About The Nigerian Woman In The Leaked Sex Tape


Last week on Nigerian Twitter, it was all about the leaked sex tape featuring a Nigerian woman. Allegedly, she's a married woman, a mother of five children, and a Registered Nurse in the DMV area, and the man whose penis she's sucking and who she's sexing doggy style is an African-American man who works as a janitor --- and is not her husband. I don't know how popular this story is off Twitter, but I live in the DMV area, so due to geographical location, the story is hot off Twitter Continue Reading

Most Popular Post On Verastic? It’s The Vagina One

Feature Types-Of-Vagina

Figures, huh? A girl puts up one post --- one single post --- about the types of vagina (and this was because of The Verastic Show), and all of a sudden, the post becomes world-famous. Well, to be completely honest, I have put up more than one vagina-related post, and I don't know if it's "world-famous," but a girl can always, always dream. The other day, I was playing around with my WordPress widgets and I decided to activate the 'Popular Posts' widget, and what post showed up at the Continue Reading

Nigerian Boy Sets Record For Longest Sex Ever???

Nigerian boy who allegedly set the record for longest sex in the world

I put a question mark in the title because I have been unable to verify the veracity of this story. Nonetheless, it's interesting, no? It's also not very new from what I have seen. The oldest post on this issue was in July of 2013, but I only just found out about it yesterday, so it's totally new to me. Allegedly, this guy whose name I don't even know is a student at OAU and he holds the record for longest sex ever with 15 hours, 7 minutes, and 23 seconds. Not to worry, he did it with several Continue Reading

Dear Vera, I Imagine My Ex When I’m Having Sex With My Husband

Dear Vera

I received this e-mail on Thursday last week, and I have been sleeping on it since then. Our Verastic reader - let's call her Ann - is having a sexual issue that isn't half as uncommon as she may think. Read it with care, and please, tender your opinion(s) without judgment. I'm going to respond to this letter differently by also including Igwe's thoughts. When you are done reading this post, please respond, and then share it via Twitter, Facebook, and e-mail. Let it spread as wide as possible. Continue Reading

Dear Christian Swingers Website, You’re Going To Hell


You are going on a first class ticket to hell. No stop overs. No plane change. Straight. My people, this is no joke. There is a dating(?) website for Christians who are swingers, where they can meet fellow swingers. But only Christian ones, of course. Heaven forbid that a Christian swinger swings with a non-Christian swinger. That would be unholy! I know that we are in 2013 where everything is just peachy. We live in a live-and-let-live world. Everything is okay. There are a lot of crazy Continue Reading

The Problem With Having Sex On The Window …

Couple who are not the ones I wrote about

... Is that you can plummet to your death. Take for instance, this Chinese couple in the City of Wuhan. They were having sex on the window when it gave way and they plummeted to their death. Naked and everything. No information on whether they were still attached at the hip when the fall happened. May their souls rest in perfect peace. See, there are so many places and positions to have sex in, so I can understand why people want to continue getting more creative. It's like the more positions Continue Reading

I Met A Man With Too Much Sperm


There's a saying that you attract what you want or what you are or something like that. So I'm starting to think that this is the reason why I attract the most interesting people. Let me tell you about Kemi (not her real name). She has a tall, handsome husband and three very good looking kids - all below six years old. Recently, I hung out with Kemi and her husband was not home. When I asked about him, she told me he was ill and in the hospital. I expressed my sympathy, but I didn't ask what Continue Reading

How Would You Redesign The Condom?


I'm sure we all know what condoms are used for, right? They are used to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases - which I also assume are unwanted. However, while most things change, the condom hasn't changed in the past 50 years. And Bill Gates doesn't like this. So the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is offering $100,000 of initial funding to anyone who designs the "next generation of condoms." If the design is good, you may get up to Continue Reading

Sorry, Boys … The Prostitutes Have Retired!

Retired twin prostitutes at the Red Light District in Amsterdan

Meet Louise and Martine, identical twins, 70 years old, Red Light District employees, and retired. Louise and Martine have been working as prostitutes for over 50 years, and between them both, they have had about 355,000 men. They say they've been working because they need the money and the government pension is too small to live of off. But now they're retiring because they're suffering from arthritis and having a hard time attracting new clients. Well, that's weird. I don't see any reason Continue Reading

Meet The Man Who Was Born Without A Penis (And Has Slept With More Than 100 Women)

Andrew Wardle, man born without a penis

Andrew Wardle was born without a penis; he was born with his bladder outside his body - a condition known as an ectopic bladder. This condition is quite rare, happens to about one in thirty million men. His friends don't know that he has this condition, and he has managed to keep it a secret, until now that's he coming out of the closet and sharing his story. He has a tube connected from his bladder to help him pee. But now, Andrew is going to undergo surgery to have a penis constructed Continue Reading