… And So She Grabbed His Nuts … Till He Died

If you have ever wondered if a man can die from having his balls squeezed, I am here to tell you that the answer is yes. Indeed, it is possible. In fact, it has happened. It happened in the great country of China. A 42-year old woman – totally bad ass! – rode her scooter, on her way to go pick her child from school.

She wanted to park her scooter in front of a shop, but the owner said no. That was when an argument broke out. It turned into a physical confrontation and the woman decided to pinch him where she knew it would hurt. Literally. So she grabbed his nuts and squeezed. And squeezed. And squeezed some more. Eventually, he passed out. He was rushed to the hospital, but he did not make it.

It now makes sense why men are so protective of their nuts. All this time, I thought they just love it too much. It’s possible, though, that this man’s case is an isolated incident. I hereby beckon on all women to grab as many nuts as they can and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Report your results to me.

Disclaimer: Squeeze at your own risk. I am not responsible for any damage that occurs to the nuts being squeezed, to the owner of the nuts, to you (the squeezer of the nuts), or to bystanders and onlookers.

P.S. I don’t even have to be a man to marvel at the pain that man must have suffered.


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  1. HowardG says

    Your Vera are one man-hating extremely poor excuse for a woman. Should we men do what Gregory Langoria did and burn women’s genitals and report back to you? The pain must have been immense too.

  2. Rick says

    You are inciting gender-specific violence, specifically sexual assault.
    Legally, you should be arrested and charged, but the law and society being such timid pussywhipped manginas, I know it won’t happen.

    I honestly hope that Chinese woman and you both have your ovaries extracted and crushed into oblivion as you scream and pass out from the pain. Poetic justice, the world really needs it bad.

      • stonnwy says

        as i said, your sarcasm is not funny, and it doesn’t make it any less offensive. you should be a shamed of yourself. a person died, and for you to joke about it is not something a sane person would do…….what the hell is wrong with you? i know this is part of your persona to act dumb or whatever with your tone in the articles you write but come on now there are certain stuff that should be off limits.

  3. m a I says

    You realise you are inciting violence with this post of yours?
    Putting a convenient little disclaimer is not going to change that.

    • says

      You like a hard squeeze on your balls? Wow. Never heard that before. I thought men typically don’t like anyone touching their undercarriage because of its sensitivity. Anyway, I was just shocked that this man died from it. Had no idea that a person could die from that. Quite unfortunate.

  4. Karen says

    I hope that this man dying doesn’t put girls off from defending themselves in this manner should they need to.
    I fought off a rapist when I was only 15 years old by grabbing and squeezing his testicles; it saved me from injury, and possibly saved my life. It worked really well: he was completely incapacitated, and obviously in tremendous pain. But he fully recovered, apart from the one testicle that I had ruptured. And it was the only realistic way I could have fought him off.
    I think this man obviously had a weak heart, or some other medical condition which caused his actual death, albeit brought on by the agony from the crushing of his testicles.
    Hopefully, this will put off potential rapists, knowing that if their victim does get a hold on their nuts, it could possibly kill them.

    • says


      Wow! I’m so happy to hear that you saved yourself from being raped. That was a close one, huh? It,s so sad that these things happen. One of his testicles got ruptured? Wow. I really did not know that testicles were that sensitive.

      Per the dead man Having a pre existing condition, that does make sense. I don’t know if that was the case, but either way, it’s unfortunate that he lost his life,

    • deanna somerville says

      I read somewhere in africa a woman named erica maramba killed her rapist when she pulled his testicles.

      he was a young man 20 years old dont think he would have a heart condition

    • Shjsjs says

      @Karen “I think this man obviously had a weak heart, or some other medical condition which caused his actual death”

      Lol you are looking for any excuse because you don’t want to accept that a man can die from this attack, mainly because you like doing it. Yea don’t worry it’s not going to put girls off from doing this, it’s going to encourage them since women like seeing men in pain.

  5. Mac says

    Lol, you’re all feeding the troll author. Its obvious that she does’nt give a shit and likes getting you all worked up, so just leave the bitch the fuck alone.

