I Need A Social Media Intern


The smart people have figured out that in order for a problem to be fixed, it has to first be identified. I realized a long time ago that I cannot keep up with social media. I've tried, and I just cannot. If I was not a blogger, I wouldn't even be active at all. I'd probably still have the accounts, just so I can go on and entertain myself, but I'd be rarely active. Because I'm a blogger, however, I'm trying (and failing most times) to be active. I see people - bloggers and non bloggers alike - Continue Reading

Genevieve Nnaji Gets Tickets To Beyonce’s Concert … And A Fight Breaks Out

The Instagram post that started it all

There I was browsing through my Instagram feed when I noticed that our Genevieve put up a post about getting her tickets to Beyonce's concert. I'm assuming it's the much talked about Mrs. Cater concert. But the picture Genevieve put up is the controversial bow down picture. See, when I heard that Beyonce released a song titled, Bow Down/I Been On, I assumed she'd be singing about being the Queen Bee, being on top, being the best, and everyone else needing to respect her work and Continue Reading

The Thing About Being On Keek (According To Igwe)

My empty Keek

So I joined Keek. For those who don't know what it is, it's a new social media platform. It's essentially the video of Twitter and Instagram. On Instagram, you get to communicate with your peeps, one picture at a time. On Twitter, you do it with words (micro blogging), one hundred and forty characters or less. On Keek, you do it with a video, 36 seconds or less. Like I did with all my other social media accounts, I joined Keek and I have no idea when I will actually use Keek. When I told Igwe Continue Reading

Forget The Virtual Likes. This Is Even Better!

Facebook Like Coat

You know how everyone - or most people - want to be social media celebrities? Maybe they don't want to be celebrities per se, but there is a certain kind of good feeling that comes with having more Facebook friends and more comments and likes on Facebook pictures and statuses. Well, here comes the Like-a-Hug Vest. What it does is simple, normal, and expected: it inflates whenever someone likes you on Facebook (comments, pictures, etc). Normal. What did you expect?   According to Continue Reading

Did You Hear The One About The Naked Picture???

Last week Monday (October 3rd), Twitter was apparently buzzing with news about a certain celebrity's naked picture having been mistakenly leaked. I heard/read/saw/knew nothing of it till Wednesday. I was sad that I had once again carried last in the knowledge of hot gist. The picture that was floating around was that of Mo'cheddah. Although I am familiar with her name, I am quite  unfamiliar with her music. I have no idea if she sings, raps, or mimes. And so, I cannot tell you what song she has Continue Reading

Blogging – The New Ebe Ano

If you have not heard, then hear it now: blogging is the new ebe ano. It is where we are o! For all those looking for a life partner, forget about what your mother, Aunty Buki, Uncle Paul, and Cousin Ngozi told you. Back in the day, you may have found your life partner in Church, at a wedding, or wherever else you have been directed to, but today, it is on the internet. No, no, not just any site on the internet, but in the world of blogging. Continue Reading