    i hope they send you free ferrous sulfate tablets soon.. to make up for all those blood. :)

  3. The experiences of an achiever....... says

    What? I use the same too…where did you get your own from Vera? Walmart? Sam's club? I need to grab my free movie ticket o! Always must reward me by force!

  4. Issey, Uche says

    Would the ticket be valid for silverbird cinemas Lagos or Genesis Cinemas cos I don't care I am soo buying ultrathin today…

  5. CaramelD says

    Just had worst period pain of the past 5 yrs of my life, so Always can keep their movie tickets and help fund kick ass pain killers so I don't die every month!

  6. Kenn-Knotty says

    @Baroka, I love that! When do guys get one for buying condoms, cigarettes or colognes? I think I shd stick with the Condoms!

  7. Gee says

    LOOOOOL–dey der dey find tickets to restraunt o!!
    Hmmm i hve never bought this particular pad, but with this info–im def hooking myself up!!

  8. LucidLilith says

    one benefit of all these years of cramps and discomfort…
    will you have to wait another decade before you get another free item?

  9. Ike says

    The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers??? The killers???

  10. Vera Ezimora says

    Fabulola: LOL! Do you know I went to the store the other day in search of another box? Nothing. *sigh* I'll keep looking anyway. [At the time I bought it, it was the last box of its kind on the shelf]

    Jabez: Thanks for commenting today, darling!! I don't need any tablets biko. What I need is more perks, more things to encourage me to menstruate. Or else, I just might refuse to menstruate.

    The Experiences of an Achiever: I got it from Wal-Mart. You know Wal-Mart "always" has low prices. I'm a fan. lol. Go 'head girl!! Go get your reward!

    TayneMent: LOL. Well, at least the TMI is hilarious, so I'm happy. Tehehehe.

    Tatababe: Thanks, boo!! I cannot help it. You don't know what it feels like to actually get something that's free. WOAH!!

    Nutty J: I need to, don't I? I wouldn't mind some money right about now. I love always; they ought to hire me as "something" — don't know what, but I wanna do it, darn it!

    BBB: Abi oooo! Finally there's a perk for menstruating. It only took a decade.

    Baroka: You don't get to be rewarded for condoms, cigarettes, or colognes because (1) You're not the only ones who use them. Women use them too, and (2) You don't go through any pain or discomfort for them.

    Juanita: Hahaha! I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds that funny. What are these sudden changes? I didn't even know they occurred until I read that!

  11. justdoyin says

    lol @ feeling like menstruating…

    so, the red flag sometimes comes with benefits? interesting development…I hope they have those in the UK as well cos I'll be on the look out henceforth…

  12. Jaycee says

    Ha ha ha. I want a movie ticket too, they know I'm very loyal to their company…it can't be just you Vera. I'm jelox!

  13. EDJ says

    LMAO wow. This is what I get for purchasing Always in bulk. Who knows what I miss when I only go pad shopping every few months?! I shall ensure to go out immediate immediate and buy some Always. I want to see The A Team!

  14. Vera Ezimora says

    Issey, Uche: LOL! Well, if you look at the bottom of my e-ticket, you'll see a website You can check that website for a list of participating movie theaters. Silverbird might be there. But I seriously doubt it. LOL.

    CaramelD: Babe, my last period was the most painful in my life, too! It was so bad that I had to go get me some Pamprin (or is it Midol??? Don't remember now). Anyway, it wasn't funny. But if always will give me a free movie ticket each month, I'll totally menstruate for a cause lol.

    Kenn-Knotty: Good for you and Baroka. Now, please scroll up and find my response to him — since it applies to you, too.

    His Treasure: My sister, na so oh!!! It is the handiwork of the good Lord. I mean, imagine the irony. lol.

    Gee: Oh, boy!!! Always has to see this post men!! I mean, talk about advertising!! And they didn't even pay me to do so. Imagine how much harder I'll work if they were to pay me.

    Dayarinya: LOL @ only me. Honey, I can't help myself.

    Omotee: Yes, I most certainly am very lucky. I'm on the lookout for more pads. If I find it, I'll totally buy it in a heartbeat!

    BSNC: Yeap! I sure did. I do feel like menstruating. It's easy to feel this way when Always is giving me such a fun reward.

    2Cute4U: LOL @ Whosai!!! Buhahaha. Look, no dey misyarn like that oh, ah ah. One day now, the Always people will just surprise you.

    LucidLilith: I hope not! Waiting another decade for a perk would be painful — especially now that I know it is indeed possible to get a perk.

  15. Vera Ezimora says

    Myne Whitman: Nne, I don't know how many tickets per person oh, but I'm definitely still on the lookout for this great deal. If I manage to spot another box of pads, I shall claim it as mine immediately!

    Ike: I don't know if I understand your comment. In fact, I don't understand your comment. Are you asking a question or trying to correct the name of the movie. Anyway, the name of the movie is 'Killers' not 'The Killers,' and yes, that's what I saw.

    JustDoyin: Be on the lookout, love!! Check it out asap. If they don't have it, write a letter to their headquarters. We deserve it, don't we? We sure. It's not easy losing all this blood every month. You know how many lives we could have saved with the blood? Okay, that's just nasty, I know — but still.

    Sisi Yemmie: That's the spirit!!! Go, girl!! Believe in yourself. Menstruate all you want … and suddenly get Always! :-)

    Jaycee: Perhaps, I bleed more than you do. LOL. Do you bleed for five days in every cycle? Do you bleed every 24 days? Think about that, honey. LOL.

    EDJ: I love your spirit. I like how you already know what movie you're gonna see with your free movie ticket. LOL.

  16. Anonymous says

    I just got my own Free Movie pass courtesy of Always……thanks Vera!!!!
    **Purchased at Walmart in the suburbs, last of its kind on the shelf**

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