And How Does This Affect Vera Ezimora?

Updating my blog today was so scary for me. Slowly but surely, I am beginning to drift into the I’m-too-busy-to-update-right-now-so-let-me-get-this-other-thing-straightened-out-first. We can’t have that.  Even if no one reads this blog. Even if no one comments on it. Even if I become irrelevant and insignificant in Blogville. I simply cannot have a blog that is not updated.  I have been – by His grace – consistent (mostly) for the past five years. I’ve gone too far to stop now. That said, I pray to God that I never, ever become irrelevant in any aspect of my life. On that note, here’s what I have been thinking about.

A lot of people have been praising Libya’s courage for standing up to Gaddafi (Qaddafi) and for getting closer and closer to taking control of the entire country of Libya, especially Tripoli. The rebels are relentless, choosing to die rather than see Gaddafi (Qaddafi) rule over them another day. He has been in power for over four decades now, which in many people’s opinion, is four decades too long. I am happy that my African brothers and sisters are seeking liberation and emancipation from a dictator, but this emancipation is costing me more than they know.

There are three factors to consider (1) The amount of money I currently make (2) the amount I wish I were making (3) the amount I need and want to spend, and finally (4) the amount I spend to fill my tank with gas. These figures simply don’t add up. Considering how much I make, how much I want to make, the budget I have, and the amount I am forced to pay at the pump, one of two things has to go. Either my low income goes or the very high price of gas disappears. If you were to ask me – which I know you’re not, but I’ll tell you anyway – I’d prefer for both the low income and the high price of gas to disappear. By the way, I am not even considering the amount I spend on other things (apart from gas).

As of the last time I checked, the price of gas now costs $102 per barrel (the highest it has been since the spike in 2008). And for me, that means I pay $3.23 per gallon of gas, and this is simply not okay with me. If you’re wondering what this has to do with Libya, well, I’ll tell you. Libya produces about two percent of the world’s oil, so when Libya is in turmoil, two percent of the world’s oil is in turmoil – pun intended. In figures, two percent of the world’s oil translates to 1.6 million barrels of oil per day.

Whether I like it or not, and whether Gaddafi (Qaddafi) and his rebels mean to or not, their show of power, their flex of muscles is costing me money that I don’t have, money that I could have been , should have been saving for that pair of shoes. You remember the shoes I said I just had to have? On this note, I’m pleading with Gadaffi and his rebels to please stop this thing they’re doing. But if they must continue, I’d appreciate more than a few barrels of oil to maintain my car’s sanity. But mostly to maintain my sanity.

In other news, a lot of people are happy that Mubarak has finally stepped down. But I cannot help but wonder, am I the only one who is afraid of Muslim extremists taking over Egypt [which is also located in my beloved continent]? Living in a country that is loved and hated by so many people puts me in limbo. Should I run for cover or stay for safety? Having enemies, they say, means you’re doing something right. And having enemies propels you to do better, strive higher. But is there such a thing as having too many enemies? With so many people praying for and against America, is there a battlefield of prayers somewhere? And if there is, who/what are the casualties?

Again, I ask, how does this affect Vera Ezimora [and her unborn confusingly identical twin boys, also yet to be conceived]?

You tell me.

P.S. Ekene Onu will be live with me this Saturday to discuss what it is that you should do after saying your I dos. Saturday, March 5th 2011 at 10am U.S. Eastern | 3pm GMT | 4pm West African Time. Listen to the I’m Married. What Next show here.

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P.P.P.S. I still don’t have those shoes … and I still want them …  just in case you were wondering 😀

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  1. Pearl says

    Hmmnn… never thought of that angle – America being unsafe if Muslim extremists take over. That’s really something to ponder on. Let’s hope that the great America will rise to the challenge and avoid another September 11.

    And even if no one reads this blog, I will (I might not leave too many comments sha, lol). May God strengthen you, V… e g’adi.

    • says

      Awwwww. Pearl, aren’t you a darling! 😀

      Like you said sha, I, too, I’m hoping that we do not have another September 11 in America. That would be disastrous. But God loves this country. He really does. So I pray He protects the people of this country.

