Tongue Patch: The Latest Extreme Diet

Le Tongue Patch

I don't believe in diets. I think they're an absolute waste of time. The fact that it's a diet implies that it's something you'll do temporarily, so what happens after you stop and go back to status quo? That's why a lifestyle change makes all the sense in the world. But let's talk about this tongue patch diet. It's a cosmetic surgery, and the procedure is performed in Southern California - of course, Cosmetic Surgery Capital - by Dr. Nikolas Chugay [pronounced Shoo-Gay] who got the Continue Reading

What The Fork!

The HAPI fork

Behold, the fork that can help you lose weight ... and it does this by simply controlling your eating, or trying to control it. It's called the HAPI fork (pronounced, Happy Fork), and it attempts to help you control your weight (and lose some of it) by measuring and keeping count of your fork servings. It measures how fast you eat, and how many servings you eat per minute. Each time your fork leaves your plate and enters your mouth, it counts it as a "fork serving," and if you eat too too fast, Continue Reading

Under Contract To Be Fat? Where Can I Sign Up, Please??

Mike & Molly

Melissa McCarthy stars as Molly in Mike & Molly, a very funny sitcom. The first time I heard about the show was when Mike was interviewed by someone - don't remember who - before the show started. I don't know when or where it airs, but the few times I have watched it, I have enjoyed it. Word on the street is that Melissa McCarthy in under contract to remain fat for the duration of her stay on Mike & Molly. The news rumor is that she badly wants to lose some weight, but part of the Continue Reading

How To Lose Weight Seven Times A Day

Pauline Potter

I'm not going to waste any of your time. I'm just going to throw it out there. This woman, Pauline Potter used to weigh 643 pounds, and this weight took her to stardom - kind of - as she won the Guinness World Book of Records as the heaviest woman in the world. But Pauline has lost weight. She has lost 98 lbs, and she did it by having sex. Lots of it. Continue Reading