Caption This: Toyin Saraki

This is Toyin Saraki, wife of Abubakar Saraki, Senator of Kwara State.


My caption: Five phones … and you thought Nigeria wasn’t using the fuel subsidy money wisely?

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  1. Manny says

    Actually ain’t nothing wrong with it if you can afford it. people, especially in Naija have a reason why they have multiple phones. Even as I type here in the US, I have two functioning mobile numbers. Bite me :)

  2. Deola says

    Saw the picture and I immediately checked my phone-purse (yeah, I have a phone-purse). Guess what? I am also guilty of having five phones (one even has two lines)lol. I am no wife or mistress of a politician but my work depends on ppl’s ability to reach me via phone ASAP. You have to live in Nigeria to understand why this is crucial and how this is possible. :)

  3. Nnamdi says

    People with no means of livelihood have 5 phones in Nigeria. When you understand the epileptic nature of mobile service here, it won’t look all that ridiculous to you and for all it’s worth she may just be carrying 5 techno phones popularly called ‘chi chi’ phones.

  4. Dele says

    if you live in Naija you will no the networks aren’t reliable. for a lady who deal with international communiities who don’t want to hear sorry men or glo line had problems then having 5 lines make perfect sense. And this days, you can’t trust no PA to carry your phone cos they will be the people the enemies will use against you. And talking about the fuel subsidy, if i remember correctly, it was her husband that exposed the fraud in the management of the subsidy

  5. wale says

    una funny she. She carry 5 phone. una never hear of person way get 16 phones for naija. even with that they won’t have signal sometimes.. her husband did a great job as governor and is doing a lovely job as Senator so as for me and my household, they are in my good books.

  6. Mariam says

    If you dealt with the networks here in Nigeria, you would have 5 phones too. In other news…. Did anyone notice how gorgeous her nail polish is? :)

  7. Lilian says

    Funny I came across this… A friend just sent me a link to a non profit organization thats working on reducing maternal n infant mortality in 9ja. Think it’s called the Wellbeing Foundation. And it’s run by Mrs. Saraki. One of the few ppl actually doing something. She gets a thumbs up from me. (U don’t understand how impressed I am lol).

  8. BABA AGBA says

    dont be suprised when u see is normal in nigeria .that aside,this people are not true nigerians.all the display u see here and other sites are just mere pics to impress the people.they dont look the way they seem.these are people who are so wicked to their aides,guards,drivers ect.they cannot help you when ur in problem.they only help the ones they know they stand to gain from.enriching themselves with the wealth meant for d poor nigerian people on their dumbhead children.God of justice will catch wit u evil peopel

  9. BABA AGBA says

    they prefer to use u for years like slaves.hurling insults and abuses on u as if their lives depend on that..these are people who’s kids are just in school becos mummy and daddy said so.their kids are dumbheads.attends the best school but people the truth is pick a child from a very local school and let them have an essay competition with these rich children,the child from the local school will come out top in all questions than the kids of these rich people.they manover their ways through school.u might wonder why i sound like these but i tell u,these people are no good to mingle with escept u want to endanger ur life.all their aides are as poor as a chuch rat even living wit them in their own house cos they aint got a place of their own so working for them is an added advantage cos of the free accomodation.ask her how many poor people she has helped to stand on their feet.none but showing us fake pictures of how our monies are being spent lavishly on one project or another while the poor suffers,,they enrich themselves wit our i said before,the God of sango,justice will catch up wit u soon.all our money u stole to spend on ur spoilt kids will yield no profit for u all.u are doing wat u are doing in vain cos the spirit and soul of the poor and hungry nigerians whom u have refuse and turned ur back on will not let peace reign supreme in ur home.moments of sorrows are near for all of u.our God is not a wicked God.that is why u see them having one sickness or the other and end up dying at a very young age cos of their wickedness.

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