Be Absolutely Amazing

Like my Pastor always says, “I don’t know why this is coming to my spirit,” but I just want to tell you – dear wonderful readers of mine – that you should be nothing less than absolutely amazing. Don’t be afraid of success. Don’t be afraid of shining. Don’t be afraid of being at the top. Don’t be afraid of being the best. And don’t let the fear of being all these keep you away from what is sure to be a glorious life. 

It’s Sunday, and I am mega excited. I don’t know why really. I am not half as rich or as famous as I want to be. My walk-in closet does not have a walk-in closet yet. My personal assistant does not have a personal assistant yet. Well, I don’t even have a personal assistant yet. I do not own a mansion in Lagos (or any other part of the world) yet. I have not gone shopping with reckless abandon, just buying and buying for just reason without a care in the world how much anything costs or what bill I have to pay tomorrow. I have not conceived my confusingly identical twin boys (Dear God, please do not interpret this to mean that I want them now). But who is to say that all these will not all change tomorrow?

I’ve been praying. And I know He’s been listening. I will not be afraid of being absolutely amazing.

P.S. Let this serve as an advance warning to Igwe, Funmi, Uju, Busola, and all my friends. Once I become rich and famous, I’m losing all your numbers. I’ve told you that before anyway. So enjoy me while you can.

P.P.S. I miss my mommy :-(


  1. Funmie says

    Church has got to be the place to be on a Sunday morning…. the motivation, upliftment and challenge it sets for the week is amazing…. free THERAPY y’ll.

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