Do You Have A Designer Vagina?

Thanks to Damz who left a comment [and included the link to this article] on my post about women being sexiest in their 30s. I followed the link, and sure enough, it was just my kind of stuff. So apparently, the rise of women who are searching for a perfect vagina has dramatically increased. If you are like me, you will be wondering what on earth a perfect vagina looks like. And most importantly, do you have it?



It’s all about labiaplasty – the surgical reduction of the inner labia (labia minora). And from the diagram above, you can see exactly where the inner labia is located.  And according to Dr. Parungao of Beverly Hills, California (whose certification and views I cannot verify), a protruding inner labia is due to the following: genetics, childbirth, hormonal changes, and aging.


Behold, the images of a protruding and normal labia. Yes, as you can see, I went through a lot trying to put this post up! All the research! Anyway, the number of labiaplasty surgeries have increased five times over in the past five years. And I wonder how women have been finding out that their labia minora isn’t normal.

According to what I read online, women realize that their labia is abnormal when they experience pain and discomfort in their genitals; when they experience embarrassment from it being visible from their underwears and pants; from that awkward moment when a man (or a woman, if she’s a lesbian, I guess) touches it and has that funny look on his (her) face; and of course … from porn. Kingdom of the Perfect Everything [porn]: flat stomachs, moans, grunts, boobs, and err, labias, too. But I just wanna say that during my porn-watching days, there were some jacked up vaginas! Who knew the hole could get that big? I digress.


Picture via Wikipedia

Disregard what I said about wondering how women even know that their labia isn’t normal. If this is what the labia looks like, I can understand why they would feel conscious and uncomfortable. No one needs porn to figure this one out. Still, some of those porn vaginas are even worse than this. Once again, I digress.

This post will not be complete without talking about  Jessie. According to BBC News, Jessie, a woman with an enlarged labia said she used to go through several magazines, looking for women that had her kind of labia, but she did not find any, and made her even more convinced that there was something wrong with hers. Uh huh. So Jessie has been looking at naughty magazines.

She also had recurring nightmares where her labia would tie itself around her neck and people would be staring and laughing. Thanks to labiaplasty, Jessie now has a spanking brand new vagina. I think Jessie might need a spanking new psychologist too – if she does not already have one. Recurring nightmares of the labia? Pretty sure my pastor will even call that demonic sef.

I apologize if I am belittling any woman’s real problem here, but I really think that the society we live in has set standards that may be impossible to reach. If I had to guess, I’d say that even after having this surgery, most women will probably still have an issue with one part of their body or the other. It’s like me and my phone. I’ll tell you about that later.

P.S. I have a “normal” labia. Of course, I checked.

P.P.S. Wait. Does that mean that I have a designer vagina?

P.P.P.S. Busola might kill me for this, but I remember once she told me about someone who had a protruding labia, and when she [Busola] asked this someone why her labia looked different, she said it was because she had received so much oral sex. Now I’m wondering who is right about the cause of the protruding labia: Busola’s someone? Or Dr. Parungao of Beverly Hills, California?

So errr … what does your vagina look like?



  1. Funmie says

    and we/you wonder why ur blog shoes up when people are searching for porn???

    the things you blog about amaze me friend.

    • says

      Funmie, don’t blame me ooo. Jeje I siddon and someone provided me with the link, and when I read it, I realized that the content was fit up my alley. That said, have you checked out your labia?

  2. monique says

    Vera Oh Vera, I just love coming to your site. You always have something amazing to blog about. Kai. Only at

    • says

      Hahaha. Thanks, Monique!! Thank you for the support. Don’t stop coming oh … or commenting. As long as you continue to come, I will continue to have something to blog about. Lol.

  3. Mr Who says

    I used to think that’s what they remove during circumcision(in Africa though).Wow..Anyways it’s not that bad given it doesn’t grow and it’s not protruding like the one in the pix cos that’s somewhat ” a kponmo”.But if it (labia minora) grows then I guess labiaplasty should be the resort.

