But Is Lady Gaga Actually Fat?

Blogs and what not have been exploding over the past days over Lady Gaga’s weight gain. People have been analyzing her body left, right, and center, and trying to figure where, how, when, and why she put on weight. By her own admission, she’s gained about 25 pounds, thanks to her father’s Italian restaurant.


On the right is what Lady Gaga used to look like, and on the left is what pictures say she looks like now. I say pictures because I don’t think that’s what she really looks like. In response to everyone who has been calling her fat and what not, Lady Gaga has launched a Body Revolution page on her social networking site, Born This Way.



And in true gaga style, she has also included half-naked pictures of herself. But this time, they are captioned, “Bulimia and anorexia since I was 15.”  Quite personal, no?  As you can see, these pictures look nothing like the one posted above. She is also encouraging her fans to post pictures of themselves.  Only a few hours after the site was up, fans started uploading pictures and stories of themselves. I wonder what it feels like to have such an effect on people, most of whom you don’t even know.

Well, I don’t know what all the fuss is about. If it had not been pointed out, I would not have known that she gained weight. And even now that I know – by her own admission – she still looks great to me.

There is a reason why people go gaga for this Lady.

P.S. If you’re interested, you may check out her Body Revolution page on Little Monsters. You’ll have to sign in first.

[Source - FashionIndie] [Source - Jezebel]


  1. says

    Gaga turns everything into something big. I like how she turned the attention of her gaining weight to making herself even more famous. Her influence is just crazy! And oh, she is always naked lol

  2. says

    Seriously this looks like a publicity stunt.

    Like all that razzmatazz over some sex tape and the likes.
    She doesnt even look like someone who could ever get fat…with all the crazy routines..

    Abeg…na publicity stunt bo!

    • says

      You think so? I’d really hope that Lady Gaga won’t stoop that low, especially seeing as it concerns bulimia and anorexia, diseases that she battled with. I’d hope that she will not mess with little girls’ minds like that. I don’t know her or her music that well, but I hope I’m right.

  3. Ajoke says

    So tired of the ridiculous scrutiny on celebs. I even think they should legally ban photoshop, it warps the expectations and perception of everyday ppl & even celebs alike, just terrible. Good for Lady Gaga, there’s nothing wrong with her body.

    • says

      Oh, photoshop! You know I recently noticed that on a Nigerian “celeb” whose name I will not mention. She looks a lot skinner in her pictures than she does on video. Granted, I hear that video cameras add 10 pounds, but hers is definitely the work of photoshop.

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