  6. michelle says

    OK, what I want to know is why the hell dont they teach this to all young girls at school?If a girl knew that this was possible, I doubt if it would be possible for an un-armed man to rape her.(obviously it is inadvisable to fight back against an armed attacker). In fact, I would go further: If all boys were presented one on one to all girls, and the girl was permitted to handle the boy’s testicles to the point of causing discomfort, then each girl would learn just how vulnerable the testicles are and the boy would learn immediate respect for girls. How about it, schools? If this is done properly we have the chance to virtually wipe out rape and sexual assault within a generation.

    Continue reading at NowPublic.com: Joyxe Maxine Gregory Mugshot: ‘Vicious Scrotum Attack’ | NowPublic Photo Archives http://www.nowpublic.com/strange/joyxe-maxine-gregory-mugshot-vicious-scrotum-attack#ixzz1zEJ7T2JQ

    • says

      Hahahaha. Michelle, I’m picturing little boys lining up to have their balls squeezed. Ah! I don’t think parents will let their boys go through that; personally, I wouldn’t let my sons go through that. I think it’ll be a good idea to teach it to girls as a method of self defense, but perhaps, as a last resort? It’s such a touchy issue that it’ll be difficult convincing groups of people to adopt this as a formal method.

      I’m thinking it’s one of those things that a parent will individually decide to teach to her daughter(s). Oh, well. If only there was a perfect way to avoid rape and death-by-ball-squeezing before it even happens.

      I’m gonna go check that link out. Thanks for commenting!

      • says

        before I would go outside I would put some kind of armor around my testacles and some baggy cargo pants, so I am ball squeeze proof

      • dfjohfjd says

        Actually i would be all for it. i would have no problems with my sons going through it. it should be the law. you said ”It’s such a touchy issue that it’ll be difficult convincing groups of people to adopt this as a formal method.”

        its not a touchy issue, they already adapted to this in other countries. they are not taught to use that as a last resort but as a way to discipline males and train men into being less belligerent towards the women. ive seen female police knee a man in the balls and then she hit him with a baton/nightstick about 3-4 times in that groin before arresting him. lol its very effective. everyone was laughing it was so funny. i was like ”go girls!” lol now those were some badass policewomen. anyway, i would totally support it.

        ” I wouldn’t let my sons go through that”

        yes you would lmao. you don’t have kids yet lol, but trust me if or when you do, you will change your mind. lol!

        where im from, a wife can have her husband (without his say) attend a class if she feels his behavior is out of line. the class is basically where they teach men to be benevolent and sympathetic towards their wives and the female gender, and if you like mess around in the class, you get a groin kick as punishment. lol its so funny how things are so different in other parts of the world lol.

        • Ron says

          quote: “get a groin kick as punishment. lol its so funny how things are so different in other parts of the world lol.”

          Please, concrete where? Country and this class?

        • Nico says

          “ive seen female police knee a man in the balls and then she hit him with a baton/nightstick about 3-4 times in that groin before arresting him.”

          I know this video. This video is not real (only as a film / theater play).

    • jerry says

      Ok, so a man tries to insert his penis into all be it against your will, and you decide to want to play judge jury and executioner and violate his privates 1000 times worse than he was going to do to you, by squeezing his balls till he dies. Ok that makes a lot of sense….NOT!

      You only have to hit or suqeeze breifly ladies, once you let go, he wont be able to fight back, he will be on the ground or bent over for the few minutes you need to escape. Who the fuck said you have the right to kill someone that hasn’t even raped you yet? Even if he did, he wasn’t going to kill you, he was going to fuck you. But you think you have the right to kill him as a response. This is what is wrong with females today. They are brainwahed into thinking ANY attack on them is a reason to kill the opponent. WRONG!!!

      • says

        Dude, what the hell is your problem??? First of all, no one said anything about anyone being raped. Secondly, if a man does try to rape a woman, then yes, he deserves to have his nuts squeezed. And if this were a rape case, you’d prefer she wait till she’s raped before deciding to squeeze his balls? Fuck off.