  2. says

    V, who needs gas anyway? Just jump on your bike and pedal away. With all the money you save bu not buying gas, you’ll be able to get those shoes. Now picture yourself pedalling away on your bike wearing those shoes!

    • says

      Lol! Joxy, you never quit, do you? Those kinda shoes, I will not even use them on my bike … although they’ll probably look sexy (and odd). I still haven’t gotten them, perhaps sometime this week I will. Per the bicycle, I really wouldn’t mind using one, but Maryland is not that kind of State. Apart from the fact that everything is far (for me anyway), the weather is cold.

  3. says

    I long for the $1.659/gallon days…
    IT was soo easy back then…and I didn’t even have a car…lol

    Can’t wait for the show…

    • says

      I was thinking the same thing, girl. When gas was cheap, I didn’t have a car. I didn’t even have a license. I think the gas people just waited for me to have a car before the price(s) went up.

  4. datgidigirl says

    I’m so disappointed in you. thousands dead and you’re griping over gas when you have your life. The horror at a few extra cents in gas… ooooh shudder.

    So disappointed

    • says


      I’ll forgive you this time cause I’ll assume (a) This is your first time on my blog (b) You’re on your period – clearly and (c) You haven’t paid this money for gas yet.

      Per your disappointment, I am also disappointed in your disappointment. What happens now?

      • Pearl says

        Been waiting for you reply to this particular post V, and you definitely didn’t disappoint me with your reply!

        • says

          Awwwww. Thank God I replied oh. Imagine if I had left the post hanging since. I’m really sorry for the delay. It was a busy week … you sef you know. In fact, lemme send you a text real quick sef 😉

  5. says

    Okay…first of all, amen to your oil prayer. It has gone up to $3.39. At this rate, I will revert to eating ramen noodles every day and mikkie d’s at night. Forget breakfast. I need to lose weight.

    Secondly, did you hear about this Ezimora family in atlanta? I heard the husband shot the wife and I almost called you to ensure you were (a) not related to them (b) if related, not really affected by the tragedy due to family extension.

    Then i thought … silly girl, just because the man’s last name is Ezimora does not mean he is related to Vera!

    Well sha – holla at me sometime.

    • says

      Oh, see. I did holla at you sometime (yesterday) without even having read this comment. I am good! Ehen, so yes, the gas prices are RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! I feel like crying every time I buy that flippin gas. It’s painful. Funmie and her family are about to take a road trip to Atlanta. All I’ve been thinking about is the gas they’ll have to buy. LOL.

      Yes, I did hear about the Ezimora family in Atlanta. Thank you for your concern. I’ve always know you had a thing for me. Why you wouldn’t just come out and publicly declare your love for me is a wonder. But thank you anyway :-)

  6. Pearl says

    Lucidlilith, I heard about the family too and I almost did the same thing then I came to same realization you did. And to think that the man is also a doctor/pharmacist…

  7. says

    It looks like the Egyptians are not going to allow Extremists to take over, the current (temporary) leaders are making it clear to the public that that’s not their idea of change. Let’s see how it plays out.
    PS: I LOVE the new look, Vera :)

    • says

      Well, I sure do hope that it lasts oh …. cause extremists are … well, extreme. And personally, I am afraid of what they’re capable of doing because they hate us more than they love themselves. That’s frightening.

      Anyhooooo, you love the new look. Yay!!! *BBM DANCING*

  8. says

    The oil price is just blowing up everywhere. Air price too. Sorry about your gas bill. Maybe you need to try your leggedez bendz till all this blows over..

    On the other hand, that man just needs to get off that chair jare. E don tey.

    • says

      Nne, I would have been using my Leggedez Benz tey, tey if not that the places I need to place, Leggedez no go fit reach am. Any attempt to use Leggedez to get there will result in the knocking of its engine. People are now investing in scooters cause one gallon of gas will take you 63 miles on a scooter. Great. Except, some of us can’t afford scooters either! Gaddafi onye ala, this is all his fault.

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