D’banj’s New Video: What Do You Think Of It?

D’banj released a video of his popular song, Oliver Twist. I love that song. Sometimes, I play it over and over. Favorite part is the part where he says, “Oh, why you dey shaky shaky bum bum? …. for this gbedu you must needi needi bum bum …” I always think of Funmie cause she had absolute nooooo bum bum. But we’re believing that the young shall grow. Anyway, recent events have made me dislike D’banj – the person. But D’banj the entertainer is still entertaining — for now. Watch the video after the cut.



What do you think of it? I found it to be Western. Distastefully so. But I’m biased.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Funmie says

    the *BLAH* feeling…

    my guts tells me thta d’banj got too pompous ‘cos he’s rolling with Kanye…. he forget say Kanye na bussiness man… its a matter of use n dump, especially for this America…. TeamIDJA (lol)

  2. says

    hmmmm i watched the video on Youtube, and i must say it would have been nice even if Don JAzzy had a Cameo on the Video and maybe one or two Mo Hits Members, i just hope he doesnt forget where he started from and the people who got him to where he is.

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