      • PJ says

        Rape IS killing someone. It’s attitudes like yours Jerry that help to account for so many rapists getting away with their crimes. It’s not just getting fucked. Rape causes psychological trauma that is so severe that i DESTROYS LIVES – therefore it kills their spirits. Many victims have wanted to kill themselves afterwards, so it’s actually a fate worse than death. Therefore if the rapist is killed instead of being raped by a man, he got off EXTREMELY lightly in comparison to what he did to the victim, as rape is worse than death.

        • Shjsjs says

          @PJ Rape is NOT killing someone, nor is it worse. That’s like saying getting embarrassed is killing yourself inside…. And that’s nonsense. If your raped you can live, if you don’t then just kill yourself. Simple as that. But u wouldn’t kill yourself because death is worse than rape.

    • Tim says

      “If all boys were presented one on one to all girls, and the girl was permitted to handle the boy’s testicles to the point of causing discomfort, then each girl would learn just how vulnerable the testicles are and the boy would learn immediate respect for girls. How about it, schools?”

      I don’t find it a bad idea. As a man, I wouldn’t mind participating in a lesson like that for women, provided they wouldn’t go too far with the squeezing and damage my balls.

      Personally, I learned by my mother in an early age that a severe injury in the testicles could be deadly to a man. When I was in 4th grade she advised me to refrain from activities through which I could hurt my balls, such as jumping over parking posts and stupid things like that. She explained me that a serious hit over there could be so painful that you could even die from the pains. At the time I was quite shocked to hear that, but now after reading about all those real incidents it seems that she was correct. Although a woman, she knew that testicular trauma can even cause death, something that quite a few men perhaps ignore.

    • Ron says

      Haha, Michelle. Very nice sexy fantasy. I love gentle ballbusting (gentle kicks and squeezing may balls) from wife, but I also wouldn’t let my sons go through that. Never. Or maybe yes, but only if the son wanted this (total voluntary). And then he has my funny compliments, that he is as a knight – sacrificed self pain, for learning and pleasure girls. Balls-knight :-)

  7. Mandy says

    The testicle squeeze should be taught in all self defense classes. It’s a great weapon, not the only one, to use against a would-be attacker. I had to use it, unfortunately, several times, to great effect. The one guy once I had a good hold on his balls and just squeezed and squeezed the crap out of it, the guy couldn’t do anything, he could hardly breath, in fact, gasping for air, even tried to pull my hand off his nuts, but couldn’t because he was sooo weak, then, what completely surprised me, he lost his strength and kind of fell into me, his legs unable to hold himself up and kind of sank to the ground, I held on until he was all the way on the ground curled up into a little ball, then I let go. By that point I let him go, he didn’t even care I was standing there, he was completely helpless….

  8. Dr.Maria says

    I’m sorry To read that article
    Every one knows that the testicles are a very danger area to play with it or to punish some some one using a grab method

    also in the clinic , when we do a testicles checking , we do it carefully

    Thanks for this sadness article Ms. Vera

    • Ron says

      Testes withstand relatively many. Experience in ballbusting and femaledom community, with relatively hard ball spankings being given to adults by professional dommes, is that this is relatively safe pain play. But warning for women: kick or squeezing male balls never as hard as you can. Never!!! Everything has its limits.

  9. jayden says

    any women who grabs me by the balls and try to hurt me,ill hit her so fucking hard in the throat.when she lets go i will then kick her cunt in till it kills her .so bitches you have been warned.

  10. koby says

    Men if a woman grabs ur balls don’t fight her off by trying to pry her fingers open….first move is to clamp your legs together as tight as possible then gouge her eyeballs out with your fingers, wrap your fingers round her head and use your thumb to gouge her eyes till both eyeballs fall off the socket. I was witness to a fight were the agressor(a woman) tried to hold onto the mans nuts, he used that classical eye gouge method while clampin legs….the woman is blind on both eyes till date because her eye balls got smashed!

