But Why Does GroupOn Have So Many Vibrators?

The left is explanatory, but the right ones look like cans of deodorant

This is what is currently giving me sleepless nights. I receive occasional emails from GroupOn about their goods, but I have never bought anything. However, most times when they send an email, I do open it and go down the list of deals and shop some of them in my head. Apart from the regular products that always show up like yoga pants and shoes, GroupOn also always has at least one vibrator. As a matter of fact, I don't think it's ever just one. Most times, it's more than one. I have never Continue Reading

A Toaster That Creates Penises & Vaginas? But Of Course

The Penis-Vagina Toaster

What kind of world would we be living in if we did not have toasters that print penises and vaginas on our bread? Sacrilege! The people at Breakfast In Bed have created a toaster that does magic. You put your bread into the toaster and it comes out with a toasted-on penis or vagina. I'm assuming that one slice of bread comes out with the penis, and the other comes out with the vagina. There are even toasters for gay and lesbian people that print two penises and two vaginas, respectively. Or Continue Reading

The Sex Toy For Long Distance Lovers … Seriously!

LovePals - How To Use

Just this past Saturday, we discussed long distance relationships on The Verastic Show, and my co-host was Sisi Yemmie who has been in a long distance relationship with her nine-year boyfriend - now fiance. Five out of their nine-year relationship has been long distance. Just like most other episodes of The Verastic Show, people - not me, of course - were able to somehow make the show about sex, asking Sisi Yemmie how she copes without sex and if they've even had sex. She refused to answer that Continue Reading

Let Me Tell You About My Sex Toys

Go Deep Mints

Well, technically, they're not mine. But I'll tell you about them anyway. A couple of months ago, I had to attend a friend's bridal shower. I did not want to buy the usual gift: lingerie. So I visited a naughty store close to my house. I don't think these stores are actually called naughty stores, but for my sake, that is what I prefer to call them. Before I went in, I expected to find the usual: vibrators, handcuffs, whips, massage oils, adult movies, etc. But when I got in there, the things I Continue Reading