Date Me Jeje, Date Me Tender… Yes ooo!!!

“Is it not a bit problematic that at my age, I have never been on a date? It is days like this one that make me wonder if my fears and preconceived notions are true: are there really no Nigerian or at least African men on E-Harmony dot com? That website has promised to match me on twenty-nine different dimensions of compatibility. That is a whole lot more than what I have been able to do for myself. And what about Match dot com? Dr. Phil has told me that it is okay to look there. So I have looked – but just at their home page. I am not quite ready to divulge into anything else yet. Chemistry dot com has vowed to find me a person who will make me go weak in the knees. Now, that is the kind of passion I want!”

The above paragraph was pulled from an article written by yours truly – yes me – in December of 2008. That was when I was desperately in need for someone to date me jejely and tenderly. Wait a minute, I was not desperately in need. I just thought it’d be nice to be dated jejely and tenderly for once.

In case you’re wondering, I really did visit the homepage of Match dot com, and I really did wonder if there are Nigerian/African men on E-Harmony dot com, although I did not plan on signing up. Overall, my favorite site’s slogan was and still is Chemistry dot com. They promised to find me a man who would make me go weak in the knees. Mm mm mm!!! I’m weak in the knees already just thinking about it. Who does not want weak-in-the-knees chemistry?

Why do I bring this up now? On Saturday, November 14th, Good Naija Girl and I would be discussing virtual dating on Verastically Speakin. Oh, yes!!! Have you voted in the poll up there? Well, go vote, please, and then click here on Saturday morning to listen.

P.S. I’ve been a little busy with church this entire week, but it has been a blessing to say the least. If you’re in the Baltimore area, it’s not yet late to attend the Shiloh Festival at House of Praise, Baltimore Church. See the bottom of this post for more details.

Or else …. talk to you on Saturday – 10am U.S. EST (4pm Nigerian time). >>> for e-mails concerning this show or any other show on Verastically Speakin.

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  1. CaramelD says

    OK now time to comment, Vera I have signed up to blogradio and I love listening to your radio shows. The best bit is the online chat room. I have never laughed do hard on Saturday afternoon. They are crazy in that chatroom, makes you forget to listen to what is being said sometimes.

    Unfortunately since I have been semi-homeless with my computer in storage I have missed all the shows :(

    So please promise to read out my comment on your show this Saturday so that when I play back I can do my victory dance.

    I was harrased bt my friend into joining an online dating site and it was weird and freaky. The men there were scary but to be fair it wasn't a professional efficient one like e-harmony and and the likes.

    She then signed me up to another one without me knowing (just added my photos from my FB account) and the guys there weren't weird like the last one but my heart is just not in it. They seem well spoken and interesting and don't type in text speak but I haven't checked my inbox in six months. I keep getting reminders and such but na! Yet I am the kind of person that on paper should try online dating, I work all the time including evenings, my friends are all paired up so can't do the single scene with them, and so you would think go Caramel go! But it isn't sitting well yet……

  2. lucidlilith says

    Caramel – u crazy..taking up all the first few spaces…shiyiiiit! Anyhue, my thing is that e-harmony raises people's expectations too much jare. What with all those happy smiley couples on television that look like they dont ever fight. Can let that shit torment me.

  3. chayoma says

    Caramel, that's now, do the shuffle…lol

    Vera, to tell the truth, i didnt know of Chemistry dot gini ( who doesn't know e harmony and match dot com) u do learn something new everyday :)

    Love me jeje love me tender

    Kimon ala Dbanj

  4. TinTin says

    my friend met her boyie boyie on e harmony!! the guy is confirmed nigerian…in fact he is so razz that i wonder how he knew what e harmony was.. God forgive me!!

    there is hope ohh!!

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