Did D’banj Get Grilled? Or Was He Just Being An Ass?

I think he was just being an ass. But watch the video and decide for yourself. Remember on Friday I put up a blog post asking who was  boycotting D’banj’s concert which held on Sunday, February 19th? Well, on Saturday, D’banj had a live interview with Chika Oduah of Sahara Reporters via Skype. And I cannot find the word to express my disappointment. Continue to see the video.



When asked about his silence on the removal of fuel subsidy issue, D’banj said he did not and still could not comment because during the time of the subsidy removal, he was out of the country. He was in the U.K making good music with John Lennon and hanging out with Kanye West, so he was unaware of the things that were going on in his country. Besides, he is not a politician. How, then, can he be expected to comment, right?

It sparks an old controversy: how much should we expect from our celebrities? Does their celebrity status automatically make them socially and morally obligated to their fans? I think it does — to an extent. Is Nigeria supposed to base its views, decisions, and general living on the thoughts of one D’banj? Of course not. Should Nigeria (fans of D’banj) expect that when there is a crisis in Nigeria, D’banj will take a stand – especially when he had enough time to make a Scapegoat song for the President that is now causing all this trouble? Yes. Nigerians can and should expect this from D’banj.

For the sake of argument, let’s say that D’banj the entertainer is totally clueless and his manager and PR person has not briefed him on the current state of his Country and/or how not to talk about it, but what about D’banj, Nigeria’s first United Nations Youth Ambassador for Peace. When does he appear on the scene and possibly attempt to make peace?

Enough of my thoughts. What do you think?

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  1. OmalichaNne says

    How could he not be aware? Is he an imbecile? Is he mentally handicapped? biko even people overseas as far as Germany were aware and his excuse is that he was busy w. Kanye etc….. nonsense…i wont even say too much. Koko idiot

  2. says

    Why is she straining on the fuel subsidy on him? Is he Goodluck P.A?
    The guy is a musician and not a politician…. I support DBanj; no body will call beyonce and start asking her about Obama…

    • missk says

      But they absolutely could and they have asked celebrities (Jon Stewart has anyways) about they’re thoughts on politics, if for no other reason that you’re a citizen, at LEAST have an opinion. Fine, you’re not a politician but to say you can’t comment on what you don’t know?? The people that were protesting in the streets were THEY politicians? I’m not against him singing for Jonathan, I’m against him having NO CLUE and copping out behind that ‘I’m not a politician nonsense’. Keep in mind, this is not taking into account his UN Ambassador for peace appointment o! I mean, he didn’t even know what kind of work his charity was doing..talking about ..you should have done your research? When Genevieve did her interview with CNN, can’t you remember how eloquently and elegantly she talked about her charity work,about living and working in Nigeria? Are you honestly not even a little vexed with the interview…not even small??..

      • says

        lol i feel u… not everyone would care about such. some pple have already given up on Nigeria and i wouldnt blame them, they will still come back when things get better.
        Too bad i m not vexed because like he said, he was interviewed just a day to his major concert in US, he shouldnt be asked all of those questions at that moment, cos if i were in his shoes too, i would be pissed too.
        There is time for everything and subsidy stuff has even died down self, things like this would matter just one month ago.

  3. Ayo says

    Not to sound judgmental, but it seems this guy is either not at all bright or was really, truly bribed by the Nigerian President G.E. Jonathan.

    Personally I believe he was lying about not knowing what was going on in Nigeria in the beginning of the year. I’m pretty sure he got lots of tweets too during that period.

    Let’s call a spade… a spade! This guy is all about the money, nothing wrong with that though, but when money seems to blur our sense of responsibility to our nation then it sets a path for irrationality. I don’t care how busy you might be preparing for a concert or working on a so called “good music album”, if you cannot honestly comment on the situation in your country or have an opinion about the situation in your country that was broadcast worldwide by many international news agencies, then you are a dunce! Don’t tell me he was under pressure, what FOOLISH pressure?!

    Someone I met last year told me the kind of person D’banj really is, I thought may be it might have been out of envy, but the more I take a closer look at this guy, the more I get proof of what was said about him, and this is no hear say, he said she said cock and bull story.

    The day we put our brethren and our country first, then we shall be rid of dishonesty in a manner such as displayed in the video above. Enough said.

  4. Duchy says

    Remi … When I get my words together I ll talk to u n dbanj … Wht do u mean he is not a politian … Y did he accept to b an ambassador for youth … If boyonce interview as a rep for d youth she should b questions n her opinion should count … N he is saying he is not in d country at time …. Very clueless of him …

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