    • koby says

      The throat spiking also works and can result to life threatning injuries especially when the trachea(wind pipe) is broken but I tell you this…the eye gouging will produce an instant result! The key is not to panic when someone grabs your balls,,if you panic then you’ll go for their fingers and when you do that the’ll only squeeze harder!

      • dfjohfjd says

        ”Brutality/violence is definitely both ways”

        no its not, and i don’t think you really think that
        either. in my country women now have the right to grab and twist a man’s testicles to subdue him if he is presence as a threat to a them. pretty much they use ”kick in the balls” as common as a ”slap to the face” they guessing thats why you got comments like that, but yea. lol

        • Ron says

          quote: “in my country women now have the right to grab and twist a man’s testicles to subdue him if he is presence as a threat to a them

          And your country is? Please name this

          • Nico says

            “And your country is? Please name this

            Name this country is: Great sexual fantasy :)

  11. amanda lal says

    this is quite common in africa

    Woman kills her young husband by squeezing and pulling his gentials until he collapsed and died

    on Friday last week early in the morning when the two picked a fresh quarrel which culminated into a fierce fight and in the process the suspected murderer grabbed the husbands private parts.

    “She pulled the genitals so hard leading to the husband collapsing. The husbands manhood looked squeezed and elongated with a twisted neck,”
    the police are waiting for results of a postmortem to establish the real circumstances leading to the victims death’

    Woman kills husband by squeezing his nuts after she made him passout with sleeping pills

    Female teacher kills 9 year old student after kicking him in the testicles

    indian woman kills man by hitting his groin with a peice of wood

    PNG Woman squeezed husbands balls … he vomits and died instantly

  12. Ckann says

    How does an article about a sexually assualting, aggressive woman turn into posts about self-defense for women? There are plenty of news stories about women attacking men sexually – this is one of them. So shouldn’t we be talking about teaching our young boys how to fend off an agressive, testicle attacking woman by punching her breasts and kicking her in the vagina or uterus (which, incidentally, might kill her with internal bleeding if done hard enough). Women have SO many soft targets on their body to exploit. Teach your boys how to defend themselves against these monsters.

    • deanna somerville says

      Im sorry but we can’t die from vaginal trauma. Our pussies are not as weak as your testicles. Testicles are weak and fragile, a pussy can take a pounding

      • ckann says

        A woman in India died after having an iron pipe shoved up her vag. I guess a woman CAN die from vaginal trauma! Guess her vagina wasn’t about to take a “pounding” LOL. Heyyy…what a great self defense technique for men against aggressive, testicle-attacking women! Which was the point of my post: lets take a disgusting violent act of sexual assault and turn it into a self defense discussion!

        • deanna somerville says

          A woman cannot die from vaginal trauma. balls are weak and sensitive. a pussy can take a pounding.

          you deserve to take this guys place. hope some woman squeezes your balls to death some day

          • ckann says

            Here’s the article for you so you can stop parroting replies of how this can’t happen: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_Delhi_gang_rape

            [Two blood-stained metal rods were retrieved from the bus and medical staff confirmed that “it was penetration by this that caused massive damage to her genitals, uterus and intestines”.]

            Women like you who are insecure about being weaker than men are the ones who always talk about testicle weakness. You are upset about having genitals that require so much maintenance due to periods, yeast infections, and “not so fresh” feeling days and feel the need to insult men. I’m sorry that you feel that you got the short end of the clit when it comes to genitals, but hey – be happy with what you have. Some women can’t even achieve orgasm; hopefully you are not one of them. Penis envy is a common thing – you are not alone. Now I guess I should wish gang rape and death by vaginal trauma on you, but I won’t. You have enough insecurities to deal with just by having a vagina between your legs!

