We Won … So We Froze Our Asses Off

Sunday church

The Baltimore Ravens won the SuperBowl on Sunday. Who no know go know. And it was epic! The only other time I had so many heart palpitations was when I ran out of perfume.  And since you're wondering, I'll answer you. Yes, I wore my Ravens shirt to church. Ehen?? Igwe and I watched the game with 13 of our friends who honored our invitation (yes, we invited people .... AGAIN), and this time, my girl, Uju, was there. We also had three traitors. AKA They were supporting the other theme. The Continue Reading

We Need Your Prayers. Urgently.

Ray Lewis, my secret baby daddy

Just a quick post before I dash out to go get my hair braided. So, later today, at 4:30 pm Eastern Time, to be precise, my dear Ravens - The Baltimore Ravens - will be playing against the Denver Broncos. It's a Playoff game, so whoever loses goes home. The game will be held at the Mile High Field in Denver, Colorado. There's a reason why I'm telling you the location, and I'll get to it in a bit. This game has three major significance: 1.  It's a playoff. Whoever loses goes home. I don't want Continue Reading