Usain Bolt To Earn £10,000 Per Second?

Usain Bolt

Per second??? Per second????????? Per SECOND????? Are these people mad??? Usain Bolt will earn £10,000 per second when he runs the 200m at the Paris Diamond League meeting in the summer. He will also earn £2o0,000 as he "warms up" for the World Championships in August. Let me put it in perspective for you: £10,000 is about $15,000 which is about N2,250,000.  And for the £200,000, it's about $300,000 and about N45,000,000 (forty-five million naira) Help me, Lord, I'm getting Continue Reading

We Need Your Prayers. Urgently.

Ray Lewis, my secret baby daddy

Just a quick post before I dash out to go get my hair braided. So, later today, at 4:30 pm Eastern Time, to be precise, my dear Ravens - The Baltimore Ravens - will be playing against the Denver Broncos. It's a Playoff game, so whoever loses goes home. The game will be held at the Mile High Field in Denver, Colorado. There's a reason why I'm telling you the location, and I'll get to it in a bit. This game has three major significance: 1.  It's a playoff. Whoever loses goes home. I don't want Continue Reading