Women Have Been Bitten By Snakes, But The Emmys Was A Rope

Sofia Vergara

I was one of the 16 million plus viewers who watched the Emmys on Sunday night, and I loved most of it. I love television. I love film. I want to be in both. And I love the award shows that celebrate the actors, their work, and the people that make them possible (writers, directors, producers, camera crew, etc). I watched Sofia Vergara come on stage and I laughed right along with her because I thought she was funny. And when she stood on the rotating pedestal and made sure to highlight her Continue Reading

Ladies, What’s In Your Bag?

What's currently in my bag

I did a post like this back in 2008, but unfortunately, I lost the image in that post when I moved from Blogger to WordPress. [Read that post here]. At that time, my bag used to be so heavy that it was hurting my shoulder. These days, it's not the case, but I thought to still do a post about the contents of my bag. Speaking of bags, I always prefer a bag with more room, even if I don't fill it up. I'm not the girl who would buy one of those little box clutches that would only fit a lip balm. I Continue Reading

Most Popular Post On Verastic? It’s The Vagina One

Feature Types-Of-Vagina

Figures, huh? A girl puts up one post --- one single post --- about the types of vagina (and this was because of The Verastic Show), and all of a sudden, the post becomes world-famous. Well, to be completely honest, I have put up more than one vagina-related post, and I don't know if it's "world-famous," but a girl can always, always dream. The other day, I was playing around with my WordPress widgets and I decided to activate the 'Popular Posts' widget, and what post showed up at the Continue Reading

I Admire Strong Women Like Demetria Lucas

Image source: Bravo TV

I remember when there was a lot of heavy promotion for Bravo TV's new reality series, Blood, Sweat,  & Heels. I didn't pay it too much mind, but then, when I discovered that one of the stars of the show - Demetria Lucas - is a blogger, I became determined to watch it at least once. I'm usually instantly interested in things that relate to bloggers. So I finally watched the show on Sunday night. I didn't go to bed till about 3am because I  binge-watched all the episodes on OnDemand (there Continue Reading

So, According To Jay, I’m Ruining His Relationship

Face Up or Face Down Phone

Remember the post I put up about how to spot a player? It's the post about how a player puts his phone face-down (instead of face-up) like most people. I put it up in April of last year. Dang. I can't believe it's been almost a year since that post. I remember it like it was just a couple of months ago. Anyway, I received a new comment on it yesterday, which was just entertaining. The comment came from Jay, and according to him, my post is ruining his relationship. Here's his Continue Reading

Ladies, Would You Change Your Last Name After You Get Married?

Would you change your name after marriage

Call me a feminist, if you want, but I really believe that marriage favors a man more than it does a woman. A woman has to give up so much to become a wife, and one of those things is her last name. Not every woman gives up her last name, I know. But as a woman, giving up your last name is expected. No one ever expects the man to give up his last name, and if he does do so in a society where that is not the norm (Nigeria, America, etc), people will frown upon it. If it's done in a highly Continue Reading

Women With Big Butts Are Smarter, Study Shows

Image via Annapolis Mic

I have always known that my booty will bring me something good one day (Igwe included). I don't have those very visible and daring curves that men like, but I do have a working booty. And thighs for days. They just won't go away - not that I really want them to. But I have just read the best news ever: women with big butts are smarter. Rejoice, girls! If you are a girl who does not have a big booty (sorry Funmie), then just join the rest of us to rejoice. According to a scientific study (I Continue Reading

Ladies, What Attracts You To A Man?

Michael Ealy

I mean, what is the FIRST thing that attracts you to a man? I completely believe that the first thing you know/notice about a person is what he or she looks like.  Just by looking at this person, you know already if you like what you see or not. Does he have nice eyes? Do you love the way he smiles? Maybe his complexion? Or his hair? These are all things that I believe you'd notice - and possibly like - about a man first. But it's the opposite for me. My friend, Uju and I have had this Continue Reading

Ladies, Where Do You Take Your Bra Off?


It appears I have a problem. I don't know when, where, or how it started, but it's definitely real. I don't know how many women do this, so maybe I don't have a problem after all. Maybe there are many of us who do this. Basically, this is my routine once I come home: 1.  Take my shoes off 2.  Take my pants (or skirt) off 3.  Take my bra off And they all happen in the living room. After taking them off, I then proceed to put them where they belong. Except the bra. The bra usually ends Continue Reading

Ladies, Please Shave Your Pits

Hairy Pit

This past weekend, Funmie and I attended a couple of events. At one of the events, our friend - a guy - was there and we all chatted and laughed together. He introduced us to a girl as his wife. He said it jokingly, so I didn't know if he was serious or not. But each time he said something like, "This is my wife ..." she'd look at us and just look away. And I'm thinking, ah ah, warris the problem? Are we dragging boyfriend? I didn't even look at her face very well, as there was nothing Continue Reading