            • deanna somerville says

              at least we cant die from a vaginal squeeze like your little weak testicles. I hope a girl squeezes your balls someday

  13. John says

    What cracks me up is women way overexaggearting the effects of suddenly saying no to the person assaulting them. Statistics show most rapes are by people they know. So how is it at first a female is oh so OK about having sex but as soon as she decides different and says no and tries to interupt and he keeps trying, she is so overcome with panick and her spirit is crushed and she is so traumatized. What a load of bull. It’s wrong to teach females to grab and hold balls till the attacker collapses. Only a quick grab or hit is sufficient to make him stop his onslaught ladies. If you hold and wait till he passes out you are commiting a crime. A kick is sufficient or a momentary grab. You stupid females dont realize if you squeeze and he he bends over and cant breath very good or speak without squeaking, he is in terrbile pain. If you let go he doesnt just simply start his attack again, he will hit the floor or limp away and be weakened to the point of no fight. Run away.

  14. Edu says

    You are encouraging violence. I here by beckon on all men to kick, punch, knee as many boobs, pussies and uterus as you can and report to vera. Fuck off.

  15. Nikki says

    Haha wow, thats a lot of ball squeezing, that seems quite popular all across the world, more than you would think. Didn’t realise men could die from it, must be really sensitive! Watch out men! Women are coming for you with the dreaded CROTCH CLAW! haha

    • david guiseppe says

      Nikki our testicles were not meant to suffer any injury. They were meant for pleasure and storing our love juices. You see when you play with our cocks nicely our testicles spurt out their contents . But squeezing them does not help us ejaculate but would put us in so much pain we can die.

  16. Edu says

    Guys when you are caught at the wrong place, never try to remove her hand, all you need to do is;
    1. Pull your hips backwards.
    2. Close your legs very tight.
    3. Give her either an uppercut on her jaw or a spank on her throat,or pluck out her eyes. I bet you she won’t live to tell the story. It works. You can then kick, grab and squeeze her pussy/ boobs respectively or uterus for more fun. Its still a man’s world. So babes think twice.

  17. david guiseppe says

    I was just masturbating to some porn. stroking my hard cock about to come when I came across this artice. wtf.
    now my balls are hiding.

  18. dick says

    I dont know where this is all going. Everyone should be respected and you should never touch anyone without their consent. As far as theses scare tactics to teach civility to boys or men, you cant teach nonviolence by violence. Not only will violence against women be perpetuated by inciting violence towards men, then history has news–men rule and they always will so long as we exsist on earth. By pulling articles about a few men dying from their female attackers, think of the thousands of women dying around the world by men….lets not go there ladies…..its a mans balls that make him the stronger sex to rule. Sure, i am positive you can search the world for female leaders….but in the end history has shown that we havent changed….men are the leaders. We are stronger overall, and the vast majority of women will be subserviant to their male mates. I would think that any women trying to incite violence againt men in such an open way will not change the outcome for the vast majority of women that are the weaker vessel in many respects. In the end, our delicate testicles are what make us who we are as strong men. There is no battle here…perhaps in your little blog you may feel superior….but that is not the case for the vast majority of females. If men or boys were to turn off how to treat a ladies and we all get down and dirty—history has always shown it doesnt turn out well for you ladies. Learn to treat boys/men like you would like to treat you and you will still be subservient but at least everyone will be happier because that is the way its always been on the globe. You cant talk anything out of context and push for some agenda but i dont think women would want to press the violence button….it may work for you in a particular instance but in the end youll just make men more on guard and less vulnerable distancing the sexes. This will not be benificial to women. Men will divide and conquor and you man not like the outcome. I would suggest women/girls incite love and kindness and it will come back to reward you.

  19. Dick says

    Nobody should touch anyone unless consented. In the case of a non-deadly attack, you can use reasonable force to defend yourself. Grabbing balls in a reasonble fashion is permissable, but maiming and going beyond reasonable is punishable. I would like to add that its a mans world and always has been. Sure you can search the internet (provided by the male species, I’m might add) but history has shown vastly men as rulers and leaders..inciting violence against men will make them stronger than they already are! Be nice to men and living in a subservient world will be improved. Dividing the sexes will prove devistating to women–and put us all back in the stone age. So unless you want to drugged by your hair into a cave–and maybe tha turns you one–I wouldn’t push it.

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