    • says

      Nah. That is not what is rrmoved during circumcision. For circumcision, they remove the clitoris (and the sometimes, the inner and outer labia too). But in this case, it is only a reduction. That said, I read that labiaplasty should always be the last resort, and that women who are not happy with their vagina don’t generally become happy after the labiaplasty. So basically it is more of a mental thing. That’s what I read anyway. Can’t say for sure how right or wrong they are.

      • Mr Who says

        Remove what?Clitoris?So that’s why WHO is sensitizing people against female genital mutilation…I mean if you remove a girl’s clit,you’re living her with just 50% of the whole enjoyment.Omo that’s wickedness.But Vera do you know that in some part of Africa (no,Nigeria in particular),they believe if you don’t remove it(clit) it makes a woman always horny and crave more for sex?In other words they are addicted to sex.Well i’ll leave it to you as an assignment if you are that curious.It’s a belief the Mamas held down to us.I would have loved to help you out and ask many girls but I’m a guy and i treasure my face,slaps won’t be good on it.Good luck

        • says

          Mr. Who,

          Honestly, I’d absolutely love to know more about circumcision. As a matter of fact, I’d love to talk about it on the show with a woman is circumcised. But as you can imagine, it’s a difficult and sensitive issue, but I’ll keep looking. I, too, have heard that it was (is) the belief that the clitoris causes sex addiction and/or constant horniness, but we know now that that is not the case.

        • says

          Oh, I forgot to say … but can’t you take one small slap for #TeamVerastic nah? Haba. Just do it. Think about the greater good that this will do. Plus, your reward will await you in Heaven :D

  4. Bumight says

    Well, I had to check,and guess what! I have a designer vagina! I would twitpic it for you…but I don’t want y’all being all over my lady pot!

  5. John says

    Operating to turn “labia kpomoris” to “labia normalis” is a good thing if it gives the “labia kpomoris” owner solace and boosted self esteem.

    But come oh, does it increase sexual enjoyment for the woman or man?

    • says

      Hahahahaha! Laughing so hard here. “Labia kpomoris” ke? Ha! And I don’t know about increasing sexual enjoyment for anyone, especially the man. However, some of the women with the labia kpomoris do complain of pain and/or discomfort during sex, so perhaps, reducing the size will make sex feel better. Just an assumption; I don’t know for sure.

  6. says

    (in my porn watching days) I once saw a scene where some chic had this convo with a “client” about how guys go on and on about their ‘length’ and then she proceeded to pull out her inner labia to show she could also compete in length.. Scarring stuff… But in that particular movie, the fact that she could do that seemed to get her more clients… Thinking about that now, I wonder how anyone would convince her she didn’t have a designer vagina back then.

    • says

      Oh, wow! Hahaha. But dang, that has to be some serious length though. And you made a good point about not being able to convince her that she doesn’t have a designer vagina. Come to think of it, who even decides what’s designer and what isn’t?

  7. onyi says

    I do hav the normal one, but dat protruding one after birth is scary, must it happen to everyone? I hav a friend dat said she must hav all her babies thru I see d reason why she said so

    • says

      Although I have never had a child, nor have I had the pleasure of looking at the vagina of someone who has given birth, but I don’t think that every woman who has had a baby also has that kind of vagina. I have heard of vaginal walls being expanded after child birth – which makes sense – but nothing about labia.

  8. Elly says

    Looks like I have a designer pussy lol. Guys always say it’s pretty due to very small and tight inner labia.

    I don’t think big labia are abnormal though…. If nature made it that way it is ok, how else do you define normal.

  9. anon says

    I have protruding labia and I’m very insecure about it- to the point where I do not let people see. I’m scared my partner will be disgusted by them. They are very uncomfortable as they tend to chafe, and also infections are more common. I wish I wasn’t like this :(

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