Caption This: Hot Bod!

I am currently Setting P for this woman. So for all you men who are thinking about Setting P for her, get in line! Cause I found her first, and I.  Am. Keeping.  Her. As a matter of fact, starting tomorrow, I will start a rigorous workout, so I can look just like her. I will run from here to Oshodi without stopping. I will swim across all the oceans without stopping – not that I will have a choice anyway. By the time I get to Oshodi, I’m pretty sure I’ll mirror her quite well. Caption the picture after the cut.

My caption: Vera would love these boobs.

P.S. This outfit will look great when I wear it to church! Umu boys, watch out for me! This babe has arrived. 😀

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    • says

      Nooooo! Why would you do that? I wasn’t sure about the date and I was too scared to find out, lest I be disappointed. And no, you don’t get a discount. Lol.

  1. says

    Hello I was to great a beautiful as you if you dnt mind am auctual in previte chat twitter and my name is meheart Am acutual nigeria citizen and my mommy ghania citizen an my daddy is nigeria h*ve nice day veras

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